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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #219

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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Most Winning A/B Test Results Are Illusory [PDF]
Marketers have begun to question the value of A/B testing, asking: ‘Where is my 20% uplift? Why doesn’t it ever seem to appear in the bottom line?’ Their A/B test reports an uplift of 20% and yet this increase never seems to translate into increased profits. So what’s going on? In this article I’ll show that badly performed A/B tests can produce winning results which are more likely to be false than true. At best, this leads to the needless modification of websites; at worst, to modification which [...]
 qubit.com        Test   
DMA Insight: Email benchmarking report 2016 
Welcome to the DMA’s latest Email benchmarking report, sponsored by dotmailer, covering email performance data from 2015. Following consultation with members over the last year, this particular DMA report has undergone a significant transformation. This includes a reduction in the data being reported to focus on the key metrics that help to define email’s effectiveness and also a new article format that includes interactive graphs for each of these metrics. [...]
 dma.org.uk        Study   
The State of Triggered Emails & Personalization for Retailers and Consumers. [PDF] 8.2mb
In September 2016, Retail TouchPoints and Magnetic surveyed 200 consumers in the U.S. and Canada, and over 100 retail executives to investigate the new rules and realities of email marketing. While the data affirms that email remains a discovery and shopping channel for consumers, the factors driving engagement and interactions with brands fall short. That's because consumers are inundated with emails, the role of the email has changed, retailers are behind in implementing email technologies, and [...]
 magnetic.com        Customization     Study   
[Podcast #45] Email Workflow & Accessibility Contest [MP3]
(0:25) Email Boilerplate: A Gulp-based workflow from Litmus’ own Drew Tempelmeyer that utlizes Sass, HAML, CSS inlining, and automating tests into Litmus. (2:44) Gulp Email Creator: A Gulp-based workflow inspired by Lee Munroe’s Grunt Email Design Workflow that uses Sass, CSS Inlining, and automating tests into Litmus. (3:50) Inker by Position Absolute: A Grunt-based workflow by Cedric Dugas that uses Zurb’s Foundation for Emails, Mozilla Nunjucks, YAML front matter, CSS inlining, automating tests in [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Most Popular Email Clients of 2016 
2016 brought significant changes for the most popular email clients, proving once again that email is still alive and kicking. This year saw the launch of a new version of iOS (iOS 10) and the Yahoo! Mail Android app dropping support for media queries. The biggest news of 2016 for email geeks? Gmail supporting style and media queries, effectively supporting responsive design. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Study   
3.000 € Vertragsstrafe für unerwünschte Werbe-E-Mail [PDF]
Für das unerwünschte Zusenden einer E-Mail-Werbung kann unter Kaufleuten - nach vorausgegangenem Vertragsstrafeversprechen - eine Vertragsstrafe von 3.000 Euro zu zahlen sein. Das hat der 9. Zivilsenat des Oberlandesgerichts Hamm am 25.11.2016 entschieden und damit das erstinstanzliche Urteil des Landgerichts Münster bestätigt. [...]
 nrw.de    (translate)     Law   
Spamhaus Botnet Summary 2016 
2016 was a busy year for existing and emerging cyber threats. In the past year, Spamhaus researchers issued listings for over 7,000 botnet Command & Control ("C&C") servers on more than 1,100 different networks. These C&C servers enabled and controlled online crime such as credential theft, e-banking fraud, spam and DDoS attacks. They were also used for the retrieval of stolen data. 2016 will also go down in history as the first year that security issues related to the "Internet of Things" (IoT) not [...]
 spamhaus.org        Spam     Study   
What do travellers want from pre-travel emails? 
A Pre-travel email or a pre-travel automation series should provide all of the valuable information that a traveller needs to make a successful trip. What’s surprising is that whilst these automated emails do include information about the booking such as flight numbers, departure info and so on, the content of these ‘pre-travel’ emails really hasn’t progressed in the last 10 years. With travel booking rolling into peak (bless those January blues) I decided to analyse the last 20 flights I took [...]
 kickdynamic.com        Automation     Customization   
Holiday Interactive Email Campaigns [GFX]
The holidays are a busy time for email marketers as it is the peak shopping season. However the holidays also provide a ripe opportunity to for email marketers to fire up their creative juices. Here are some really cool campaigns that leverage interactivity and advanced CSS animations that we came across the past holiday season. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Event     Gallery   
Collection of Interactive emails [GFX]
View Burberry / view REI / view Nest / view B&Q / view Pizza Express / view Pret / view Odeon / view Xbox / view HP / view B&Q / view Bauknecht advent cal. / view Telegraph / view Bobbie Brown / view Table tr td pizza / [...]
 google.com        Gallery   
Scaling Recommendation Engine from 15,000 to 130M Users 
Delivering users with precise product recommendations (recs) is the creative force that drives Retention Science to continue to iterate, improve and innovate. In this post, our team unveils our iteration from a minimum viable product to a production-ready solution. Here’s the chronology of events: [...]
 retentionscience.com        Intelligence     Recommendation   
The problem with the 20 best email marketers ever 
You’ve seen the tweets, or maybe even the blog posts showing up in your feed. “The 20 best email marketers on this PLANET!” “35 Email Marketers you should be following on Twitter!” Then you click on it to read it. If you’re arrogant/competitive like me, you click on it to see if you’re on the list. If you’re not on the list, you’re mentally filling up your “Email Article Cliché” bingo card with the people who ARE on it. (Is that why you clicked on this blog post/tweet? Sorry about that.) It’s almost [...]
 emailsnarketing.com        Marketing     Social   
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