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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #230

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* Adidas apologises for 'you survived Boston Marathon' email 
Adidas has issued an apology after a marketing email to customers who participated in Monday's Boston Marathon was branded 'insensitive' and 'extremely inappropriate'. [...]
 telegraph.co.uk        Subjectline     Marketing     Social   
* 3 Keys to Understanding Email Rendering on Android 
Google’s Android operating system currently holds over 60% of the market share of mobile and tablet devices. That’s a lot! The second most popular mobile operating system is Apple’s iOS, which has 33% of the market. But understand Android is hard, even for the savviest email geek. That’s why many marketers feel uncomfortable troubleshooting email and talking through Android strategies with clients or developers. To help you facilitate those conversations, here are three keys to understanding email [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile   
* Bug: Outlook.com and Office 365 have added a little something for images... 
The way they did this was to place that button around all non-linked images. This, paired with the div around every image, prompted the Lords of CSS to add that space to them all. Good thing email designers are a resourceful lot! Various ways to counteract this effect were bandied about in the rest of the forum, but with a bit of testing we found that this solution on the Litmus Community Forum by Mark Griffioen [...]
 newzapp.com        Design   
* People are freaked out that Unroll.me sold email data to Uber 
Sorry not sorry. That's the tone of the apology posted by Unroll.me, an email decluttering service which takes a look at the subscriptions clogging up your inbox and rolls them neatly into one digest email. It turns out that Unroll.me also takes a peek at your other emails — like email receipts — [...]
 businessinsider.com        Marketing   
KG Berlin zur Zulässigkeit von E-Mail-Werbung gegenüber Bestandskunden 
Im vorliegenden Fall ging es nun um die Frage, wie die Rechtslage ist, wenn ein Kunde hinsichtlich einer von ihm konkret verwendeten E-Mail-Adresse der weiteren Verwendung widerspricht. Trifft den Unternehmer dann die Pflicht, sämtliche E-Mail-Adresse des Betroffenen zu löschen oder ist er lediglich verpflichtet, die in dem Widerspruch genannte Postadresse auf die Blacklist zu setzen? Das KG Berlin ist der Ansicht, dass den Unternehmer eine Sperrpflicht nur hinsichtlich der genannten E-Mail trifft. [...]
 dr-bahr.com    (translate)     Law   
Gmail Features v/s Non-Gmail ID Fallbacks 
Statista has forecasted that by 2019, worldwide smartphone users will reach a massive 2.5 billion. This reaffirms the need for email marketers to focus on building responsive emails.As per statist [...]
 emailmonks.com        Design     Mobile   
Don’t pay your customers for a newsletter subscription 
Email is still the biggest driver for eCommerce and every marketing team wants the access to the inbox of their customers. In times where everyone gets too many emails, your customers need a very good reason for a subscription. You might know the common popup on nearly any shop which offers some kind of discount for a confirmed newsletter sign up. Common discounts are 5-10€ - it depends on how badly you want to grow your subscriber list - or free shipping. If you are likely to adopt this for your [...]
 sebastianschlein.com        Marketing   
Interactive Elements- Client Support & Email Fallback Strategies 
We have seen email marketing evolve over the years, but the pace at which it is accepting and implementing new technology today is remarkable. The new age emails are more fun, more vibrant and most im [...]
 emailmonks.com        Design     Mobile   
10 Frequently Asked Questions About Agile Content 
Q: Does the technology effect subject lines? A: This is a question that we regularly get and the answer is no, we cannot affect a subject line after the email is already deployed. The same goes for anything that’s been hard-coded as live text as well. One important thing to note here is that everything that Movable Ink is powering is done within the image containers in your email. [...]
 movableink.com        Customization     Tool   
GDPR: Seven questions about data subject rights 
While the General Data Protection Regulation will bring many changes, more consistent, comprehensive protection of personal data rights is key to these reforms. Under existing laws, ‘data subjects’ (your customers) have: The right to object to processing for direct marketing, Right to be forgotten (e.g. Google’s online search results), The right to make Subject Access Requests (SARs). [...]
 bluevenn.com        Law   
6 Abandoned Cart Email Tactics 
I think we can all agree cart abandonment is an inevitable pain in the a**, right? According to Shopify, 67.45% people put items in their online shopping cart only to leave it without completing their purchase. That’s a lot of potential revenue lost. But no need to throw in the towel just yet, because even though we can’t eliminate cart abandonment entirely, we can minimize the likelihood of it happening. How? Abandoned cart emails. [...]
 sleeknote.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
Mother's Day email marketing ideas [GFX]
Americans will splurge on Mom in a big way again this year. The National Retail Federation projects a record-setting $23.6 billion on jewelry, flowers, cards, restaurant meals, clothing and “experience” gifts for Mother’s Day which is on May 14. Besides the overall spending jump—up 10.3% from last year’s record of $21.4 billion—shoppers also say [...]
 mailcharts.com        Event     Gallery   
E-Mail-Adressen: So nutzen Sie die vorhandenen Potenziale 
Steigende Kundenakquisitionskosten und Reichweitenverluste auf den Social Media Plattformen führen zunehmend dazu, dass die Gewinnung von qualifizierten E-Mail-Adressen weit oben auf der Online-Marketing Agenda vieler Unternehmen steht. Der Fokus liegt dabei allerdings oft noch immer auf Maßnahmen wie Co-Registrierung und die Durchführung von Gewinnspielen – Maßnahmen, die zwar kurzfristig zu Adressen, langfristig aber zu sinkenden KPIS und nicht selten zu juristischen Problemen führen. Wesentlich [...]
 emailmarketingblog.de    (translate)     Listbuilding   
How to use VML Background Images 
Many marketers like to use background images in their emails – they can give your email a distinctive style, and are a great way to create an email design that closely aligns with your company website. However, for all the potential benefits, background images are often avoided because Outlook does [...]
 clickdimensions.com        Design   
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