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* Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-In: The Case for DOI 
n part two of our case for finding the right subscription method for your company, let’s take a look at why the double opt-in method is a better long-term strategy. As someone who has worked in growth for some time, I can tell you there are two modifiers that are most often associated with my job: volume and speed. Both are a misrepresentation of growth, and usually lead to all kinds of bad habits, most at the expense of the end user. Building an email list is one of the more common areas of occurren [...]
 litmus.com        Listbuilding   
CASL: Case study in how not to collect and use email addresses 
Our Office recently concluded an investigation that has resulted in two important firsts along with some key lessons learned for businesses conducting e-mail marketing. The investigation represents our first action taken under the “address-harvesting” provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) introduced by Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL). It also resulted in the implementation of our first compliance agreement, a new tool made possible by changes to PIPEDA [...]
 gc.ca        Law   
9 A/B Tests You Can Start Today To Improve Your Results  
Despite social media’s blazing popularity – not to mention the rise of all things “app” – one fact remains certain: email marketing is still the reigning marketing champ. After reviewing cumulative data earlier this month Martin Zhel from MainMunch lays it out plain: If you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 followers on [...]
 getresponse.com        Test   
The Nudge Effect: Unlock the Branding Power of Email [PDF] 1.2mb
The open rate by itself is probably one of the least reliable metrics for measuring campaign success. A high open rate doesn’t always translate into campaign success, especially if you have many opens but few conversions. Marketers focus too often on campaign-level open rates rather than total opens. And then there’s this radical concept: An email doesn’t even have to be opened to create a sale if you have paved the way with emails that capture your customers’ attention, even if they don’t open them [...]
 alchemyworx.com        Subjectline   
Does an email have to look the same everywhere? 
There are two years, a client asked me to include the following in an email. This is an image with text on it. The image may vary in width and height. The text is dynamic and must be in HTML, and it has an effect as in the press with a background color. And everything must be clickable and optimized for mobile. [...]
 google.com        Design   
More on the Authenticated Received Chain (Slides) 
ARC – Authenticated Received Chain – is a way for email forwarders to mitigate the problems caused by users sending mail from domains with DMARC p=reject. It allows a forwarder to record the DKIM authentication as they receive a mail, then “tunnel” that authentication on to the final recipient. If the final recipient trusts the forwarder, then they can also trust the tunneled DKIM authentication, and allow the mail to be delivered despite the DMARC p=reject published by the sending domain. [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Spam     Deliverability   
15 Best Practices for Email Unsubscribes - With Examples 
The unsubscribe process you use for your email list might not be the most scintillating topic for conversation. Especially if you believe a certain number of people are always going to fall off your list, no matter what you do. But that’s not necessarily so. I’m not recommending you con people into staying on your list – not in the least – but there are honest ways to retain subscribers even after they’ve clicked the “unsubscribe” link. Even if you do lose them, there are other tactics that would let [...]
 act-on.com        Unsubscribe   
How to improve the preheader text in your email campaigns 
Preheader text is a small but vital part of every email marketing campaign. If written correctly in conjunction with a concise, benefit focused subject line the two can create a powerful 1-2 combo to greatly increase open rates for your email campaigns. Open rates are arguably one of the most important statistics for email campaigns because without any opens you’re not going to get any clicks. In most email clients within the list of received emails you will see three pieces of information. The From [...]
 displayblock.com        Subjectline   
8 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Email Template  
Most of the time, you don’t need a brand spanking new design to get your point across—what you have already works. That’s why an email template is the easiest way to streamline your email campaign. But using a template doesn’t let you off the hook from testing. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Automated abandonment campaigns drive up conversion 67% 
fter issues with a cart abandonment campaign sending the wrong information to customers, Golfsmith marketers reviewed an email program to optimize it, and were able to identify shoppers who browsed one or more products multiple times without completing a purchase. By creating an automated, triggered email campaign, the team was able to re-engage shoppers with the products they interacted with, and increase conversion by 67%. [...]
 marketingsherpa.com        Automation     Conversionrate     Study   
Abandon Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues (Slides) [PDF]
Happy Throwback Thursday! I worked with a client recently that was dabbling in cart reminder emails. When we analyzed the results we found an average conversion rate of 2.07% with $16.79 in revenue generated for every email sent — the best performing of all the initiatives we looked at. Needless to say, they will be expanding and automating this very successful program. It all made me think of this presentation from last year, which I thought I would share — enjoy!
 jeannejennings.com        Automation     Conversionrate   
Recht: FAQ zum E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]
Was ist die Konsequenz, wenn ich mich nicht an das Gesetz halte? Was "kostet" eine Abmahnung? Im Falle einer Abmahnung: Was müssen Sie genau unterlassen? [...]
 res-media.net    (translate)     Law   
Bewertungsanfrage per Mail unzulässiger SPAM? 
In den Urteilsgründen fehlt jedoch jegliche Auseinandersetzung mit einem Aspekt, der im Urteilstenor jedoch wiederzufinden ist. Dort nämlich wird dem Unternehmer die Werbung verboten, wenn nicht der Kunde eingewilligt hat, oder bei Erhebung und Verwendung der E-Mail-Adresse darauf hingewiesen wurde, dass der weiteren Verwendung der Mail-Adresse zur Zusendung von Werbung jederzeit widersprochen werden kann. Damit allerdings bildet der Urteilstenor den Tatbestand des § 7 Abs. 3 UWG ab, der eine [...]
 lexea.de    (translate)     Law   
Feedbackanfragen per E-Mail sind Spam 
Zunächst bedeutet das Urteil einmal mehr, dass das Thema unerlaubte E-Mail-Werbung nicht auf den unaufgefordert zugesandten Newsletter beschränkt werden kann. Zudem bleiben Unternehmen risikofrei, wenn E-Mails an Kunden nur aufgrund einer vorliegenden ausdrücklichen Einwilligung versandt werden. Dies gilt natürlich nicht für die zur Vertragsabwicklung absolut notwendige E-Mail-Korrespondenz (z.B. Bestellbestätigung, Rechnungsversand, Versandbestätigung). Schon aus dem BGH-Urteil zu den Autoresponder- [...]
 absolit-blog.de    (translate)     Law   
How To Use Email Marketing For Events [GFX]
The venue is booked, decorations and swag bags ordered, speakers and sponsors confirmed. You’re ready for the ultimate conference/blowout mega-party and the only thing missing is: the people. You’re thinking, “This is the coolest event EVER. Anyone who’s anyone should want to be there!” How do your attendees know how awesome your event is if you don’t tell them? It’s time to send out an email marketing campaign so potential attendees know the hype is real. The more creative, the better. [...]
 litmus.com        Event     Gallery   
Marketo's Path to Being Acquired 
Happy Early Memorial Day. Once an ESP or marketing automation company declares itself for sale, there seems to be a mass exodus by investors, which sends up a red flag, (well in this case, a red & white striped flag). This past week there were rumblings about the potential suitors for Marketo. While it is rumored that German company SAP is the front-runner, there are many other potential suitors circling the marketing automation software company. [...]
 circleid.com        ESP   
How to Convert Website Traffic into Paying Customers [GFX]
It’s quite rare for a shopper to arrive on your site for the first time and immediately make a purchase. Turning visitors into paying customers takes effort and that effort must start with engaging your traffic. So why do we continue to spend all of this time, effort, and money on driving traffic to our site with little to no focus on actively converting these visitors? We’ve been doing it all wrong! [...]
 soundest.com        Listbuilding     Gallery   
What about Transactional Opt-Outs? 
I believe there are very, very few recurring messages that should not have an unsubscribe link. Even many one-time messages should have an unsub link, particularly in situations where the address is not confirmed. Because even the cleanest, most perfect subscription process will get the wrong address some time, you want that person to be able to make the mail stop. [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Unsubscribe     Law     Deliverability   
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