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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #222

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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Should we stop inlining styles in emails? 
Until last year, Gmail was one of the biggest email clients that only supported inline styles. The webmails of Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.com and, yes, even the desktop versions of Outlook using Word’s rendering engine (from 2007 to 2016 on Windows) have all long supported style tags. The 2016 Gmail update was a total game changer and finally added support for style tags as well as for class and id attributes. So is 2017 finally the year to stop inlining styles? [...]
 hteumeuleu.com        Design   
How to Restart CSS Animations in Email Using The active Pseudo-class 
This article shows you a technique to restart CSS animations with a single click or tap using the active pseudo-class. There are two kinds of CSS animations, those that only run once, and those than run continuously. Some CSS animations that run in loops may be distracting to the recipient of your email so you might only want to run an animation once. However, it would be useful if the recipient were given an option to replay the animation on demand. Although the CSS animation-play-state property [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Was sind die wichtigsten E-Mailmarketing-Trends 2017? 
Hyperpersonalisierung. An diesem Trend kommt offenbar keiner vorbei: Das Buzzwort Hyperpersonalisierung steht in engem Zusammenhang mit dem Begriff der Individualisierung. Individualisierung wäre bereits, die Gestaltung oder Zusammensetzung der Bausteine eines Mailings dynamisch an die Interessen oder an die Kaufhistorie der Empfänger anzupassen. [...]
 der-newsletter-experte.de    (translate)     Trend   
10 eCommerce Emails You Should Be Sending [PDF] 1mb
Automated emails can be set up to trigger when an action is made and at specific points during the sales process. These types of emails are key if you want to improve the communication process and strengthen the relationship with your customers. Within this guide we provide a brief overview of 10 email marketing programmes that we feel will benefit your eCommerce business, all of which can be built and managed using Max email, our advanced email marketing software. [...]
 emailcenteruk.com        Automation   
Email Open Rate Benchmarks for Sales Messages 
I have to say the overall figure of 37% of sales emails across all industries being opened seemed pretty high to me. Once that is noted, however, it's time to see which industries are getting it right and which are getting it wrong. To be honest, the league table for open rates pretty much reads as you would expect it to. The industries at the top are those that we are usually interested in and have a need to interact with. That's why we have construction, HR, real estate, shopping, beauty, and [...]
 mediapost.com        Openingrate     Study   
Unerlaubte E-Mail-Werbung: Abmahnung und dann? 
Wer berechtigt wegen unerlaubter E-Mail-Werbung abgemahnt wird, muss eine strafbewehrte Unterlassungserklärung abgeben. Damit die vereinbarte Vertragsstrafe nicht fällig wird, muss ein erneuter Versand an den betreffenden Empfänger ausgeschlossen werden. Um die Folgen einer dennoch – versehentlich – versandten Werbe-E-Mail zu mindern, lohnt sich ein Blick auf die konkrete Formulierung der Unterlassungserklärung. Denkbar ist sogar, die Abgabe der Unterlassungserklärung zu verweigern. [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
Abmahnung wegen unzulässiger Werbe-E-Mails 
Beim E-Mail-Marketing ist zivilrechtlich und wettbewerbsrechtlich einiges zu beachten, denn unerwünschte E-Mail-Werbung ist verboten. Sowohl der Empfänger selbst als Mitbewerber, Verbraucherzentralen oder Abmahnvereinvereine usw. können dann abmahnen. Doch was droht dem dann Versender eigentlich genau, wenn er E-Mails „einfach mal so“ versendet? Das ist abhängig davon, wer genau abmahnt. [...]
 blog-it-recht.de    (translate)     Law   
Five Ways Email Marketing Will Change In 2017, 2018 
I spend a lot of time looking at new marketing technologies. Over the last 16 years, I’ve seen new technologies reach rapid adoption because they work within the real-world constraints of email marketing teams. In other cases, I’ve seen email marketing teams change to take advantage of the potential of new technologies. I would expect the following trends that I’m seeing in a few email marketing platforms to become more widespread over the next year or two: [...]
 returnpath.com        Trend   
HTML Email Width - Overcoming the 600px Barrier 
The de facto standard for HTML emails' width is 600 pixels. But why is that? We have written two articles about it already. The first was published on this blog long, long ago; the second was published recently on chamaileon.io's blog. The latter is an in-depth article, I really recommend you to read that. Many people in the email community are doubting that we still need to use such narrow designs. There are many companies who are experimenting with wider newsletters. They realized that most of [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Design   
Chatbots werden von jedem zweiten Online-Käufer abgelehnt 
Wenn es um die Kommunikation mit Webshop- und Website-Betreibern geht, bevorzugt die große Mehrheit (drei Viertel) der deutschen Online-Käufer heute ganz klassisch die Korrespondenz per E-Mail oder Online-Formular – mit »echten Ansprechpartnern«. Auch das persönliche Gespräch via Callcenter/Telefon steht weiter hoch im Kurs; gut 40% nutzen dies gern als Kommunikationsweg. Immerhin jeder fünfte Online-Kunde möchte per Chat mit Website- bzw. Webshop-Betreibern in Kontakt treten. Ganz anders sieht es [...]
 fittkaumaass.de    (translate)     Study   
Why don’t email clients use modern rendering engines? 
I came across this question on Stack Overflow. As with any developer who’s dealt with HTML email knows, the lack of basic CSS support in email clients can be… well… frustrating. I answered the question on Stack Overflow, but would like to build upon it here. Feel free to vote or comment on the original post (more people will find it that way). [...]
 medium.com        Design   
6 Email Deliverability Questions, Answered 
Deliverability can be challenging to understand, but it’s a critical part of a healthy email marketing program. Before your subscribers can open (and hopefully click!) on any emails, they must first receive them in their inboxes. We sat down with Lauren Meyer, VP of Delivery at Mailjet, to tackle some of the trickiest deliverability topics you may not know about. [...]
 litmus.com        Deliverability   
Analyse: Datenschutzabkommen Privacy Shield vor dem Aus? 
Mittlerweile hat es sich herumgesprochen, dass die Übermittlung von personenbezogenen Daten wie E-Mail-Adressen an US-Dienstleister datenschutzrechtlich höchst problematisch ist (siehe hierzu auch „MailChimp datenschutzkonform einsetzen: Muster und Checklisten„). Mit Blick auf die aktuellen Entwicklungen (oder vielmehr Verwerfungen) in den USA dürfte das Thema noch einmal an Brisanz gewinnen. Der ehemalige Bundesbeauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit Peter Schaar analysiert hierzu auf [...]
 emailmarketingblog.de    (translate)     Law   
7 irresistible win-back emails [GFX]
After the avalanche of holiday emails that bury inboxes, it’s natural for some subscribers to tune out. But still, it’s hard not to take it personally. After all, you put in a ton of effort getting them on your list in the first place. And at first, they were super into you, opening and clicking everything you sent. But now, they’ve grown distant and stopped showing interest in anything you have to say. [...]
 myemma.com        Automation     Gallery     Segmentation   
Be Careful Sending Emails on Mondays 
And such errors have consequences! The more errors an email’s subject had, the less likely it was to get a response. Emails without any subject line errors received a reply 34% of the time, while those with an error had response rates of 29%. Response rates thus fell 14% when subjects had one or more mistakes (relative to response rates for emails with error-free subjects.) This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a trend between subject lines and response rates: emails with extremely short or long [...]
 boomerangapp.com        Subjectline     Study   
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