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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #217

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. It will be the last one for this year - a year of omnichannel, AI & bots rising, list-bombings, privacy & data protection, further mergers & acquisitions, Gmail becoming CSS-friendlier & Microsoft reaching out to email designers and much more. Anyway, I wish you a nice christmas time and a happy new year. Cu in 2017!

Greetings from Berlin,
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* The Future of email marketing 
Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience. Join me in a leap forward into the future of email marketing in the 6th annual review of email marketing trends, changes, predictions, and constants. [...]
 emailmonday.com        Trend   
* DKIM Canonicalization - or - why Microsoft breaks your mail 
Canonicalization is about comparing things to see if they’re the same. Sometimes you want to do a “fuzzy” comparison, to see if two things are interchangeable for your purposes, even if they’re not exactly identical. [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Deliverability   
Yahoo Mail Ads: new native ad experience on Yahoo Mail 
Now, the ad at the top of each user's inbox can open like an email, and be read, saved, clicked or forwarded, with reporting available on each type of interaction. Thanks to valuable top placement in each user’s message list, mail ads are highly visible and drive action. Because all Yahoo Mail users are logged-in, advertisers can deliver their message to the audience that matters most—with targeting based on age, gender and interest, or custom audiences, such as the advertiser’s own list of email [...]
 yahoo.com        Marketing   
Tutorial: How to Code an Interactive Greeting Card Email 
Around the holidays, many companies send an email to their customers thanking them for using the company and wishing them a happy new year. Birthday emails are also a popular way to stay in touch with customers and possibly offer a coupon or discount. For EOA's holiday email, I thought it would be fun to create a 3D card opening effect. Because of the techniques involved in CSS animation, I knew this would only work in a few clients. I coded the email to work only in iOS devices (and in webkit web [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Tools That Show How Artificial Intelligence in Email Could Change the Marketing Landscape 
Big data. This has been a buzzword on digital marketer’s lips for years now, but only recently have marketers been able to flex their muscles when applying these data points to their marketing strategies. The issue wasn’t the lack of Big Data one could access, in fact, it was the opposite. There was simply too much data stored over years that marketers were only able to skim the surface of the huge analytics pool in front of them. Fortunately, all this is now changing with the entrance of Artificial [...]
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5 Reasons List-Unsubscribe Concerns Are Overblown 
One of the many changes made to iOS Mail with the release of iOS 10 Mail was that Apple added support for list-unsubscribe, which is coding that marketers add to the headers of their emails to enable native unsubscribe links offered by inbox providers. While some native unsubscribe links are somewhat subtle, Apple’s “easy unsubscribe” banner appears prominently at the top of emails. [...]
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How to design marketing emails for the mobile majority 
68% of smartphone owners surveyed immediately delete unreadable email. In the case of desktop, disabled images present the biggest challenge designers face. When users have images disabled, pictures appear as a bunch of ALT attributes and empty boxes. The more image-heavy your email, the worse the problem. Admittedly, if subscribers like your content, they could address the issue on their end by simply clicking “Always show pictures from this sender.” Mobile is far trickier. [...]
 medium.com        Design     Mobile   
Email marketing sample template and code 
Each product image/name pair is wrapped in a span that has the inline style, display-inline-block. The parent element of these spans is styled with text-align-center so that the grid is nice and centered. At this point, all major webmail clients display a grid layout, but it is not super pretty. Additional styles are layered on using media queries. These size each of the span widths to 99%, 49%, or 32% depending on the viewport size. Also, the imginside each is given a width of 99%. This particular [...]
 medium.com        Design   
The GDPR means opt-in consent rules are changing 
In the UK, PECR* defines the legal standards for email marketing. Regulation 22(2) states that you can send email marketing where the recipient: "has given consent for the time being to such communications being sent by, or at the instigation of, the sender" The elements in there are: "for the time being" - meaning that consent is not forever [...]
 communicatorcorp.com        Law   
Email Marketing Lookbook: Fundamental tactics to for an effective email program [PDF] 5mb
The nine key email marketing tactics every program needs. The impact each fundamental element has on the customer journey. A best-in-class example of each tactic to inspire your own email marketing program. [...]
 returnpath.com        Automation     Gallery   
10 MarTech Experts Decipher the Future of Email and Marketing Automation 
What will be the most interesting developments and trends? We asked industry experts for their views on the future of Email Marketing & Marketing Automation. As Marketing and technology forward with leaps and bounds, we see the outlines of how technologies could turn into profits and growth as well as the challenges that are looming in that same space. [...]
 emailvendorselection.com        Trend   
Leitfaden Data Driven Marketing - Mehr verkaufen mit Smart Data. [PDF]
Wer dem richtigen Kunden im richtigen Moment das richtige Angebot machen will, braucht dazu Informationen. Um diese Informationen zu gewinnen und auszuwerten, stehen heute eine Reihe neuer Methoden zur Verfügung. Dieses Buch soll die wichtigsten vorstellen. Während der Versandhandel seit jeher alle Möglichkeiten des Data-Driven Marketings nutzt, ist dieser Bereich für viele Investitionsgüterhersteller noch Neuland. Dabei finden Geschäftsanbahnungen heute immer seltener auf Messen und immer häufiger [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Intelligence     Literature   
Neue Urteile: Gibt es ein Ablaufdatum für Einwilligungen? 
Ist eine Einwilligung erteilt, kann der Empfänger diese jederzeit mit Wirkung für die Zukunft widerrufen. Umstritten ist, ob eine Einwilligung auch durch Zeitablauf erlöschen kann. Dies haben Gerichte vereinzelt angenommen. Begründet wird das in der Regel damit, dass der Einwilligende nach einem bestimmten Zeitraum mit der Zusendung einer Werbe-E-Mail nicht mehr rechne. Danach könne nicht mehr von einem auf einen konkreten Fall bezogenes Einverständnis gesprochen werden. Die Einwilligung verliere [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
5 Ways to Up Your Email Game in 2017 
It's never been a more exciting time to be an email marketer! 2016 has brought lots of changes to email. Gmail took huge strides with their various email clients when they made the decision to support media queries and embedded styles. Outlook surprised everybody when they decided to really engage with the email community and open a channel for feedback so that they can improve their products. Interactive email has become the new bling that every marketer wants to add to their campaigns, but remains [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Trend   
[Podcast #42]: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, GDPR, & More [MP3]
In the 42nd episode of The Email Design Podcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez chat about Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends, what millennials think about email, new GDPR regulations, and an advent calendar in an email. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Quarterly email benchmark report Q3 2016 - July, August, September [PDF]
Email volume rose by 19.8% in Q3 2016 compared to Q3 2015. Though send volume increased, transaction rates, revenue per email, and average order values were similar to the rates seen in Q3 2015. Year-over-year total click rates have declined for the past 4 quarters. We found a negative correlation between the increase in clicks on mobile phones, and the decline in total click rates. [...]
 experian.com        Clickrate     Openingrate     Study     Trend   
Using Pseudo Elements to Progressively Enhance Your Emails 
In this post, we'll be going through how we can use pseudo elements to progressively enhance our emails but, first, we'll need to know what a pseudo element is. Pseudo elements are pieces of CSS code that are used to style specific parts of an HTML element. They follow this basic syntax: [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
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Beim Thema Adressgewinnung wurde unlängst der Ruf nach CAPTCHAs laut. Doch meist leidet darunter das Nutzererlebnis. Und von weiteren Conversion-Hindernissen [...]
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