Outperforming your industry? Check out new email benchmark data from MailChimp

Are you looking for your industry averages? Then have a look at MailChimp’s Email Marketing Benchmarks. They just updated their data.

The company is probably one of the most popular email service providers, serving more than two million users which range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. So the numbers are somewhat significant. A former study dates from 2010 – I mentioned it a while ago. The new one again pulls open rates, clicks, bounces, complaints, and unsubscribe rates. It includes 669 million sends, that’s 65,000 campaigns, which went at least to 1000 subscribers each.

However, if the table looks like a data cemetery to you, check out the following two figures. I condensed the numbers and put them into an interactive graph using the wonderful rgl. This way, you can better compare all the different industries.

(Note: The two scripts need a browser that’s capable of WebGL. Otherwise you’ll just see two thumbnails. So it probably won’t work on laptop or plain office PCs. If it renders, congrats! ;-) Use your mouse to interact: left mouse and pull, wheel/middle mouse, right mouse and pull. Zero marks the average. Colors mark clusters.)

December 2012 email benchmark data:

Comparison – 2010 benchmark data:

It would seem as if Social Networks and Communities cured their high bounce and high unsubscribe rate problem. I wouldn’t have thought that, when looking at my inbox.

Update: Here is the blogpost from MailChimp. It contains some additional findings.

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