Mapping the email ecosystem

There are more areas and players in the email marketing space than you might expect. Think for example of agile email specialists, append and validation services, blacklist operators, certification bodies, agencies, competitive intelligence and customer intelligence suites, deliverability services, design, testing and rendering tools etc.

Here’s just a overview to give you a quick idea. As the world has alone hundreds of email service providers, it’s without any claim to completeness:

(Bigger image)

  1. AgilOne
  2. RetentionScience
  3. Custora
  4. FastStats
  5. SeeWhy
  6. RichRelevance
  7. Prudsys
  8. epoq
  9. Avari
  10. KRYD
  11. Windsor Circle
  12. Movable Ink
  13. LiveIntent
  14. Realtime Email
  15. Kickdynamic
  16. Realtime Personalization
  17. Email on Acid
  18. Litmus
  19. Return Path
  20. Previewmyemail
  21. eDataSource
  22. 250ok
  23. GreenArrow
  24. Send Forensics
  25. LiveClicker
  26. trustedDialog
  27. CSA
  28. DDV
  29. Bundesgerichtshof
  30. EuGH
  31. GMX
  33. Gmail
  34. IBM Verse
  35. Inbox by Gmail
  36. optivo
  37. Amazon SES
  38. MailChimp
  39. STYLECampaign
  40. rabbit eMarketing
  41. E2ma
  42. Gigya
  43. Towerd@ta
  44. FreshAddress
  45. BriteVerify
  46. persado
  47. audiencepoint
  48. Touchstone
  49. Phrasee
  50. Spamhaus
  51. Spamcop
  52. ScratchIt
  53. eyequant
  54. InkBrush
  55. BeeFree
  56. CineGIF
  57. ImageWIZZ
  58. 8Seconds
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2 Responses to Mapping the email ecosystem

  1. Your missing all of the major enterprise ESP’s in that picture?

    • Yes, I did that on purpose. The ESPs are kinda trivial and they would have bloated the chart. I mean, which ones are the “major” ones? I found it more interesting to focus on the borderlands.

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