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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #240

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* The Newest Email Design Trends of 2017 
My wife, parents, in-laws, and friends ask me why I spend so much time analyzing spam which just gets deleted by everyone else. Instead, they argue, I could easily binge-watch some remake of a 90's classic on Netflix. You know what they say, though?: #EmailGeeks4Ever. (Okay, no one says that anymore.) [...]
 reallygoodemails.com        Gallery     Design   
GDPR: 10 examples of best practice UX for obtaining marketing consent [GFX]
With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May 2018, there are already lots of resources out there to help guide you towards compliance. However, there are fewer articles that point to companies who are already exhibiting best practice. So, I'm going to attempt to round up examples that already seem to comply with aspects of the GDPR. [...]
 econsultancy.com        Listbuilding     Gallery     Law   
EU GDPR Report [PDF] 3.6mb
While an overwhelming majority of surveyed organizations (approaching 90%) are familiar with the EU GDPR regulations, only about a third (32%) state that they are compliant or well on the way to compliance. Approximately 30% of surveyed companies report that they will need to make substantial changes to security practices and technology to be in compliance with EU GDPR policies. The primary challenges in becoming compliant with EU GDPR policies are lack of budget (32%), limited understanding of the [...]
 crowdresearchpartners.com        Law   
5 Applications For AI In Email Marketing 
I’ve been involved in what is now called machine learning since the late 1980s. Compared to the state of the art then, the capabilities of today’s machine learning platform and techniques are breathtaking. A combination of new approaches and cheaper computing power makes what was once considered science fiction into fact (can you say “Hello, [...]
 returnpath.com        Intelligence     Trend   
Give your incentives a reality check 
Everyone wants a reason to purchase or interact with your brand online, so give them a little incentive... Whether you choose to send specific and triggered messages within your email activity, or use them in your regular communications, incentives are a powerful tool to convince people to open your emails, click through from them, and ultimately make a purchase. [...]
 alchemyworx.com        Marketing   
Fake background in email 
My first idea was to use a background image for the stripes. But background image support in emails is not that great. Outlook.com only supports the HTML background attribute, which means the image will be repeated horizontally and vertically. The Gmail Android app with a Non Gmail Account (aka GANGA) doesn’t support the CSS background property at all. And in France, webmails of La Poste and Free don’t support background images either. [...]
 hteumeuleu.com        Design   
The Email Client Experience [PDF] 0.6mb
In this report, we look at how subscribers interact with email, analyzing: Which clients subscribers are using to read email. How much email is opened each day of the week on each client. How long subscribers spend viewing email on each client. And more! [...]
 returnpath.com        Study     Trend     Sendtime     Mobile   
CSS Targeting for AOL Mail 
Among webmail clients, I would say AOL Mail is the most friendly when it comes to processing CSS. Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail allows a lot more CSS styles and it allows developers to be more adventurous with their designs in AOL Mail. This is especially true for advanced CSS like animation and absolute positioning. However AOL Mail has its own quirks so its important to be able to target AOL Mail in our CSS styles so we can address this client. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
The Yourzine Email Doctor: Gmail viewport issue 
Got a problem with your email? The front-end developers at Yourzine are here to help! In each issue of our Email Doctor blog, we’ll explore a common issue which developers are finding when developing emails, diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe a fix for it! [...]
 medium.com        Design   
Email reputation — how meaningful is sender score? 
I’m writing this article because recently I terminated a contract with a large, well known and trusted business because they benchmarked their performance on a metric I don’t think they understood?—?while disregarding more valuable, pertinent metrics aka— harder facts. I wanted to remind businesses how flawed and foolish that can be. [...]
 medium.com        Deliverability   
Why no one has 're-inveted' email yet 
You may remember the great tech crisis of 2014: Email was broken! We were getting so overwhelmed by the deluge of messages flooding our inboxes that we were missing more of the important ones. Our inboxes had evolved from helpful, at-times-cheery ("You've got mail!") tools into overstuffed lockers of digital dread. I'm not talking about about spam, either. That problem was more or less solved in the late 2000s with better filtering. But as email evolved to become the primary method of "asynchronous [...]
 mashable.com        Marketing     Trend   
Email Client Market Share Trends for 2017 (So Far) 
The rise of webmail. In 2016, mobile steadily dominated email client market share, beginning and ending the year at 54%. While mobile still claims the majority of email opens, opens in web-based email programs has been on the rise—growing 4 percentage points in the past year to a total of 31% of all opens. [...]
 litmus.com        Study     Trend   
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