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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #234

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* Everything You Need to Know About Gmail Rendering: Webinar Recording [VID]
Gmail is a headache for people who make and send email. Until September 2016, Gmail required the use of inlined CSS and didn’t support responsive email. A major update to the Gmail rendering engine rolled out support for embedded styles and media queries. However, post-update there still remains a lot of rendering fragmentation, causing a lot of confusion in the email community. In this webinar, Product Manager and resident email hacker Kevin Mandeville provides a detailed walk through Gmail [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile   
Font sizes in email templates: px, % or em? 
Q: I'm creating some templates but I wanted to make sure they are mobile first oriented. My question is what is the best practice for font sizes in emails? Is it px, percents or ems? A: This email by Paul Airy breaks down each option: [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Why messages sometimes end up in the Junk folder in Outlook.com even when the sender is on your Safe Senders list 
In Outlook.com, occasionally we get a complaint from a user saying that a message is in their Junk Email folder even though the message’s sender is on their Safe Senders list. After all, if it’s on the Safe Senders list, shouldn’t the message go to the Inbox?While this can happen with any user, it usually [...]
 microsoft.com        Spam     Deliverability   
Emoji Use in Email Subject Lines [PDF] 1.6mb
The emoji of a clinking champagne glass had a 9% read rate on New Year’s, far below the average for all other emojis studied by Return Path during the holiday. Emails with the wrench emoji in the subject line over Father’s Day, however, boosted read rates to 22%. Likewise, the lips emoji drove email engagement around Valentine’s Day and increased read rates to 24% when compared to text-only promotions. [...]
 returnpath.com        Subjectline     Study   
Email Subject Lines: Specific Is the New Short 
For years now the best practice for writing email subject lines has been “keep it short”. This became even more important when more and more people started reading their emails on mobile devices. But – when you look at the data – does this advice really hold true? I have numbers that say something a little different. As an email marketer I’m sure you know that many email clients cut off subject lines in the preview pane at 40 characters or less, and mobile devices can be even more limiting. So all [...]
 getresponse.com        Subjectline     Study   
How the Outlook.com Spam Fighters program works 
In order for Smartscreen to be both predictive and effective, it has to learn on a corpus of good and bad email. While we can always find sources of spam (through honeypots and user feedback reports), it can be difficult to acquire a corpus of good email. That’s where the Spam Fighters program comes in. The Spam Fighters program asks a random sample of users in Outlook.com if they’d like to volunteer to help fighting spam. These invitations are sent periodically, and they are randomly sampled in
 microsoft.com        Intelligence     Spam     Deliverability   
Vom Besucher Zum Leser Wie Sie Seitenbesucher davon überzeugen Ihren Newsletter zu abonnieren  
Damit ein Newsletter funktioniert, benötigt er aktive Leser. Einerseits melden sich regelmäßig Abonnenten ab und andererseits verfolgen wir alle das Ziel den Verteiler zu vergrößern. In unserem Artikel Über Offsite-Kanäle neue Newsletter-Abonnenten gewinnen zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie abseits Ihrer Seite den Newsletter mittels Google Anzeigen oder Flyern vorstellen. In diesem Artikel konzentrieren wir uns darauf, wie Sie Besucher auf der Webseite für den Newsletter begeistern. [...]
 optivo.com    (translate)     Listbuilding   
Attribution: Powering ads and analytics innovations with machine learning  
Today, we're announcing Google Attribution, a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost. [...]
 googleblog.com        Multichannel     Tool   
From https to http and protocol-relative URLs in email 
When you link to an external resource – an image, a javascript file, some css style – from a web page you do so with a URL, usually something like “https://example.com/blahblah.css” or “http://example.com/blahblah.css”. The world is beginning to go all https, all the time, but until recently good practice was to make a web page available via both http and https. [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Marketing   
Machine Learning Predictions for Subscription Businesses  
Machine learning can be a marketer’s proactive assistant in increasing their understanding about their subscribers. Intelligent segmentation combined with strategies can be useful to mitigate churn and increasing life time value of your users. This blog posts covers some aspects of our new product exclusively made for marketers at subscription businesses. So let’s stop guessing, start leveraging machine learning and take Subscription Cortex for a spin! [...]
 retentionscience.com        Intelligence     Segmentation   
How to Build an Interactive Quiz in an Email 
We’ve had great success with our interactive emails using live Twitter feeds and hidden golden tickets to promote Litmus Live over the past couple of years. For Litmus Live 2017 we added a new twist—an interactive quiz inside the email. To “unlock” an entry and win a golden ticket, subscribers had to answer each of the five questions in the quiz correctly. In case you missed it, here’s the email: [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Mailbox Tools: A Threat to Consumer Data Privacy and Security 
The increasingly controversial topic of consumer data privacy and security was in the spotlight recently in a New York Times article that was critical of the business practices used by Slice, the owner of email subscription management application Unroll.me, and Uber. The article revealed that Slice sold consumer data from Unroll.me to the popular ride-share company: [...]
 250ok.com        Intelligence     Tool     Deliverability   
Formel für die perfekte Versandfrequenz 
Höhere Versandfrequenz = mehr Umsatz. Geht diese Formel wirklich auf? Ganz so einfach ist es leider nicht, denn die Häufigkeit von E-Mail Aussendungen ist längst nicht der einzige Faktor, der zählt. Eine weit wichtigere Rolle spielen Individualität, Vielfalt und der gestiftete Kundennutzen. 2/3 senden 2-3 E-Mails im Monat Die Mehrheit der Unternehmen verschickt monatlich zwei bis drei E-Mail Kampagnen (1). Ist da noch Luft nach oben? Diese Frage muss für zwei Perspektiven beantwortet werden - aus [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Frequency   
CSA Summit 2017 Recap 
After giving an overview of how the CSA has developed over recent years (e.g. from 9 certification criteria in 2004 to 9 pages outlining the certification criteria in 2017), Ivanov formally handed over to the new Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, Julia Janßen-Holldiek. In a touching scene, Julia thanked Ivo for his work and leadership over the last years and presented him with a compass to symbolize his new role in the background guiding the overall direction of the CSA. The CSA team, the [...]
 certified-senders.eu        Event     Spam     Deliverability   
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Convios Consulting untersucht seit 2009 regelmäßig für GMX und WEB.DE das Kommunikationsverhalten deutscher Onliner. Für die aktuelle Studie wurden im März [...]
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