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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #208

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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Mobile Back Up To 56% For September Email Market Share 
iPhone, iPad, and Android continue to hold the top three spots, with iPhone and iPad increasing to 33.71% and 11.33%, respectively, with iPad Android close on iPad’s tail at 10.45%. With Apple releasing iOS 10, here’s what you need to know. Breaking it down further into iOS versions, iOS 9 is the overwhelming favorite with 83%, followed closely by iOS 10 at 11%. This makes sense as people begin to upgrade and make the switch over to iOS 10. There’s still a few holdouts with iOS 8 at 4% and iOS 7 at [...]
 litmus.com        Study     Trend   
Holiday Email Marketing Report [PDF] 7.2mb
This report was carefully created by the marketing team at MailCharts with generous contributions from AWeber, Litmus, Movable Ink, and Return Path. Special thanks to Bill from Only Influencers who helped us connect with industry experts. And thank you to each and every one that shared their thoughts [...]
 amazonaws.com        Event     Study   
Gmail Update: A Closer Look at Google’s Rendering Refresh 
Google has started rolling out their recently announced updates to their range of email clients. If you missed the big news, Google will now be supporting embedded stylesheets, including media queries, across all their clients, including Gmail on Android, iOS and webmail, Inbox on Android, iOS and webmail, and Google Apps webmail (now renamed G Suite). [...]
 campaignmonitor.com        Design   
Looking for Subject Lines that Stand Out? Use Inbox Insight 
Recently, Return Path released a new ebook entitled Email Marketing for Retailers. While this ebook provides readers a guide to maximizing email ROI, more specific opportunities, such as subject line testing, can be evaluated and shared with Return Path’s competitive intelligence tool, Inbox Insight. Before I discuss how you can use Inbox Insight to your advantage with A/B testing, first let’s walk through the product functionality and features. [...]
 returnpath.com        Subjectline     Intelligence     Tool   
Amy Mullen: Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails 
68% of online shoppers abandon their carts. Sad, right? All those lonely, forgotten products… not to mention all that potential revenue your business is missing out on. For retailers, that comes out to $18 billion annually. Ouch. Abandoned cart emails are hands-down the most effective way to re-market to your online shoppers, with a 30% conversion rate versus a 5% conversion rate of regular emails - but not all businesses are using them, or even using them effectively. Adding one to your email roster [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Automation     Conversionrate   
Machine Learning for Everyday Tasks 
Machine learning is often thought to be too complicated for everyday development tasks. We often associate it with things like big data, data mining, data science, and artificial intelligence. Sometimes it feels something like this: [...]
 mailgun.com        Intelligence   
Inkredible 5, Fall 2016 [PDF] 2.7mb
These featured brands are crushing it with email. Keep reading to find best-in-class examples of geo-targeting, advanced personalization, weather targeting, content automation and more. We hope these emails inspire you to deliver incredible contextual experiences to your own customers to make the most of the fall season. [...]
 amazonaws.com        Gallery     Study   
DMARC: What It Is + How It Helps Protect Your Brand Against Email Fraud  
To bring a little more clarity into the confusing world of email authentication, we sat down with Steven Jones, Executive Director of DMARC.org, and asked him everything we ever wanted to know about email authentication and DMARC: [...]
 litmus.com        Spam   
New book “Networks of Control” [PDF] 14.5mb
Two Austrian privacy researchers have conducted a comprehensive study about corporate surveillance, digital tracking, Big Data and privacy. Their detailed report shows, how networks of companies are collecting, analyzing, sharing and making use of vast amounts of personal information about billions of people today. The book is published by Vienna-based Facultas and available from September 29, 2016. [...]
 privacylab.at        Intelligence     Literature   
Content Optimierung ist mehr als SEO - Verhaltensmuster in Webtexten 
Einsatz von Verhaltensmustern bei der Content Optimierung. Wie kann man sich in der Praxis mit gutem Content absetzen und was überzeugt die Nutzer? Sehr gute Erfahrungen haben wir mit dem Einsatz von Behavior Patterns auf Grundlage von Limbic® Personas gemacht. [...]
 konversionskraft.de    (translate)     Copywriting     Gallery     Marketing   
Report on the state of email personalisation in Europe in 2016  [PDF] 4.6mb
This research from Smart Insights and Movable Ink explores the use of personalisation in the dynamic world of email marketing. The findings, recommendations and examples will help you understand which techniques are most popular with marketers in Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) and provide inspiration for more personalised, more engaging campaigns. [...]
 amazonaws.com        Customization     Study   
Gmail Update: Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries has Arrived! 
It's finally here! It's like Christmas in September for email developers! Gmail has just released a bevy of important updates to their email client, bringing it into the 21st century and enabling email developers everywhere to leave behind old tools and techniques. Earlier, we provided some analysis on the Gmail announcement. This blog details what we've found out now that the changes are live. We've so far been able to confirm that Gmail and Inbox Webmail have received the updates, as well as the [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Tutorial: Animated Image Carousel for Email 
This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial series on how to create an animated image carousel that works in email clients that support CSS animation. This article will cover how to build a basic carousel that will fade from one image to the next. Since CSS animations mostly only work in Webkit based clients, the carousel will be active in iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad), Apple Mail and Outlook for iOS and Mac. Other clients will display the fallback content. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
19 Lead Nurturing Email Examples You'll Want to Steal [GFX]
You've done it. You provided valuable content to your readers and they've converted into leads. Now, it's time to nurture these leads into opportunities for your sales team. Trouble is, cutting through the inbox clutter isn't an easy feat. And many of these folks just aren't ready to buy yet. [...]
 hubspot.com        Gallery   
Episerver Acquires Omnichannel Campaign Management Vendor Optivo 
Episerver, a provider of a single platform to smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud, today announced the acquisition of Optivo, a provider of omnichannel campaign management and customer intelligence solutions. [...]
 optivo.com        ESP   
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