Meet the #Emailgeeks community on Twitter [Infographic]

It has been 123 weeks since I last surveyed the #emailgeeks on Twitter. This needs an update. Read on and check out your spot in todays geeks universe. Explore your neighbourhood and other expert communties using an interactive infographic. “Not an ego bait again” you say? Partly yes, but mostly no. I mean there are maaaany geeks around, and there’s a lot to discover if you click though a bit, I promise.

This much can be revealed with regards to the results: Chad S. White (@chadswhite) stays the most influential expert in terms of Twitter followers. He succeeds in surprising his readers again and again. Whether it’s about new media models (“POGLE”) or about gender pay gaps in the email industry. The content is often unique and inspiring, which is more than you can say for many other content marketing folks.

On the other hand, things may have changed between the lines. For instance, I got the impression that the communities around email design experts and around permission advocates grew significantly. But make yourself a picture of it.

The map below summarises four hundred thousand relationships between email geeks on Twitter. Hover over a user name to get a short title description, if provided. Click on a circle or a profile picture to inspect the users’ timeline. I suggest you to use a modern desktop browser to zoom in and navigate around, because otherwise it may become slowish. And don’t forget to tweet your position and strengthen the #emailgeek network. 😉

These findings are without any claim to completeness and to accuracy. For instance, folks like @markbrownlow are afaik (sadly) long out of email business, still followed by many well-connected email geeks, and thus marked as influential. Also the colors are only rough indicators for clusters.

Last but not least I know there are many more cool people involved in email marketing, who are not tweeting, or who I missed out for other reasons. However, I’d be glad to know those. Just leave your #emailgeek adds in the comments. Thanks, @lukeAnker. 🙂

Update 2017-11-06:

Also meet the #emailgeek women on Twitter 👩.

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  1. #emailgeek adds: @lsoftLISTSERV @jcoltweber

  2. Add me! Add me! @juliacgulia

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  4. Please Rene, could you add me too? Thanks! #emailgeek @tde_badsender

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    Liebe Grüße von der Mailjungfrau 😉

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