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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #188

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* Inbox by Gmail Update: Glanceable Newsletters 
What do email marketers need to know about Inbox by Gmail's glanceable newsletters? We cover how it works + how to optimize your emails for it. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Openingrate   
* Email CSS Animation Guide: Part 1 (Examples) [GFX]
Email on Acid provides email testing, troubleshooting & tracking tools so you get the most out of every email campaign, no matter where it’s read. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Gallery     Video     Design   
Why marketers are failing to make the most of automated emails 
ccording to the recent Email Marketing Industry Census in association with Adestra, a mere 55% of the marketers surveyed said their company’s in-house automated campaigns were ‘quite successful’. In even more mediocre news, just 7% deemed them ‘very successful’. So why is email automation such a tricky tool to master? Here are some key findings from the report. [...]
 econsultancy.com        Automation     Study   
New Facebook Sharing Options: What Marketers Need to Know 
Do you want more people to share your content on Facebook? Are you taking advantage of Facebook’s sharing features? Facebook offers a variety of new buttons and plugins that make it easier than ever for readers to share and engage with your content on Facebook. In this article you’ll discover how the new social sharing buttons and plugins from Facebook can help increase shares of your content. [...]
 socialmediaexaminer.com        Social     Recommendation   
12 Different Types of Marketing Email You Could Be Sending [GFX]
Informational emails are one-to-many emails you can send to folks to bring them up to speed in regards to your latest content, product announcements, and more. Note: You should only send them to people who have opted in to receive emails from you. 1) New Content Announcement Email [...]
 hubspot.com        Gallery   
E-Mail-Marketing Benchmarks: Versandhandel (Auszug) [PDF] 0.7mb
Die vorliegende Studie analysiert die Newsletter- und E-Mail-Aktivitäten von 41 in Deutschland tätigen Versandhändlern. Untersucht wurden über 40 verschiedene Kriterien. Dabei betrachtet die Studie dezidiert alle Faktoren des E-Mail-Marketings. Angefangen bei der Adressgewinnung auf der eigenen Homepage über eine Newsletter-Anmeldung, schließt die Studie auch die Rechtssicherheit, die Qualität des E-Mail-Marketings und die mobile Qualität mit ein [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Study   
Single, Multiple, or Homegrown ESP? What Your Choice Says about Your Email Program 
The number of email service providers a brand uses to send its emails reveals a lot about their email program—how sophisticated it is, the size of their email team, and much more. Whether they use a homegrown email platform is equally revealing. In Litmus’ 2016 State of Email Production report, we asked more than 900 [...]
 emailvendorselection.com        ESP     Study   
Oversights You're Making With Your Cart Abandonment Emails 
Our Senior Strategist Fawn Young is back again to drop some knowledge on you about abandoned cart campaigns and why it’s always important to check in on your marketing automation. Abandoned cart emails are big revenue drivers. They are typically automated campaigns that once setup can run well on their own via automation. However, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to never check in on them. Case in point, this abandoned cart email from Lands’ End. [...]
 whatcounts.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
The Politics of Email Deliverability 
The second example of the old way of doing things is email certification. Another metric that’s been around forever, but upon further review isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Certification purports to guarantee inbox delivery for “certified” clients, except it doesn’t. We have many examples of certified clients who are within the metric thresholds, seeing bulking at supposedly certified partner ISP’s. How Is That Possible? It’s possible because the ISP’s don’t whitelist customers anymore, period. Why [...]
 oracle.com        Deliverability   
Preference Centers: If You Build It, They Might Not Come 
I've advocated for the customer preference center for many years, often as one of the few voices in the wilderness bucking opinions that preference centers are a waste of time, and behavior beats preferences anyway. Marketers complain about two things: Their customers don't use their preference centers, and the data is often inaccurate or dated. So, the preference center doesn't deliver the ROI they expect or need to justify maintaining or upgrading it. [...]
 mediapost.com        Customization     Intelligence   
Double Your Email Acquisition Rate Without Being Annoying 
We all know that popups can be annoying. The sticky footer is an alternative. Does It Actually Work? We have already seen our list grow by over 10%. That’s a doubling of our normal growth rate. [...]
 brightwave.com        Listbuilding     Test   
5 Email Newsletter Templates to Always Have [GFX]
Email newsletter templates improve workflow efficiency and the necessary designs will help you deliver eye-catching and informative messages every time. 1. A letter or text-based template Letter or text-based templates are useful for sending subscribers a personal message or a serious update, like one necessary for legal reasons. You might use a letter to welcome a new subscriber, apologize for an error, or announce a company change. Often, we see text-based emails when companies let readers know [...]
 beefree.io        Gallery     Design   
18 Smart Ways to Grow Your Email List With Facebook 
Facebook is one of the best channels in 2016 to grow your email list. With it you get good engagement rate, it’s cost effective and you can easily drive [...]
 mailmunch.co        Listbuilding     Social   
Einwilligung in E-Mail-Werbung erlischt durch Zeitablauf 
. Das heißt, einer Firma ist es nach spätestens eineinhalb Jahren nach der (angeblichen) Zustimmung untersagt, von dieser Einwilligung Gebrauch zu machen. Vielmehr muss sie sich zuerst noch einmal erkundigen, ob gegenwärtig überhaupt noch Interesse an benannter Werbung besteht. Ob und wenn ja wieviele Werbe-E-Mails in der Zwischenzeit übersandt wurden, ist für das Erlöschen des Werbeeinverständnisses unbeachtlich. [...]
 multimediarechtler.de    (translate)     Law   
4 Reasons Email Marketing’s ROI Doesn’t Matter 
We love email marketing, and are frankly often frustrated that some companies don’t see its value. To try to convince them, we frequently tout email marketing’s stellar return on investment, which is 38-to-1, according to research by the Direct Marketing Association. We’ve mentioned it in this report and this blog post and this one and this one too—and that’s just in the past few months. And plenty of other email marketing companies have done the same over the years. [...]
 litmus.com        Marketing   
Great Email Copy - Well-crafted emails to inspire 
A dose of well-crafted emails from around the web. A fun project from Customer.io!, great example emails [...]
 greatemailcopy.com        Copywriting     Tool   
Good Copy - Email copy from great companies 
We’re releasing a collection of emails that we think have great copy, so the PH community can get inspiration for their own communication. [...]
 goodemailcopy.com        Copywriting     Tool   
CSA Summit 2016 Review: Let's go back to the basics 
There is always a lot to gain from attending the Certified Senders Alliance summits, and the 2016 summit was no exception. When I reflect on all that was discussed, it seems to me that the key topics of this year’s Summit could be summed up in just one word: trust. It’s one word, but it represents one of the broadest and most compelling content areas when it comes to email and deliverability, with a whole word behind it! [...]
 linkedin.com        Spam     Deliverability   
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