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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #211

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* The Ultimate Guide to Styled ALT Text in Email  
A commonly accepted best practice in the email world is the inclusion of alt attributes (frequently known as an “ALT tag” or “ALT text,” which is shorthand for alternative text) for images. Alt text in email is now the standard practice for email aficionados. There are a few reasons why: [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
* The Value of a Resend Campaign, By the Numbers 
The phrase “one weird trick” usually sets off alarm bells, but what if I told you there was one weird trick that could increase your open rates by 8.7%? It’s true, and I have the data to prove it. All you have to do is resend your campaign to subscribers who didn’t open the first time. [...]
 mailchimp.com        Conversionrate     Segmentation     Study   
2016 Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit Report [PDF]
As part of its recently released 3rd annual Email Marketing and Unsubscribe Audit report , OTA looked at the signup and verification practices of the top 200 online retailers. Only 3% of retailers used a CAPTCHA to prevent automated signups and only 6% used COI to confirm subscriptions. While use of such methods does increase signup friction, it also prevents bad actors from using the email marketing infrastructure as an attack tool. OTA encourages marketers to examine their use of CAPTCHA and COI to [...]
 actonsoftware.com        Unsubscribe     Study   
A 20-Point Checklist for a Merry Email Marketing Season 
Email marketing will play a major role in driving those sales for your business. In fact, last year, email marketing accounted for a quarter of online sales from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Here’s a 20-point holiday checklist to use throughout the season to make the most of your email marketing. [...]
 campaignmonitor.com        Event   
Google has killed Email Marketing ... Again 
Google is going to penalise pages with a pop-up, pop-over or (as they called it) an interstitial on mobile devices. If the popular and marketing press are to be believed, this will kill a popular and very successful data capture tactic. This recent announcement and the subsequent coverage resulted in a flurry of queries from clients about what we thought. Luckily dotmailer is in the perfect position to have an opinion on this as we both came from a website design and build background as well as [...]
 linkedin.com        Listbuilding   
7 Lessons from Top Performing Drip Email Campaigns 
Automated email workflows can net you 20% more sales opportunities. They’re more personalized, timely, and targeted. The problem, is that the vast majority of marketers – as high as 85% – are unhappy with their performance. Not the results of those campaigns. But of their own execution or implementation of them. Instead of rehashing the same onboarding campaigns from the same companies that others have covered well, I spent a Sunday morning digging through my inbox to find examples from different [...]
 kissmetrics.com        Automation   
Smart Segmentation Tactics to Increase Engagement and Conversions 
If you’re a Listrak client, you have the ability to segment on consumer behavior like purchase patterns, browsing activity, email engagement, geo-location and more. You have likely worked with your account manager or your internal team to come up with the best way to use all the behavioral data that you have at your fingertips to create saved segments. Once you create a saved segment in Listrak, that audience is a dynamic target moving forward. As individuals change their behaviors they are actively [...]
 listrak.com        Segmentation   
Ignoring Usability When Selecting an Email Service Provider is a Waste of Money 
In my years in the email marketing industry, I have seen and used a lot of different ESP interfaces, and I’ve watched them evolve over time into ever more capable technologies as email marketing has grown more sophisticated, but that hasn’t necessarily meant that they’ve grown easier to use. In fact, the opposite seems to be true, that the more advanced the features, the more challenging the interface should be—or so people seem to think. They tend to think getting more advanced functionality means [...]
 emailcritic.com        ESP   
Decoding the Anatomy of a Stellar Email Newsletter Design 
For most email marketers, email newsletter is the single most effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention (GIGAOM Research). When your newsletter imparts the knowledge that your subscribers are looking for, it helps building up their trust for your brand. Salesforce 2014 Mobile Behavior Report found out that of subscribers who opt-in to email messages from a brand; 95% find these messages somewhat resourceful or very useful. [...]
 mailigen.com        Design     Mobile   
Thirteen Pro-Tips for Email Design 
In many ways, the future of email is already here. Interactive elements, navigation bars, hamburger menus, animated GIFs?—?it’s all part of the email design mix now. Sure, email designers still have to deal with a lack of universal coding standards and the multitudinous shortcomings of 50-plus email clients, but email has made great strides in recent years. [...]
 medium.com        Design   
Tutorial: Animated Image Carousel for Email with Ken Burns Effects 
This is a follow up to the Animated Image Carousel for Email tutorial. In this article, we will go over how to add pan and zoom effects, commonly referred to as the Ken Burns effect, to the animated carousel. However, you can also use these techniques by themselves as well. The Ken Burns effect is what many people see on screensavers that display a series of images with slow zooming or panning effects. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Video   
Aktuelle Urteile im E-Mail-Marketing 
OLG Frankfurt: SMS Werbung eines Autohauses für gemeinnütziges Projekt Ein Autohaus versandte drei SMS-Nachrichten an potenzielle Kunden. Die SMS enthielt einen Link auf ein Online-Voting des Herstellers der vertriebenen Automarke, in dem für ein gemeinnütziges Projekt des Autohauses abgestimmt werden konnte. Eine Einwilligung lag nicht vor. Auf eine Widerspruchsmöglichkeit des Empfängers wurde nicht hingewiesen. Das Gericht stufte die Nachricht als Werbung ein. Das Autohaus habe nicht allein [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
Click rate: the most important email marketing metric ever 
Click rate: the most important email marketing metric ever. How measuring marketing email click rates can provide insight into email marketing effectiveness [...]
 phrasee.co        Intelligence     Clickrate   
MailChimp, Newsletter und Datenschutz – Anleitung mit Muster und Checkliste 
Es ist mittlerweile (überwiegend) bekannt, dass Newsletter nur mit einer Einwilligung der Empfänger versendet werden dürfen. Ebenso gehört dazu die Kenntnis, dass diese Einwilligung nur mit Hilfe einer Bestätigungsmail (sog. Double-Opt-In) nachweisbar ist. Dagegen ist es nach meiner Erfahrung weitestgehend unbekannt, dass die Einwilligung auch den Einsatz eines Versanddienstleisters oder die statistische Erfassung des Leseverhaltens umfassen muss. [...]
 rechtsanwalt-schwenke.de    (translate)     Law   
It's Official -- GDPR Is A Go, But What Does That Mean For You? 
To be honest, news that the UK government will be implementing the Generate Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into full effect in May 2018 is a rather obvious statement. London took part in the seemingly endless Brussels negotiations which led to the new regulations -- and let's not forget, they are already enshrined in UK law, although the big fines for transgressors are eighteen months away. [...]
 mediapost.com        Law   
On the Origin of Spamtraps  
Some of the most common email compliance questions I get around being blacklisted seem to center on how they were listed in the first place and what email address specifically got their company’s IP address listed, which inevitably leads to a conversation around spamtraps… which can get confusing, fast. So, I figured it was about time to write up a three part series on what a spamtrap is, how you can wind up with one (or a few) on your list, and a few myths around them. Today, let’s chat about the [...]
 pardot.com        Listbuilding     Deliverability   
Using Media Queries in HTML Email 
Now that Gmail is supporting media queries in some clients, we have seen a resurgence in interest about how to use them. Read on to learn about media queries in HTML email. What are media queries? A media query consists of an optional media type (all, handheld, print, TV and so on) and any number of optional expressions that limit when the query will trigger, such as width, pixel-density or orientation. Media queries are part of CSS3, and enable developers to customize their content for different [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
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