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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #200

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. It's #200, which fits today's International Beer Day quite well - cheers! :-)

Greetings from Berlin,
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A 7-Year Inactive Notice. Wait. 7 Years? 
That Yahoo! would prompt me to reactivate the address after seven years of inactivity calls into question—once again—claims that email inbox providers turn dead addresses into spam traps to catch email marketers who aren’t cleaning their lists. For those new to the industry, spam-trap address are one method used to catch spammers. They are email addresses that for one reason or another should not be getting mail. There are supposedly three types: honey-pot spam traps, typo-traps and recycled-address [...]
 magillreport.com        Deliverability   
4 Data-Backed Strategies For Writing Subject Lines That Get Opened 
Yesware’s data scientists analyzed 115 million emails for a full year to identify email subject-line strategies that work and those that don’t. "We looked specifically at most and least used words and formats in comparison to most and least effective," says Holschuh. With an average open rate of 51.9% and an average reply rate of 29.8%, Holschuh and her colleagues identified some important trends: [...]
 fastcompany.com        Subjectline     Study   
Metrics: Email Quality Score explained 
I received a couple of questions on the email quality score after mentioning it during the interview for Really Good Emails. Let’s explain it properly. Basically, it shows you how many people are annoyed versus how many people are delighted by the emails you are sending them. So if you or your brand care about the right frequency and the best content for your emails. This is the metric for you. [...]
 medium.com        Intelligence   
E-Mail Marketing Benchmark Studie H1 2016 [PDF] 2.1mb
Die aktuelle mailworx E-Mail Marketing Studie über das erste Halbjahr 2016 steht ab sofort zum Download bereit. Holen Sie sich die detaillierte Auswertung der E-Mail Marketing Erfolgsindikatoren für Ihre Analyse! Messen Sie Ihren E-Mail Marketing Erfolg im Vergleich zu realistischen Branchenergebnissen. Welche Öffnungsraten konnten Sie im Vergleich zu branchenüblichen Werten erzielen? Sind Sie mit Ihren Klick- und Leseraten zufrieden oder gibt es noch Luft nach oben? [...]
 mlwrx.com    (translate)     Study   
Widerspruchshinweise und Widerspruch 
Grundsätzlich müssen Betroffene bei jeder Werbemaßnahme auf ihr Recht hingewiesen werden, jederzeit weiteren Werbemaßnahmen widersprechen zu können. Dies gilt unabhängig davon, ob die Nutzung der Daten auf einer Einwilligung basieren oder ob Listendaten verwendet werden, für die keine Einwilligung notwendig ist. Belanglos sind hierfür auch die Herkunft der Daten und die Zielgruppe. [...]
 projekt29.de    (translate)     Unsubscribe     Law   
Should You Say Goodbye to Inactive Subscribers? 
Learn what to do with inactive email subscribers. Campaign Monitor offers a plan to segment inactive subscribers and keep email deliverability rates high. [...]
 campaignmonitor.com        Listhygiene     Segmentation   
16 Examples of Some Nice Welcome Emails [GFX]
Check out this list of the best welcome emails in the industry. That way, you can easily see what others are doing and use some of the ideas for your campaigns [...]
 mailmunch.co        Automation     Gallery   
What the Verizon/Yahoo deal means for the future of email 
Nobody was very surprised at the announcement that Verizon would buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion. It’s a very good deal for Verizon, even though it doesn’t include the shares of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, which account for most of Yahoo’s market cap. There’s been plenty of discussion about how Yahoo failed: It squandered cash on acquisitions like Tumblr and was unable to exploit them. Innovation lagged as the company placed too much focus on its media holdings. And investors worried that it would cash in [...]
 clickz.com        Marketing   
The Verizon-Yahoo Deal Will Shake Up The Email Landscape 
A little over a year after Verizon acquired AOL for $4.4 billion, the mobile communications giant has acquired Yahoo for $4.83 billion, driving further consolidation in the webmail space and setting themselves up to push harder into mobile email. Yahoo Mail has been battling it out with Outlook.com for the No. 2 spot on the list of top webmail clients. The combination of Yahoo Mail’s 225 million active monthly users with the users of AOL Mail should help it scale up to better fight for market share. [...]
 litmus.com        Spam   
Guide to Email Optimization + Troubleshooting [PDF] 4.2mb
In The Ultimate Guide to Email Optimization + Troubleshooting, we cover in-depth how to optimize for each of these steps in the email creation process, including plenty of real world examples that you can start implementing today. [...]
 pardot.com        Design   
Transactional Email Best Practices 
Email is an inarguably powerful medium to reach and connect with people. When it comes to businesses, there are two major types of emails from businesses. The first is bulk promotional emails, and the second is transactional email. Marketing emails are comprised primarily of newsletters and other scenarios where the same message is delivered to hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. With transactional, the emails are usually sent to an individual or a small group of people based on [...]
 postmarkapp.com        Automation   
How a Tracking Pixel can Break Your Email 
The main lesson we learned here is that a 1px tracking pixel can actually wreak quite a lot of havoc in a complex email! I would have never thought that something so tiny could have induced display issues like these. What can be done about this in the future? If your ESP adds a tracking pixel to "test" sends, then you shouldn't need to worry about this. If not, one option is to add a fake tracking pixel where you know your ESP will add theirs. This will mimic the effects of a tracking pixel on your [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Test   
Explaining the Email/SEO Relationship 
We get a lot of questions about the relationship between SEO and email. In essence, they both have the same goal; to get users to your site and, ultimately, to purchase from you. Retailers put a lot of time, effort and resources into both strategies, and each can be valuable if executed well. There’s no denying it, though, SEO is tough! The ever-changing landscape has a reputation for being hard to navigate and complicated to follow. In the last two years alone, Google made nine major algorithm [...]
 listrak.com        Multichannel   
10 things you need to know about web fonts in email right now 
Start implementing web fonts in your email campaigns. Campaign Monitor shows how to use web fonts in your emails to get your image to text ratio just right. [...]
 campaignmonitor.com        Design   
The Remarketing Lookbook [PDF] 3.8mb
At SaleCycle we believe that truly remarkable remarketing starts with great design. Whether adding an element of urgency with an alluring on-site remarketing message, or tempting people back to complete their purchase with a beautiful remarketing email - remarketing should feel like a natural part of your customer’s buying journey. This look book celebrates some of the best examples in remarketing design from the world’s most inspiring brands, all of whom embrace the importance that design and [...]
 amazonaws.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
2016 Deliverability Benchmark Report [PDF] 1.6mb
In the 2016 Deliverability Benchmark, we share the state of deliverability, including: How email gets delivered and how to measure inbox placement; Global inbox placement trends broken out by quarter; Deliverability statistics for eight individual countries; Key elements marketers need to focus on to increase their deliverability [...]
 returnpath.com        Study     Deliverability   
Focused Inbox: Outlook helps you focus on what matters to you 
Outlook is expanding the availability of two new experiences to do just that—Focused Inbox and @mentions. These new experiences add to several recently released features, all aimed at helping you take control of your mailbox. —Read on for details. [...]
 office.com        Marketing   
Beating Thunderbird’s Checkbox Bug (and Targeting Techniques) 
The Thunderbird email client has a peculiar "bug" when it comes to the support of checkbox and radio elements. This article will go over a fix for that bug. Additionally, I'll cover various methods to target your CSS for Thunderbird. Thunderbird has been regarded as a declining email client since the Mozilla Foundation, which also develops the Firefox browser, made a decision in 2012 to scale back development for the Thunderbird email client so they could focus on Firefox. Despite the announcement [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Responsive Rollover Images for Email 
A while back I wrote an article 3 Steps to Create an Interactive Email Using CSS that demonstrated a method to create rollover images in email using background images. However the old method requires the width of the image to be fixed because the background-size property is not uniformly supported by all email clients. [...]
 freshinbox.com        Design     Mobile   
Email Marketing Trends for 2016 [PDF] 5.6mb
Now that we’re halfway through 2016, let's check in on how top brands and cutting-edge companies are making out with personalization, relevance and triggered email programs in their email marketing programs. This whitepaper will provide tips, tricks and insights to help you fine tune your strategies and increase overall program success for the year ahead [...]
 bluehornet.com        Trend   
The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q3 2016 [PDF]
We identified 10 significant email marketing service providers — Acxiom, Adobe, epsilon, experian Marketing services, iBM, oracle, salesforce, selligent, smartFocus, and Yes lifecycle Marketing — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. this report shows how well each provider fulfills our criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help B2C marketers choose the right partner for their needs. [...]
 en25.com        ESP   
Gartner's Market Guide for Email Marketing Services [PDF]
Email marketing offers one of the most efficient, effective and measurable ways to connect with customers, making it a priority for multichannel marketers. Gartner's guide discusses current market dynamics, and where marketers can go to execute or optimize their email campaigns. [...]
 sparkpost.com        ESP   
8 Unsubscribe Email Examples to Pull Back your Subscribers [GFX]
The methodology with which you handle your email unsubscribes is way too important than how it’d appear. Rather than making your emails look messy or letting people unsubscribe without a second thou [...]
 emailmonks.com        Unsubscribe     Gallery   
#EmailDesignPodcast Ep. 26: Table Structure Techniques + Dreamweaver [VID]
In episode 26 of the #EmailDesignPodcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez talk table structure techniques and the new beta of Dreamweaver CC. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Mobile-Friendly Email & Landing Page Trends [Infographic] [GFX]
Consumers’ adoption of mobile devices has consistently outpaced brands’ ability to deliver mobile-friendly experiences, but major progress has been made over the past year. Joint research by Litmus and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud found that mobile-friendly websites have become almost universal and that the adoption of mobile-friendly email design techniques accelerated over the past 12 months. That’s the good news. The bad news is that all of this progress has recalibrated consumer expectations [...]
 litmus.com        Mobile     Study     Trend   
Take control of your email deliverability 
For as long as I’ve been in the field of email marketing there has been a tension, to put it mildly, between marketers and mailbox providers that has led to problems with delivery. Almost without exception dealing with these problems has fallen to deliverability specialists working for email service providers. It’s understandable as many aspects of delivery are arcane and complex requiring a combination of technical expertise and very specific domain knowledge. I was rather surprised therefore when I [...]
 clickz.com        Deliverability   

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