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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #196

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ASOS recovers from website downtime with agile email 
With modern business so defined by customer centricity, it seems an absurd statement of common sense to suggest that the way to get customers back on side after a poor experience is to make them happy again. That's obvious right? Sort of, except that many companies simply apologise for downtime and then carry on regardless. ASOS must be credited for turning a crisis into an opportunity with its email marketing. [...]
 econsultancy.com        Marketing     Social   
Are Words (In Email Marketing Messages) So Last-Century?  
Of course they aren't. If you're reading this column in email, you might have used the MediaPost Email Insider sender name and subject line words you saw in the inbox to decide to open the message instead of deleting it. But I'm wondering how well text-centric email designs serve today's consumers, whose attention spans have been going through a well-documented decline, and whether it's time to shift more of your email messaging from words to images. [...]
 mediapost.com        Design   
What Can Machine Learning Do? [PDF] 0.7mb
Data from 451 Research and Blazent revealed that more than two-thirds (67.3%) of respondents said they currently have machine learning programs for predictive analytics in place, or are planning to implement them. Additionally, 66.7% said they are currently using machine learning for recommender systems—or are planning to. Furthermore, more than half (58.9%) of IT executives said they are using machine learning for cluster analysis and segmentation currently in place or plan to soon. Other machine [...]
 blazent.com        Customization     Intelligence     Study   
Exchange Online increases its URL filtering 
One of the ways in which Exchange Online detects spam, malware, and phishing is through URL filtering. We use a variety of sources, you can find them here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn458545(v=exchg.150).aspx We use URL reputation lists in the following way (including but not limited to): At time-of-scan, if a message contains a URL that is on one of the lists we use, a weight is added to the message. This weight is added to all the other features of a message to determine a message [...]
 microsoft.com        Spam     Deliverability   
You can’t kill email 
New technology is emerging at ever-increasing speeds, transforming how we communicate, collaborate and manage our day-to-day responsibilities. As soon as we get a strong grasp on the latest workplace technology, an even newer solution surfaces. [...]
 techcrunch.com        Marketing   
The 10 Power Moves Every Publisher Site Should Know to Collect More Emails [GFX]
As a publisher site, collecting emails should be your priority because if you build an email list, you will build a steady stream of returning visitors. Every time you send a content update email – it will be these readers who will revisit to your site. Their visits will result in more page views and translate to higher ad revenue (and income from other possible cross-selling/upselling). So to help you build a humongous list, we’ve put together these 10 tested list-building tactics. Try them on your [...]
 digioh.com        Listbuilding     Gallery   
10 essential email design tips from Justine Jordan [VID]
At Marketing United 2016, email extraordinaire Justine Jordan of Litmus dealt out dozens of tips and tricks you can use to improve your subscriber experience, open rates, clicks, and conversions. It was one of those talks where you couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with all the knowledge she was dropping. We encourage you to check out the full recording when you get a chance, but if you’re strapped for time, here are a few of our favorite tips. 1. Count your characters. [...]
 myemma.com        Subjectline     Design   
Canada: Another CASL Milestone is about to pass 
Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) coming into force and we’ve seen a number of actions from the enforcing agencies with their new legal powers. To quickly recap: 5 March 2015 – 3510395 Canada Inc. (dba Compu.Finder) – Fined $1.1M for alleged violations of CASL; March 11, 2015 – Avis Budget Group – Fined $30M in AMPS from [...]
 emailkarma.net        Law   
Spam filtering is apolitical 
It’s time once again for news organizations to pay attention to spam filters. This happens sometimes. Intrepid news organizations breathlessly report on how a particular ISP is blocking mail from a certain political figure our organization. I’ve written about political and activist lists being blocked or filtered before. Some of these posts are from the very early days of the blog even. [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Event     Deliverability   
Webinar: Marketing Opt Ins über Mobile Apps und Social Media generieren [VID]
Mobile Apps und Social Media Plattformen sind nicht nur effektive Kommunikationskanäle sondern eignen sich auch dafür, Opt-Ins für das Dialogmarketing und die Nutzung personenbezogener Daten einzuholen. artegic und Bird&Bird zeigen im Rahmen eines Webinars, wie Mobile Apps und Social Media rechtssicher zur Gewinnung von Marketing Opt-Ins verwendet werden können. [...]
 youtube.com    (translate)     Listbuilding     Mobile     Law     Social   
Email-Marketing Benchmark Report 2016 [PDF] 5.7mb
Fokus-Ergebnisse für Deutschland: Rückläuferrate 2,29%, Öffnungsrate 29,97%, Öffnerrate 18,63%, Klickrate 5,70%, Klicker 3,98%, Abmelderate 0,18%. Betrachtet man die Rückläuferraten (Zustellbarkeit) länderübergreifend, ist bei den Branchen der Online-/ Versandhandel führend und liegt in allen drei Ländern unter dem jeweiligen Branchendurchschnitt (D: 1,35%, Ø: 2,29%; E: 0,89%, Ø: 1,92%; F: 2,23%, Ø: 3,36%). Bei den Öffnungs- wie auch den Öffnerraten ist Frankreich im Ländervergleich klar führend
 experian.de    (translate)     Clickrate     Openingrate     Study     Trend   
It’s Raining Animated GIFs from GrubHub [GFX]
As email experts, we all strive to send timely, relevant content to our subscribers and GrubHub nailed it. Typically, I am not in favor of sending one large image as the main content of your email message but in this case using the animated GIF file works. Knowing many people are not going to want to go out and brave the storms to grab some lunch or dinner, GrubHub sent their subscribers truly relevant content and the most perfect time. Their simple message of basically “don’t go out and get soaked, [...]
 postup.com        Gallery     Video   
What I Learned By Analyzing 1.3 Million+ Emails With Video Marketing Ads 
Act on personal data. That’s what everyone is saying, right? One of the problems with data is that sometimes there is simply too much of it, or in other cases, not enough. One of the most popular problems with data is that we’re unsure of what to do with the data we already have. I Analyzed All the Email Marketing Statistics of One Video Marketing Company [...]
 teradata.com        Subjectline     Study   
5 Automation Fails 
Marketing Automation is a powerful marketing technology since it promises better response by sending more relevant emails to your audience in the context of the their interactions with a business. Small marketing teams or even a ‘team-of-one’ in a small business can potentially do the work that previously would have required many marketers. These time savings are possible by using rules to automate the type of emails that are sent and embedding more contextual content in personalised emails and web p [...]
 getresponse.com        Automation     Customization   
Brexit and Email Marketing 
The impact on email marketing for the general consumer will, I believe, be little to none. The UK’s position on privacy is broadly in line with that of Europe so the rules for email marketing are unlikely to change as a result of this. For brands in the UK I also see little change for the same reasons. They will continue to operate much the same as they have until now. Where I do see a challenge is for European brands working with UK email providers. The EU is in the process of implementing the [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Law   
Email Animation in Detail: How to Bring Your Emails To Life [GFX]
In this article you will find out: Why GIF and email are a brilliant match. What things you should consider when using GIFs in emails. 3 ways to use GIFs in your email campaigns. [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Gallery     Design   
7 Great Examples of a Perfect E-Receipt [GFX]
A customer’s perspective may be that a perfect e-receipt is an exact copy of a traditional receipt but in a digital format, whereas a marketer may say a perfect e-receipt is one that helps to drive the business to more sales. I think getting the balance right benefits both the consumer and marketer because an e-receipt done correctly is a win/win for everyone. In my last post, I walked you through the do's and don'ts for sending e-receipts. In this post, I’ll showcase a few examples of e-receipts [...]
 returnpath.com        Automation     Gallery   
Data-Driven Innovation in Email [GFX]
To support creative innovation in the inbox, eROI relies on data to make smart choices that help us reach our goals to deliver a message to all subscribers. For our partner Taco Bell, we identified that the majority of their subscribers used email clients that ran on the WebKit rendering engine. This provided us with an opportunity to leverage CSS properties that are commonly not supported in email, including CSS animations. [...]
 eroi.com        Gallery     Design   
Bounce handling is hard 
SMTP response codes are the ways mail servers communicate while sending mail. A sending server basically issues a command (HELO, EHLO, MAIL FROM, DATA) and the receiving server responds to those commands with 3 digit codes. The first number in the code (with one exception) a 2, 4 or 5. Any response that starts with a 2 means: Yup! We’re good! Receiving servers respond with 2 codes throughout the SMTP transaction. After the sending server completes the send and says “that’s the whole email” the final [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Listhygiene     Deliverability   
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