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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #193

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* Less Is More: Optimizing Email Volume Part 1 
In July 2015, we announced that we are reducing email volume so that members receive only the most relevant email communication from us. We have been making a concentrated effort in this direction, the results of which are hopefully already noticeable. In this post, we explain how we achieved those results. In part two of this series, we will discuss our new improved technique for email volume optimization which is being rolled out this year. [...]
 linkedin.com        Frequency     Intelligence     Social     Study   
* The Ultimate Email CSS Animation Guide: Part 2 
Welcome to part two of our CSS in email breakdown. If you missed the first part make sure to check it out here. So far we've covered what CSS animations actually are, the pros and cons of using them over animated GIFs, considerations before using them, and we looked at some clever examples of CSS animation in email. So, now, we'll dive right into part two. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Video   
HTML-Tool: What is Emmet? 
As companies send more and more email, marketers and designers are on the hunt for tools to help reduce the time between campaign brainstorm and completed send. One of the most time-consuming aspects of email marketing has always been coding and testing campaigns. While pre-coded email templates can save time during the development process, how can email designers code campaigns more efficiently from scratch? One way is to write less code with the help of a tool called Emmet. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Tool   
23 Hacks To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign [GFX]
Although some marketers fail to realize the value of email marketing, you can make the most of it if you use it properly. It not only helps you interact with your audience, it’s also a great way to generate leads. However, converting these leads require you to optimize and improve your emails so that readers open them and also click through on them. Here are some useful ways in which you can fully optimize your marketing emails: [...]
 business2community.com        Subjectline     Gallery     Design   
How WeddingWire lifted re-pins from email 31% through testing [VID]
“Our subscribers are very active, they really engage with our content … but one thing that’s really important to highlight with our audience … was how quickly they went to mobile,” said Bart Thornburg, Senior Email Marketing Manager, WeddingWire, adding that the brand crossed the 50/50 threshold in 2012. The team at WeddingWire wanted to increase the brand's presence on the social media site Pinterest, which is known for having a strong wedding planning community. Specifically, they wanted to increas [...]
 marketingsherpa.com        Social     Study     Test     Recommendation   
B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide [PDF] 2.3mb
Marketing Land's publication of the "B2B Predictive Marketing Analytics Platforms: A Marketer's Guide" examines the market for predictive marketing analytics platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 35-page report reviews the growing market for predictive analytics platforms, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges In this report you will learn: Who the leading players are in predictive marketing analytics platforms; What you should look for in a predictive [...]
 digitalmarketingdepot.com        B2B     ESP     Study   
Email Design Tips For Successful Email Marketing [GFX]
Email design is key for a winning email marketing strategy. 99 Designs give us their top tips to create beautiful templates that really make an impact. [...]
 mailjet.com        Gallery   
Emails we love: The spring design edition [GFX]
We're bidding balmy spring days a fond farewell by celebrating some of the smartest, most beautiful emails we’ve received over the past few months. [...]
 myemma.com        Gallery   
4 Ways to Optimize Your Transactional Emails 
Transactional emails range widely from receipts to shipping confirmations and everything in between. Marketers often write off these kinds of emails as boring or blah—but they’re a golden opportunity to provide hyper-relevant information and still maintain the style of your brand. Transactional emails don’t have to be boring or complicated. Here’s our tips on making the most out of these messages so you can provide the best customer experience. [...]
 litmus.com        Automation     Gallery     Design   
10 Things That Will Redefine the Email Marketing Landscape in the (Near) Future 
Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with nine of my colleagues from a broad range of companies and asking them to pontificate and wax poetic on the future of email marketing. As you can see, they came up with a diverse set of predictions, warnings, and ruminations that should give everyone sending email today an opportunity to reflect on their digital communications strategy. Email is the oldest form of digital communication and comes packed with an ROI second to none. Despite years of [...]
 huffingtonpost.com        Trend     Deliverability   
First look at Adobe Campaign Predictive Subject Lines 
Adobe recently unveiled their plans to add an email insights feature to the Adobe Campaign platform. The new automated subject line capability predicts open rates for emails and recommends content for subject lines in order for marketers to improve email performance. [...]
 emailvendorselection.com        Subjectline     Intelligence     Tool     Trend   
Can I Send Less Email And Drive More Revenue? 
There’s a lot of pressure on email marketers to send more email. More email drives more site visits and more revenue. More is better, right? Of course, it’s not that simple. Every email marketer knows that sending more messages per subscriber can drive higher unsubscribes and spam reports — and, in some cases, can cause deliverability problems. Most often, frequency is a historical choice made a long time ago and then forgotten. Many companies try a one-size fits all suppression policy based on recen [...]
 mediapost.com        Frequency   
Research: The Million Domain Challenge: Broadcast Email Prioritization by Cross-domain Recommendation [PDF]
With email overload becoming a billion-level drag on the economy, personalized email prioritization is of urgent need to help predict the importance level of an email. Despite lots of previous effort on the topic, broadcast email, an important type of emails with its unique challenges and intriguing opportunities, has been overlooked. The most salient opportunity lies in that effective collaborative filtering features can be exploited due to thousands of receivers of a typical broadcast email. [...]
 kdd.org        Study     Recommendation   
Research: Smart Reply: Automated Response Suggestion for Email [PDF] 1.2mb
In this paper we propose and investigate a novel end-to-end method for generating automatic short e-mail responses, called Smart Reply. It generates semantically diverse sug- gestions that can be used as complete email responses with just one tap on mobile. The system is currently used in Inbox by Gmail and is responsible for handling 10% of all mobile responses. It is designed to work at very high throughput and process hundreds of millions of messages daily. The system exploits state-of-the-art [...]
 kdd.org        Study   
Research: Email Volume Optimization at LinkedIn [PDF] 1mb
Providers of an online social networking service need to dis- tribute messages to members for a variety of reasons. Com- mon types of messages communicated by a social networking service to its members include membership and event noti- cations, connection requests, promotions, and information regarding other aspects of a member's network. Such com- munication, if used judiciously, can help keep a member en- gaged. However, sending a message for every instance of event, connection update, or the like [...]
 kdd.org        Frequency     Study   
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