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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #235

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Email Insider Summit 2017 Videos & Slides [VID]
Day 1: Customer-First Messaging. It's not about the campaign but the customer. We open EIS at the nexus of new technology and marketing trends by exploring what a customer-first approach means to a range of brands, how companies are building and using identity graphs and how they are combining the latest tools and messaging to enhance engagement. [...]
 mediapost.com        Marketing   
Understanding Spam Trap & Sensor Networks 
The biggest problem confounding senders today is they have too much data and almost no context binding together what limited visibility is available through the dozen or more tools they’ve duct-taped together (1), and they certainly don’t have the time to build custom data integration and analytics tools from scratch. This problem is compounded when dealing with types of data that are vague or low-fidelity by definition, as is sometimes the case when talking about data for monitoring email reputation [...]
 250ok.com        Deliverability   
Single Email or Series? Choosing the Most Effective Automation for Your Business 
On average, an abandoned cart series produces an order for every 43 recipients, as compared to a single abandoned cart email, which yields an order for every 54 recipients. That’s a 24% increase in orders per recipient. Still not convinced? Let’s compare average revenue per automation for the abandoned cart series and the abandoned cart email. [...]
 mailchimp.com        Automation     Marketing     Study   
[Podcast #64] The Future of Thunderbird Email Development [MP3]
(6:14) Microsoft introduces new design system Fluent: The new design system incorporates a redesign of Windows 10 email and provides a glimpse of what email will look like in Windows virtual reality. (10:36) Outlook.com and Office 365 launches Actionable Messages: Approved developers can now insert cards into their emails that provide native functionality in the email client for performing tasks, such as commenting on Trello items. [...]
 litmus.com        Trend   
Keeping your company data safe with new security updates to Gmail 
Our detection models integrate with Google Safe Browsing machine learning technologies for finding and flagging phishy and suspicious URLs. These new models combine a variety of techniques such as reputation and similarity analysis on URLs, allowing us to generate new URL click-time warnings for phishing and malware links. As we find new patterns, our models adapt more quickly than manual systems ever could, and get better with time. [...]
 blog.google        Spam     Deliverability   
Which email clients play video? 
Not all email clients support video playback directly from the message body. In fact, most clients don't. For this reason, it is important to set an image replacement (fallback) linked to the video so users can see this from the browser. Below you can see what each mail client does when you receive an email that has an embedded video: [...]
 acrelianews.com        Video   
Formal Email: How to Press Send With Confidence 
Formal English writing has complete sentences, conjunctions, and transition words; informal writing has fragments and comma splices — rarely does informal messaging contain conjunctions or transition words. Punctuation, paragraph form, greetings, and sign-offs also vary from formal to informal communication. Here’s a graphic showing the complete list of differences: [...]
 yesware.com        Copywriting   
14 Quick-Tips for Writing Subject Lines 
While it may seem like insignificant, the subject line is your email’s first impression; 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on its subject line alone. If you want to [...]
 medium.com        Subjectline   
French government provides spam lists 
It is not always easy to maintain a good, clean bulk emailing list, but legitimate bulk senders do it routinely. Anybody can do it if they learn how and follow best practice. France might be attempting to use such a "list rental" model. Both the examples we encountered were sent from SendinBlue's network. SendinBlue is an established ESP in France. It has the capability to properly manage a list rental service. France and SendinBlue, please take this hint that the list you are providing to your [...]
 spamhaus.org        Spam   
10 Praxis-Tipps für die Optimierung von Anmeldeformularen 
Wenn Sie über Ihre Website neue Anmeldungen – zum Beispiel für Ihren Newsletter – generieren wollen, dann ist das Anmeldeformular die mit Abstand wichtigste Stellschraube. Dabei können Sie mit wenigen Kniffen Ihr Anmeldeformular so optimieren, dass damit signifikant mehr Anmeldungen generiert werden – wenn Sie nur ein paar einfache Tipps beherzigen. [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Listbuilding   
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