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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #229

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* 2017 Email Industry Census [PDF] 3.1mb
As usual, the Census takes an in-depth look at email practices being adopted, the resources being dedicated to email, and the channel's effectiveness compared to other types of marketing. Personalisation, marketing automation, optimisation for different devices and the future of email are all themes that are revisited in this year's Census, and there are also new questions about the use of metrics, the application of artificial intelligence and the impact of Brexit on how companies are [...]
 adestra.com        Study     Trend   
* The Truth About Email Panel Data 
we believe that email panel data is attractive in theory, but not in today’s practice. We fully support data and tools that increase transparency and improve the email sender-receiver relationship, when these tools are unbiased and can be consistently relied upon. We simply don’t believe the current generation of offerings are accurate, nor effective, tools for marketers. Given what we now know about these data sets, we challenge the industry put a stop to the spread of inaccurate information. And [...]
 250ok.com        Deliverability   
How Do I Get Started In A New Email Marketing Role? 
The word audit strikes fear in the hearts and minds of people throughout the U.S. this time of year. I’m not talking about tax audits however, but the audits you should be doing to evaluate your email program. There are a lot of email programs out there with deep levels of sophistication. Yet with technology in play, you need to proactively try to prevent problems — problems that could develop into a brand embarrassment, potentially causing revenue loss and increased customer attrition. So put the fo [...]
 mediapost.com        Marketing   
Double Head trick in Yahoo Mail App for Android 
Do you style in the head or in the body? If you want high compatibility you probably inline your main styles, otherwise Libero.it, Mail.ru, Naver, Telstra, T-Online, Terra, Yandex and many other won’t style anything. But, you may also have other styles that are not inlined and you want them to be displayed by smart email clients. [...]
 mosaico.io        Design   
Outlook.com’s latest bug and how to fix gaps under images 
Last month, Microsoft introduced a new feature in Outlook.com and Office 365 that caused a lot of headaches to email developers. This has been discussed widely by the community, may it be on Slack or on Litmus forums. But it has been obsessing me over the past two weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about this bug and my quest to find a fix. [...]
 hteumeuleu.com        Design   
The Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide 2017 [PDF]
Welcome to The Relevancy Ring, a quantifiable measurement of seven Email/Everychannel Service Providers (ESPs) manifesting in leaders and contender vendor Rings. During the three-month research process, we spoke to marketers about their needs and aspirations. Then we evaluated how the vendor solutions are poised to eradicate marketer challenges. [...]
 experian.com        ESP   
Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management 2017 
Published: 11 April 2017. Analyst(s): Adam Sarner, Mike McGuire, Jennifer Polk, Noah Elkin. Marketing leaders will find a host of new vendors in this year's Magic Quadrant for multichannel campaign management. Vendors are focused on integrating machine learning, personalization and ad tech capabilities into big data foundations for deeper customer engagement. [...]
 gartner.com        ESP     Study   
Paddings, Margins and Borders in Modern HTML Emails 
In the first part of the article, you will learn how to use these properties on text and image components. I am talking about components, because it is absolutely not sure that we are going to put all of these CSS properties in the img or p element itself. In the second part, I am going to show you a small trick that you can use to imitate margins that will disappear on mobile devices. If you have created multi-column layouts with margins, you probably know that it can be a pain. [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Design   
Preview Text Hack You May Want to Use in Every Email 
This preview text hack uses zero-width non-joiners and non-breaking spaces to create white space after your desired preview text. [...]
 litmus.com        Subjectline     Design     Mobile   
E-Mail-Werbung künftig auch ohne Einwilligung möglich? 
Teilweise wird vertreten, dass die E-Mail-Werbung spätestens ab Mitte 2018 auch ohne eine Einwilligung des Empfängers zulässig sei, solange die Regelungen der Verordnung im Übrigen eingehalten werden. Begründet wird diese Ansicht damit, dass dem europäischen Gesetzgeber die Zusammenhänge der ePrivacy-Richtlinie und der DSGVO unklar waren. [...]
 datenschutzbeauftragter-info.de    (translate)     Law   
Warming up an IP address: Data and timing 
IP warming, IP whitelisting, IP ramp-up: You’ve probably heard these terms bandied around from time to time and wondered what they refer to. Well, they’re largely all referring to the same thing – the process of gradually increasing the volume of email sent on a dedicated IP address (typically a new one) over time to earn the “trust” of ISPs, such as Outlook, Gmail, and AOL. For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to refer to the process as IP warming. [...]
 ibm.com        Deliverability   
When to Use Multi-Armed Bandit A/B Testing 
What if as a marketer you could run 10 A/B tests within a week without lifting a finger instead of the standard monthly testing? You could be getting a significant increase in productivity and performance, if you do it right. A/B testing is a standard step in the marketing process. Without A/B testing, marketers wouldn’t have the necessary data points to maximize their marketing efforts and drive an effective campaign. The A/B test is mainly used when you want to see what treatment is causal to [...]
 retentionscience.com        Test   
How to get more subscribers by using Facebook Lead Ads 
Last week we gave some tips on how you can get your newsletter out there by linking to your Revue subscribe page on your social media accounts. This time around, the focus will be specifically on [...]
 getrevue.co        Listbuilding     Social   
Verizon, Wanadoo etc. - Damage limitation over the death of ISPs 
There’s a change afoot in the email provision sphere as the announcement that four free email domain services are shutting shop; Verizon, and the EE owned Orange, Wanadoo and Freeserve, are bidding farewell to their customers and (hopefully) advising them on their next move. We want to make sure our readers have the insight and the practical tools they need to thrive during this period of shift. [...]
 dotmailer.com        Listhygiene     Marketing     Trend   
Is This The Year Of Interactive Emails? [GFX]
When it comes to interactive email design, everyone has a different opinion: email marketing analysts have been predicting (and worshipping) them for years, but email designers have been slightly more wary. Why? [...]
 apsis.com        Gallery     Design   
7 Brands That Get Email Personalization Right [GFX]
Email personalization is a must-have email marketing technique. It’s a strategy that presents readers with relevant content based on their behavior. Email personalization is also a great way to cut through the noise—and it’s effective. In fact, email personalization can increase open and click-through rates, boost interaction, and generate revenue. Refresh your approach to personalized emails by taking a look at how some brands do it best. [...]
 beefree.io        Gallery     Customization   
Tutorial: Animated Image Carousel for Email with Sliding Transitions 
This is a follow up to the Animated Image Carousel for Email tutorial. In this article, we will go over how to make the images slide instead of fade when transitioning from one image to another. Like the original animated carousel, this example only works with email clients that support CSS animations as well as absolute positioning such as iOS Mail (iPhone, iPad) and Apple Mail. Other clients will see the fallback content. Here's a chart of CSS support among email clients. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Typography in Modern HTML Emails 
In the last few weeks, we went through the main principles and limitations of HTML Emails. We saw new techniques on layout design, email width limitation and bulletproof buttons. In this article we cover text formatting properties and how we can best use them. This is the 9th article in our tutorial series, where we explore typography-related options and opportunities. We are mainly focusing on the technical aspects of typography now. [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Design   
Why Should You Care About Inbox Clipping? 
Inbox clipping occurs when an email is sent to a Gmail domain and is larger than 102kB, at which point Gmail “clips” the message and requires the recipient to click on a “View entire message” link to see the full code. This size restriction includes anything within the email itself, including text, images, links, tracking codes, responsive elements, and anything else within the HTML. This can happen with other domains in a similar fashion, but we’ll focus on Gmail due to overall consumer adoption [...]
 trendlineinteractive.com        Design   
Email Rendering in the Outlook App 
There are many 3rd party email client apps available on iOS and Android to use. With the release of iOS 10, iOS users can even delete the default iOS Mail app, especially if they prefer using a 3rd party app (here’s looking at you, Gmail). And the support across these apps can vary, even between the same apps across iOS and Android devices. [...]
 courtneyfantinato.com        Design     Mobile   
Background Images in Modern HTML Emails 
This article uncovers the approaches how background images can be set in email HTML. Various email clients support distinct CSS properties and HTML attributes, which makes a big difference in the way your content shows up. In each section of this post, we apply different background-related properties to different HTML element types. We detail background images on div, table and td, and inspect the appropriate technique to use for email body background images. [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Design   
2016 State of Email Report [PDF] 4.5mb
Email marketing can be a finicky beast, with the industry landscape shifting without warning. The past year saw the launch of a new version of Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS 10), acquisitions by Verizon and Microsoft, and the introduction of new privacy regulations around the world—to name just a few of the issues impacting email marketers today. All of these changes can make building a strong email program more challenging. In our 2017 State of Email Report, we analyze the biggest email [...]
 pardot.com        Marketing     Trend   

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Wie wäre es mit einem Absender-Favicon? Ich denke dabei an eine Art Markenlogo, das Werber frei definieren und bereitstellen können, damit Outlook.com & Co.es [...]
 eco „Manifest für seriöses E-Mail-Marketing“: Diese 9 Punkte sind Pflicht
Das Whitelist-Projekt CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) und der eco Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. veröffentlichten ein 9-Punkte-Manifest [PDF], das [...]
 BGH-Urteil: Beim Co-Sponsoring Transparenzgebot beachten
Der Bundesgerichtshof äußerte sich mit Urteil vom 14.03.2017 (Az.: VI ZR 721/15) zu den Anforderungen bei Opt-ins, die im Rahmen von Co-Sponsoring-Maßnahmen [...]
Emojis, Zahlen und Verben: E-Mail-Mythen und die Wahrheit
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