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Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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7 Great Examples of 'Welcome' Emails [GFX]
Check out these examples of standout welcome emails so you can learn how to make a great first impression with new subscribers and customers. [...]
 hubspot.com        Automation     Gallery   
4 ways to improve your email marketing production process 
Email marketing teams and email production workflows are incredibly diverse. That’s what we found when we surveyed more than 900 email marketers for our “2016 State of Email Production” report. Most of the report’s findings (email registration required) serve simply to raise questions about whether a brand should consider changing their team composition, planning process, tool usage and approval process to make their workflow more effective. However, some of the findings point to areas where marketer [...]
 marketingland.com        Design   
2016 State of Email Production [PDF] 2.5mb
In the inaugural State of Email Production report, which is based on the responses of more than 900 marketers, we take a detailed look at how brands: Build their teams; Plan their email content; Allocate their time among various production tasks; Use technology in their workflow; Handle quality assurance and approvals; Send their emails; Deal with email mistakes [...]
 pardot.com        Design     Study   
Five Common Myths About Email Deliverability 
With more than one in five commercial email message being blocked or placed into the junk mail folder, problems with deliverability are common and can be problematic. Depending on your business, a large deliverability issue can reduce revenue generated from email by millions of dollars per month. Unfortunately, mailbox providers do not provide a detailed roadmap for [...]
 returnpath.com        Deliverability   
The Dark Side of Email Deliverability 
In general, you should be wary of small sample sizes such as seed lists. You should especially disregard a seed list as a measure of overall deliverability. There is a place for seed lists, but it is on a much smaller scale sent for a specific purpose. The value that’s left in seed lists almost always comes from the smaller domains. Using a traditional seedlist at a sophisticated ISP such as Gmail just doesn’t give you any relevant information. If you are using one of the certification programs out [...]
 which-50.com        Deliverability   
Optimierung von Betreffzeilen Teil 2 
Nicht überraschend war, dass dynamische Inhalte, also die Personalisierung der Betreffzeile den größten positiven Einfluss hatte. Dabei sind Betreff-Personalisierungen längst nicht auf Anrede und den Empfängernamen beschränkt. Wirksame dynamische Betreffs haben oft konkrete Kontextinformationen, etwa „Ihr Flug am “, Ihre Bewertung von “, „Ihr Besuch an unserem Stand auf der “, „Einladung zu unserer Roadshow in [Ort des Empfängers]“ usw. [...]
 xqueue.de    (translate)     Subjectline     Study   
How Graze uses email marketing for customer retention [GFX]
Graze, the snack company which provides nutritious nibbles in slim cardboard subscription boxes, has become a regular fixture in offices, homes and supermarkets thanks to a range of canny marketing techniques. From maintaining a fun and interactive social media presence, to keeping an active blog with nutrition tips and recipes, to creating business partnerships and direct-mailing offers, Graze has used almost every channel available to maximum effect. [...]
 clickz.com        Gallery   
The easiest way to beat blue links in emails on iOS 
Never has that been truer than about fixing the issue when dates, addresses and phone numbers are automatically linked on iPads and iPhones but they are styled with a default blue underline that looks terrible in anything except a personal text-only email. Fixing this used to involve wrapping things in spans or adding classes, but that is annoying and also not helpful when you’re coding a reusable template since the added text will routinely include numbers, addresses and dates. These days, I fix [...]
 emailwizardry.co        Design   
10 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips & Features 
Facebook (including Instagram) unsurprisingly comprises a big piece of this pie, making up an estimated 65.5% of all 2015 social ad spend. This is driven by changes in their CPC model, launch of Instagram ads & the addition of powerful new features. This post will arm you with 10 important tips & features to ensure you’re getting the most out of this channel. 1. Facebook Lead Ads [...]
 kissmetrics.com        Listbuilding     Social   
Live Data in Email Lookbook [PDF] 7.1mb
By pulling live data into emails, marketers are creating personalized, in-the- moment messaging that provides value and drives action. By incorporating real-time data with live social feeds and API integrations, you can target content based on consumer data and open-time context. On the following pages, you’ll find five beautiful email examples that use live data to engage and convert with up-to-the-minute promotions, reservation services, social content and more. All of these emails are powered by [...]
 amazonaws.com        Gallery     Customization   
Using Live Data in Email: Watch the Webinar [VID]
[Brightwave account required] We recently co-hosted a webinar with Oracle Marketing Cloud to offer tips and inspiration on how to incorporate live data into campaigns to increase relevancy and engagement. Movable Ink and Oracle also answered questions about real-time marketing from the audience, and guest speakers from Lenovo talked about how they’ve used live data in their email campaigns and the results they saw. [...]
 movableink.com        Gallery     Customization     Trend   

Image of the week

The Power of Video and Email: Webinar Recording [VID]
Email & video are two of the most engaging ways to interact with your audience. Tune in to our webinar recording on harnessing the power of video and email. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Video   
Kontaktformulare und E-Mail-Einwilligungen: SSL Pflicht? 
Ein Thema, das in der Ausarbeitung der Datenschutzbehörden ausgespart bleibt, ist der Punkt Verschlüsselung von Web-Formularen. Immer wieder machen Meldungen die Runde, dass mit Abmahnungen rechnen müsse, wer auf eine SSL- bzw TLS-Verschlüsselung von Online-Formularen verzichte, mit denen personenbezogene Daten erhoben werden. Wie immer bei Warnungen vor Abmahnungen ist jedoch ein wenig Vorsicht angebracht. Es ist keineswegs so, dass es in nennenswertem Umfang Abmahnung gibt, weil es an einer [...]
 absolit-blog.de    (translate)     Listbuilding     Law   
16 Ways the Internet is Reacting to Inbox By Gmail  
Google recently announced updates to their Inbox By Gmail application. So far, the app is available for iPhone, Android, and desktop. This batch of updates allows users to enjoy enhanced event tracking, newsletters, and links. For some reaching inbox zero will be easier, but for others it will bring a variety of issues. Email marketers may encounter new specs for display and the lack of acceptance for HTML coded emails. Take a look at what marketers and email users had to say and decide if you’ll be [...]
 postup.com        Design     Mobile   
5 Companies That Should Encrypt Email But Do Not 
Gmail described the launch of the broken padlock as part of a package of solutions to make email safer. Return Path went even further describing it as removing the guesswork for Gmail users when trying to identify Good vs Bad email. Gmail has been publishing as part of its transparency reports series, the safer email reports for some time, these were used to compile our data. Whilst Twitter as a result of their partnership with SparkPost recently released transparency data those that they report as [...]
 emailexpert.org        Intelligence     Spam     Deliverability   
Understanding Responsive and Hybrid Email Design 
Designers, looking for more control over their email campaigns, are now using two major techniques to ensure their emails look great everywhere: responsive email design and hybrid coding. The way they use those techniques, though, is the source of much confusion in the email world. Today, we’re going to define and dive into both approaches to see how they can be used to make your campaigns better for your increasingly mobile audience. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile   
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 Infografik: Newsletter-Kalender für Mai 2016
May the 4th… be with you! Fans der Krieg-der-Sterne-Saga nehmen den Wortwitz zum Anlass, am 4. Mai den Star-Wars-Day zu feiern. Auch die Gothik-Szene [...]
 Marktanteile der Postfach-Anbieter in Deutschland: GMX & Web.de weiter vorn
Convios Consulting untersucht seit 2009 jährlich für GMX und WEB.DE die Marktanteile der Postfach-Anbieter sowie das Kommunikationsverhalten deutscher [...]
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