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* Recap: Litmus Live London 2017  
Some really great talks, generating interesting conversation points and ideas came from this?—?which is one of the best things about the Litmus Conferences in general. I was 100% on the Design & Dev track (as always) so here’s my 2 cents (pence): Accessibility?—?this was the overarching theme, which is positive, progressive and inclusive. Over the years it has been many things such as: mobile optimisation, task-runners, interactivity etc and this year was quite focussed on accessibility. [...]
 medium.com        Design     Event   
* [Podcast #74] Litmus Community Rapid Fire Q&A [MP3]
Getting images in Outlook to respect their container’s size? Swapping an animated GIF with an alternate static image for all Outlook users on PC? Can you wrap anchor tags around entire tables? Media query support on Android – Gmail App – Exchange account? Are media queries supported on Android 6? [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
SVG & co. - the future of images in email (Slidedeck) [PDF]
GIF est. 1987 Use for: at colours, animations, etc. JPG est. 1992 Use for: gradient colours, photos, etc. PNG est. 1995 Use for: transparent images, etc. IMAGE FORMATS The Future. SVG Scalable Vector Graphic est. 1999 [...]
 slideshare.net        Design     Event   
The Great Mess of Alternative Text 
This week, I once again had the pleasure to speak at Litmus Live in London. I gave a short talk about an Email Camera. But I also gave a longer talk called “The Great Mess of Alternative Text”. It’s a mix of some of my previous articles like How webmails block images, but with a lot of new content and research. While I’m still working on a full text transcript, here are my slides and list of ressources and links mentioned during my talk or used to prepare my talk. [...]
 hteumeuleu.com        Design     Event   
Female, Male, or Neutral? Filtering Based on Gender 
Our gender-match filter requires that we first tag users, with our best guess at their gender preference, and items, with our best guess at their gender-specificity.
 retentionscience.com        Intelligence     Segmentation   
Subject Line Benchmarks [PDF]
Emails with shorter subject lines tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates, according to recent research from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The report was based on data from more than 7 billion emails sent in the second quarter of 2017 by Yes Lifecycle Marketing clients in a wide range of verticals. Messages with subject lines between 1 and 20 characters in length have the highest average open rate (18.5%), unique click rate (2.4%), and click-to-open rate (12.9%), the analysis found. [...]
 yeslifecyclemarketing.com        Subjectline     Study   
10 Email Subject Lines That Drive Sales 
The best way to ensure your email is opened and your content is seen is with a superb subject line?—?that’s what gets emails read. When crafting one, consider that they can be creative, simple, snappy, direct, informative or any combination thereof. Effective subject lines come in many forms and variations, but let’s take a look at 10 that have been proven to work for sales reps. 1. Email subject lines should use referrals to connect. Referrals are a powerful tool in the sales arsenal. They allow [...]
 medium.com        B2B     Subjectline   
We swore an oath to use plain-text emails 
At the beginning of 2016, we decided to go with plain-text emails over HTML. We believed that it reflects our product, Newton Mail — the cleanest, most zen email service in the market. During the…
 newtonhq.com        Design   
Interview mit Nico Zorn: Warum E-Mail-Marketing immer noch die Online-Marketing-Geheimwaffe ist 
Was sagst du Leuten, die behaupten, dass E-Mail-Marketing doch sowieso nicht funktioniert? Ich sage ihnen, dass für einen großen Teil unserer Kunden, insbesondere aus dem E-Commerce-Bereich, E-Mail-Marketing das mit Abstand wichtigste Instrument für die Ansprache der bestehenden Kunden ist. Im Gegensatz zu einigen Marketing-Trends und „Social Gimmicks“ bringt ihnen der Kanal plan- und messbaren Umsatz. [...]
 121watt.de    (translate)     Marketing   
Good for our KPI’s, bad for our users — we’re killing our newsletter 
Obviously we felt the same way, so it was really a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.’ We knew that it’d add more tasks to our already too-frickin’-overloaded Zesty schedule and — like most of the things [...]
 zest.is        Marketing   
Email Camera - take a picture in an email 
This was presented on Tuesday 29 August at Litmus Live London as part of the #EmailHacks session hosted by Kevin Mandeville. You can find my slides here and view the email camera demo here. Here’s a transcript of my lightning talk. I really like video games. I am a big fan of Nintendo and especially of the Game Boy. I love the Game Boy. It was my first console when I was a child. And now I love to collect them. [...]
 hteumeuleu.com        Design     Event   
Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Email Inspiration [VID]
You’ll also see our full list of email conversion stats from Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Week 2016, and email examples from five brands that sent wining Black Friday campaigns. Watch the full webinar recording below! [...]
 movableink.com        Event   
Are You Sending Price Drop, New Arrivals, and Back in Stock Emails to The Wrong Customers? 
If you’re sending out a discount email, you want to find the most efficient way to group users who all have a high affinity to a specific item. Here at ReSci, we call it predictive product segments. What this means is that our proprietary AI models are baked into our lifecycle stages. Predictive product segments are an inherent function of our Price Drop, New Arrivals, and Items Back in Stock. Target excess inventory to interested buyers. Retailers may run into an issue with excess inventory due to [...]
 retentionscience.com        Intelligence     Segmentation   
Stop BCCing Yourself Marketing Emails 
I have heard of companies using the BCC, occasionally, for record keeping in the financial services and statement fulfillment world. I recently had a conversation with a financial services employee about the BCC—he was focused on one specific use case: storing copies of emails sent to recipients from a bank. This got me thinking about different methods of achieving the requisite communication storage of a BCC yourself while doing it in a more efficient (and slightly less archaic manner). [...]
 sendgrid.com        Marketing   
2017 US Email Stats (According to Adobe) 
Make it personal: 34 percent of consumers said they get frustrated when brands recommend items that don’t match their interests. Know your customers in order to communicate with them. Inform: 40 percent of consumers told us that they wish email content was less promotional and more informative. They’re savvy about when someone’s selling too hard. Focus your messages on the information consumers want. 19% are not happy that they have to scroll too much. Scale it: 21 percent of consumers who check [...]
 reallygoodemails.com        Study   
Email Use 2017 – EMEA report [PDF] 1.2mb
Desktops/laptops are the most commonly used device for checking emails, although smartphones are preferred by those 18 to 34. Smartphones are the primary device for checking personal emails. 80% of work emails and 65% of personal emails are opened. Of those, 80% of work emails and 64% of personal emails are read. [...]
 adobe.com        Study     Mobile     Frequency     Unsubscribe   
Deep Linked Email-App Links  
Email marketing typically has the biggest ROI of any marketing channel. Today, 69% of emails are opened on mobile rather than on desktop, and year over [...]
 branch.io        Mobile     Tool   
Adding Email Automation to Your Recruiting Process 
The lines between business functions are becoming increasingly blurred, and more is expected of employees each day. Recruiting is not immune to this recent change. In fact, recruiting is currently in… [...]
 loxo.co        Automation   
E-Mail für Dich: Studie im DACH-Raum zur privaten Kommunikation im Internet 
Die E-Mail ist unverzichtbar: 28,6 % können auf keinen Fall auf die E-Mail verzichten. Den zweiten Platz belegt der Instant Messenger, auf den 20,8 % nicht verzichten wollen. Die E-Mail ist Basis für viele Dinge des täglichen Lebens: 82,1 % nutzen bspw. ihre E-Mail-Adresse für Online-Shops. Die E-Mail ist ein Multiplikator: 44,3 % teilen E-Mails mit Dritten, bspw. mit Freunden/Bekannten oder Familienmitgliedern. User haben unterschiedliche Erwartungen an einen E-Mail-Anbieter: Diese lassen sich gemäß [...]
 united-internet-media.de    (translate)     Study   
Newsletterversand ab 2018: E-Mail-Marketing nach DSGVO 
Nachweispflicht: Double-Opt-In und elektronische Protokollierung. Art. 7 DSGVO normiert darüber hinaus weitere formelle und materielle Anforderungen an eine wirksame Einwilligung. Nach Art. 7 Abs. 1 DSGVO muss der Webseitenbetreiber nachweisen, dass der Webseitenuser in die Verarbeitung seiner personenbezogenen Daten eingewilligt hat (vgl. auch Erwägungsgrund 42 zur DSGVO). Wie der Nachweis der Einwilligung konkret zu erbringen ist, lässt die Vorschrift offen. Da die DSGVO das Datenschutzniveau in [...]
 projekt29.de    (translate)     Law   
E-Mail-Marketing 2018: Was ändert sich durch die DSGVO in Bezug auf Newsletter? 
Auch in Zeiten enormer Popularität von Facebook, Twitter und Co gehören Newsletter zu den erfolgreichsten Marketing-Tools im E-Commerce. Daran wird sich auch im Jahr [...]
 it-recht-kanzlei.de    (translate)     Law   
BGH: Anforderungen an eine rechtssichere Einwilligung 
Der BGH hat erstmals explizit gesagt, wie eine Einwilligung auszusehen hat. Angaben zu Produkten und Medien sind oft zu vage und damit unwirksam. [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Law   
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Viele Newsletter-Marketer reizen die Möglichkeiten des E-Mail-Marketing-Kanals oft nicht aus. In diesem Artikel stelle ich Ihnen Erfolgsfaktoren wie [...]
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