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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #198

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* International Email Marketing: How to Master Time Zones 
Sending emails across time zones can be tricky. We provide hands-on advice for how to optimize sent times and email content for an international audience.  [...]
 litmus.com        Sendtime   
* Redefining success: 3 dangers of email conversion inflation 
“If you can’t win the game, change the rules.” It’s the mantra of scrappy upstarts, but it’s also the mantra of the underhanded. During the Internet Era, we’ve changed the rules of marketing a lot — and it hasn’t all been in the scrappy upstart way. A huge part of that change has involved the metrics that we use to measure success. For instance, we replaced readership in the world of magazine and newspaper ads with impressions in the world of display ads. And we replaced viewership in the world of [...]
 marketingland.com        Conversionrate   
New Email Metric Measures Health Of Campaigns 
Justin Frechette, deliverability analyst at iContact, has developed a method for measuring the health of an email marketing campaign that he says offers a complete view of performance. Frechette calls the method SUTOR, which stands for Spam complaints + Unsubscribes To Open Rate. It measures the rate in which subscribers mark messages as spam or unsubscribe from a list and then compares that number with the overall open rate. Frechette says a low SUTOR rate indicates a more engaged and loyal group of [...]
 mediapost.com        Intelligence     Deliverability   
3 Email Testing Tools To Save You Time 
Signing up for email newsletters is fun. I usually spell my email address correctly. Sometimes, when I don’t, someone else with a clever typo in their email doesn’t understand why they’re getting the messages I signed up for. With SparkPost’s handy testing tools (and double opt-in), be protected from Mayhem like me. We protect our users by detecting negative feedback from email receivers and automatically suppressing future messages from your account to those addresses. It can be difficult to test [...]
 sparkpost.com        Test     Tool   
5 smarte Tools, die E-Mail Marketern die Arbeit erleichtern 
HTML-Produktion, Testing, Qualitätssicherung: E-Mail Marketing hat sich längst zu einem hochkomplexen Aufgabengebiet entwickelt. Wir stellen fünf praktische Tools und Websites für E-Mail Marketer vor, mit denen sich Arbeitsschritte deutlich vereinfachen lassen. Litmus Litmus bietet eine komplette Toolbox für E-Mail Marketer. Die beliebteste Funktion dürfte dabei das E-Mail Testing darstellen: Die Darstellung eines HTML-Mailings lässt sich [...]
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The Commission adopted on 12 July 2016 its decision on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield 
The Commission adopted on 12 July 2016 its decision on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. This new framework protects the fundamental rights of anyone in the EU whose personal data is transferred to the United States as well as bringing legal clarity for businesses relying on transatlantic data transfers. The new arrangement includes: strong data protection obligations on companies receiving personal data from the EU safeguards on U.S. government access to data; effective protection and redress for individu [...]
 europa.eu        Law   
Five Top EU-US Privacy Shield Questions, Answered 
Companies will be mandated to appoint data protection officers who will provide citizens with the “right to be forgotten.” Breaches of personal data must be reported within 72 hours of discovery. The GDPR will fine violating companies as much as 20 million Euro or Up to 4% the total annual worldwide gross revenue, whichever is higher. The Department of Commerce will significantly expand its role in monitoring compliance, including by carrying out ex-officio compliance reviews and investigations of [...]
 returnpath.com        Law   
Email Newsletters Done Right: Tips from theSkimm 
theSkimm is published every day. Every morning, to be exact – it arrives around 6:30 AM ET, which is before my alarm usually goes off. Which leads me to the first best practice in email newsletter marketing: don’t bite off more than you can chew, with regard to quality. I always find theSkimm to be a quality publication; but from my work with clients I know what goes into a daily email newsletter. You are, quite literally, always on deadline. You need to have a person or, more likely, a team dedicate [...]
 jeannejennings.com        Marketing   
Zendesk uses AI to generate bot-style email responses 
Automatic Answers is not your average, run-of-the mill email autoresponder. The service was built using a machine learning platform that Zendesk’s in-house teams of data scientists and engineers, which are based out of Melbourne, Australia, have been developing on for a while now. That machine learning platform was first announced last year and it also powers a service Zendesk announced last October, Satisfaction Prediction, which is able to monitor customer-company interactions to — as its name [...]
 techcrunch.com        Intelligence     Trend   
How to Grow Your Email List with YouTube and Contests 
In this case study with photographer Jared Polin, we looked at how he grew his email list to 200K+ subscribers with his YouTube and contest strategy. [...]
 aweber.com        Listbuilding     Video   
7 Effective Triggered Emails For Any Retail Digital Strategy [GFX]
Triggered emails are essential for your retail digital strategy. Here are seven essential triggered emails every retail marketer should implement. [...]
 sparkpost.com        Automation     Gallery   
4 email marketing lessons an eye tracking study can teach you 
Improve your email campaign with LookTracker’s eye tracking study. Campaign Monitor shares results and tips on what catches your subscriber’s eye. [...]
 campaignmonitor.com        Design   
What is an email conversion? 
The success of a business boils down to whether customers buy what you’re selling. In marketing terms: whether they’re converting. And since email marketing programs exist to support the business, email conversions are a critical metric for most programs. However, in part because email programs have many secondary goals that are unique from the business’s goals, the definition of a conversion has become more than a little hazy, creating misalignments at some brands. To bring some focus to this issue, [...]
 litmus.com        Conversionrate   
Email Design Podcast, Ep. 24: Exploring the new Outlook.com [VID]
In the 24th episode of The Email Design Podcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez discuss Outlook.com‘s new rendering engine, the retiring of the Windows Live Mail email client, brand new free email templates, and Gmail overtaking the display of email content. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
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