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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #238

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* How Outlook uses the CSA IP whitelist 
So, in terms of the CSA reputation list, the way we use it (or at least the way I use it) is in response to escalations: a) I regularly see spam complaints from bulk senders that are on the CSA list, and so I contact the folks at Eco asking them to look into that particular sender. Visibility for reputation list providers is important. b) I also take the CSA reputation list into consideration when a sender has delivery trouble at Outlook.com; if they are on the list, it means they’ve gone through the [...]
 microsoft.com        Deliverability   
* The Return on Email Personalization [PDF]
Revenue contribution from email marketing is up 18 percent year-over-year representing more than 20 percent of overall revenue, and is even higher for some key verticals. Open and click-through rates are also higher YOY. Email personalization is deemed highly effective by a wide majority of marketers. Brands that leverage personalization in their email programs enjoy higher order values, conversion rates, and open and click-through rates. Many marketers struggle to bridge organizational silos and are [...]
 onespot.com        Customization     Study   
* Building Successful Email Workflows: Webinar Rec. [VID]
Based on our 2017 State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 marketers, our second annual State of Email Workflows report takes a detailed look at every stage of email creation—from planning and creation to quality assurance and sending. The report is focused on industry averages, but what do exceptional email workflows look like? [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Study   
Direct Media Response Rate, CPA & ROI Benchmarks in 2017 
The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) – in conjunction with Demand Metric – has released its latest Response Rate Report, an in-depth study of direct marketing. With direct marketers’ use of multiple channels on the rise, the report takes a look at several types, providing performance and cost benchmarks. The results, which are based on a survey that generated 252 complete and 340 partial responses, demonstrate the consistent popularity of email marketing and its continued strength in terms of ROI. [...]
 marketingcharts.com        Study   

Image of the week

The State Of Marketing Automation 2017 
The aim of the following research is to get a clear grasp of the trends that shaped the marketing automation landscape in 2016. The research was conducted using SimilarTech’s sales and business intelligence tool. Every web technology leaves a footprint on a website. It could be in the HTML, web requests or even DNS records. SimilarTech is a big data company that has massively scaled crawlers that extract this data and is able to scan 100 millions web and mobile web pages every day to find changes in [...]
 boldigital.com        ESP     Study   
deliveryindex.org is live! 
Little has changed over the years in how the health of your email performance is measured. Almost all senders still use the Sender Score model to determine the health of their email programs. While simple and intuitive, this “scorecard” method is limited to looking at only a few aspects of your email program, primarily your IP reputation. Delivery Index uses a smarter measurement model, which goes far beyond SenderScore, to consider hundreds of variables when determining your domain’s email reputation[...]
 deliveryindex.org        Tool     Deliverability   
Real-Time Marketing Tactical Guide [PDF] 2mb
Data for personalization: The trade-off. The benefits of getting personalization right. What consumers think about personalization. Triggered Messaging for better engagement. Creating urgency with countdown timers [...]
 bluevenn.com        Customization     Segmentation   
The Best Time To Send Your Newsletters 
We identified specific periods during the year when web users are most receptive to email campaigns – it is mainly during periods when mass mailings are less frequent. For example, we noticed that during the winter season, open rates were higher. The last quarter of the year is overloaded with emails but also with click rates. This is mainly because web users are interested in special offers for Christmas and for the end of the year sales. [...]
 mailify.com        Sendtime   
14 Email Hacks Every Email Programmer Needs To Know 
In Email Marketing, your email has to render well if you want your subscribers to open your email and view your messages. Rendering is a problem in email clients. Every email client and device render [...]
 medium.com        Design   
Datenschutzbehörden und die DSGVO 
Die Europäische Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) wird ab dem 25. Mai 2018 Anwendung finden und stellt das Datenschutzrecht auf eine neue Grundlage. Die bisherigen datenschutzrechtlichen Grundprinzipien bleiben im Kern zwar erhalten, jedoch ist die DSGVO mit ihren 99 Artikeln und 173 Erwägungsgründen im Verhältnis zum BDSG und der DSRL sehr viel umfangreicher, teils schwer überschaubar und zuweilen noch in vielen Punkten strittig. Neben der bisher verfügbaren Literatur äußern sich nun auch immer [...]
 haerting.de    (translate)     Law   
Email subject lines: 5 B.S. “facts” that everyone thinks are true 
Between researching, designing, testing and creating Phrasee’s artificial intelligence subject line generation technology, and tracking the progress of the millions of email subject lines it has generated, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and doesn’t. We understand the ins and outs of what makes a subject line successful. We also know what doesn’t have much impact at all. We’ve read many posts and articles about email subject lines over the years. Many have been well researched and have [...]
 phrasee.co        Subjectline     Study   

Image of the week

FAUX-VIDEO in email 
To begin with, I took an existing video from Vimeo and began stripping it down frame-by-frame, removing a lot of them (about 1-in-4). Or I simply took the frames I wanted and made a new video… I then created sprites based on sections of the video (again trying to keep them small). I then used the video as background image and used CSS (targeting Webkit) to play the animation. Which works pretty nicely. [...]
 medium.com        Video   
It’s 2017 and MailChimp unsecuring links is ‘expected behaviour’ 
Despite all the links in the email being to our https://company.extranetservice.com/ secured corporate extranet, MailChimp rewrote them all to http through their click tracker, linking to the online version of the email newsletter at: http://mailchi.mp/someid/newslettertitle-someid?e=someid and linking every extranet link through to: http://mycompany.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=someid&id=someid&e=someid [...]
 pirate.london        ESP     Clickrate   
Preview Text: Sexy und trotzdem unsichtbar 
Der Preview Text im Posteingang zieht sich aus der E-Mail selber. Es ist der erste Text in der Mail und wird häufig auch als Pre-Header bezeichnet. Neben Betreff und Absender ist er ein wichtiger „Türöffner“: Ein toller Betreff mit darauf abgestimmtem Preview Text macht neugierig und animiert zum Öffnen der E-Mail. [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Subjectline   
8 Ways to Get Executive Buy-In for Larger Email Marketing Budgets, Besides ROI 
As much as companies aspire to be data-driven in their budgeting decisions, the reality is that most business just aren’t there yet. The challenges are many—from systems that don’t talk to each other and a growing number of channels to disagreements about attribution models and internal politics. These challenges affect email marketing budgets, along with everything else. When it comes to email marketing, companies use a range of factors to set budgets, including a strong reliance on gut feelings and [...]
 litmus.com        Marketing   
21 Tipps für mehr und bessere Daten  [PDF]
Wer wirklich kundenzentriertes Marketing betreiben möchte, braucht mehr Daten vom Nutzer, wie Informationen über Interessen, Markenpräferenzen oder Nutzungskontexte. Wie erhalten Sie neben der E-Mail Adresse weitere wichtige Daten des Nutzers, z.B. seine Telefonnummer oder ein weitreichenderes Opt-In zur personenbezogenen Messung von Reaktionen? Wie stellen Sie sicher, dass der Nutzer auch seine richtigen Daten angibt? Wie trennen Sie echte Nutzer von Spambots? [...]
 artegic.com    (translate)     Listbuilding     Gallery   
Email Design: 9 Apps and Plugins to Streamline Your Design Process 
When it comes to email design, time is extremely important – especially as you ramp up for the holidays. We want to create gorgeous, user-friendly designs, but we don’t want to take forever doing it. That’s where apps and plugins come in handy! Here at Listrak, our creative services team spends each day crafting beautiful emails for our clients with the aid of our favorite apps and plugins. Not only do they help us design awesome emails, but they also save us time! Our team is constantly sharing new [...]
 listrak.com        Design     Tool   
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