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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #245

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last two weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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* Email Marketing Benchmarks 
You're busy doing your best to improve your online campaign results. You run A/B tests, segment your lists, and try different approaches to connect with your audience. While you're checking your analytics, you may be wondering – How do I stack up against others in my industry? What are the best practices I should follow to be more successful? We've come to help. We've analyzed almost 2 billion emails sent by our customers from March to May 2017, in 126 countries across 19 industries. [...]
 getresponse.com        Frequency     Clickrate     Openingrate     Study     Sendtime   
How these 11 brands are nailing cart abandonment emails [GFX]
Cart abandonments lets many brands with a lost opportunity of engaging potential customers. Here are the best examples of successful cart abandonment emails. [...]
 clickz.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
Separate your promotional and transactional email sending 
What does “separate” mean? It means making sure your bulk emails comes from one source and your transactional from another, separating IP addresses, domains and possibly email addresses as well. These days reputation is increasingly shifting to domains because IPs are increasingly disposable. It’s much easier for spammers to cycle through new IP addresses than it is to cycle through domains. It also means that with more of your reputation tied to your domain, you can take it with you if you need to [...]
 postmarkapp.com        Deliverability   
Consistent Media Query Support Returning to Outlook Apps  
nconsistent media query support in Outlook’s mobile apps has been causing email designers and developers quite some headaches. Today, things are changing: We are super excited to announce that media queries in the Outlook iOS and Android apps for all account types are now supported. [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile   
Sometimes less is more 
We just bought some new desks, to replace the old ones that date back to the days of CRT monitors. The supplier we bought them from, Autonomous, did a nice set of triggered sends throughout the sales process – “we’ve received your order”, “we’ve shipped your order”, “your order has been delivered”. That’s not rocket [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Automation     Design   
Interview: Optimizing Email Marketing Techniques by Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee 
Ahead of the upcoming Martech Festival, we sat down with Parry Malm for an exclusive on his session at the event. Parry talks about the optimization of (email) open models, AI and its relevance to [...]
 medium.com        Subjectline     Intelligence   
Delivered, Bounced, Blocked, and Deferred Emails Explained 
Delivered. A common misconception that I often run into is that a delivered message is a message that made it to the inbox. When a message is registered as delivered, that simply means the receiving server has accepted the message from SendGrid. At that point, the receiving server still has to decide what to do with that message. Most often, the two options facing that server are to deliver the message to the intended inbox or to send it to the spam or junk folder. Less frequently, a receiving server [...]
 sendgrid.com        Deliverability   
Warmup advice for Gmail 
Start small. Gmail recommends starting out with 10 – 20 emails at a time. They mean it. You can send this low number of emails every few hours, so you’re not stuck at 10 emails per day. Do not try to send even 100 emails on your first send for a new IP / domain combination. That mail will end up in the bulk folder. Send to hyper engaged users. Simple engagement isn’t enough. You need to mail those people who are going to miss your mail and track it down if it’s in the bulk folder. Sign up for [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Deliverability   
Addresses, phone numbers, and contacts now converted to links in Gmail and Inbox to save users time  
Gmail users often exchange information like addresses and phone numbers with each other to set up meetings, introduce colleagues, and plan events. Precious time can be lost by having to copy and paste this information from an email into other apps and websites, so we wanted to provide a better way to perform these tasks that also saves time. That’s why starting today, Gmail and Inbox by Gmail on Android, iOS, and the web will begin converting text to interactive hyperlinks whenever they detect phone [...]
 googleblog.com        Design   
Humana Offers Insight into the Role of Language in Driving Customer Engagement 
Humana ran an email campaign with the objective of increasing one-click prescription refill engagement. The high rate at which prescriptions go unfilled, even among those with full coverage, is a public health concern with potentially injurious outcomes. In order to both empower members to lead their healthiest lives and improve efficiencies, Humana partnered with Persado to craft the subject line, email body copy, and call to action of their one-click prescription refill campaigns. [...]
 persado.com        Subjectline     Intelligence     Test   
GDPR consent examples and innovative methods to opt-in 
Email marketing list growth is getting harder with GDPR consent and new ePrivacy regulation. But all is not lost, research points the way to getting the best of all worlds. Using the right method both GDPR compliance and continued strong email list growth are possible. Article 4(11) of GDPR sets a high bar for consent. [...]
 zettasphere.com        Law   
GDPR Journal: On The GDPR Track, Our Compliance Roadmap 
Take your mind back… It’s the end of May – one year before the new EU data regulation comes into effect. Articles are coming out about how to be prepared, published from so-called experts, law firms, compliance firms and other round of the mill companies trying to attract traffic. So there was truly a lot of information out there. But where to begin? How do I prepare our company – an SME based out in Paris – for the GDPR? [...]
 mailjet.com        Law   
B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide [PDF] 3mb
This report examines the current market for B2B marketing automation platforms and the considerations involved in implementing marketing automation softwar e. It addresses these questions: What factors are driving the adoption of B2B marketing automation platforms? Who are the leading players in B2B marketing automation? What capabilities do B2B marketing automation platforms provide? Does my company need a marketing automation platform? How do I evaluate which platform is best for my business. [...]
 digitalmarketingdepot.com        Automation     B2B     ESP   
Email Marketing benchmarks summary and tips 
6 tips to get the most out of the highest-performing digital marketing channel We see emails every day. But few manage to make an impact and imprint on our. Marketing topic(s):Email communications strategy. Advice by Expert commentator. [...]
 smartinsights.com        Automation     Frequency     Customization     Study     Sendtime   
The Anatomy of An Email Message 
Structure of The Message An email message basically consists of two parts – Header and Body. Let's take a look at both their parts in details to understand the structure. Anatomy of Header. Header is most interesting part of an email. Header includes the information we need in order to track the origin and authenticity of a message. To understand it here's an example of a message header for an email sent from [...]
 artplusmarketing.com        Marketing   
16 Best Email Design Examples [GFX]
The email marketing isn’t dead. The number of practices to follow for better email design are growing in an exponential rate. Email marketing is exactly that source which instantly provides the income and generate leads. The expenses that were spent for email marketing will be paid off greatly. Statistics reveal that by 2020 the number of users who use emails as a communication source will pass the benchmark of 3 billion people worldwide. [...]
 uxplanet.org        Gallery   
What Email Marketers Need to Know About iOS 11 and the New iPhones  
With iOS Mail accounting for about a third of all email opens in the first half of 2017, updates to the iPhone family and changes to the mobile operating system and its email client can make a big impact on the email world. Now, after Apple’s big event on September 12th, we know that it’s not one, but three new iPhones—iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X—that will make their way into consumers’ hands soon, along with the new mobile operating system iOS 11. But what does that mean for email marketers? [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile     Video   
The Size of the Gender Pay Gap in Email Marketing 
Women are a vital part of the email marketing industry. Overall, women make up 47.3% of the email marketing workforce, according to Litmus’ State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 marketers. And at companies with more than 500 employees, exactly half of email marketers are women. Email marketing professionals wear many hats, performing on average 4.4 of the 10 email tasks that we surveyed them about. Women lead the way on three of those tasks. They hold 55.2% of the email marketing jobs that [...]
 litmus.com        Marketing     Study   
Introducing the Filmstrip Interactive Email Technique 
What if I could teach you a method to create an interactive email using the HTML skills you're already familiar with - basic CSS and links. That learning the concept is as simple as visualizing images captured on a strip of film by an analog camera. What if I told you this method works on both the iPhone email client AND the Gmail app on Android as well. Interested? Well let's get started! [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Mobile   
4th Annual State of Marketing Report [PDF] 1.3mb
In our fourth annual “State of Marketing” report, Salesforce Research surveyed 3,500 marketing leaders worldwide. Throughout this report, high-performing marketing leaders are defined as those who are extremely satisfied with the current outcomes realized as a direct result of their company’s marketing investment, as well as their overall marketing performance compared to their competitors. See page 3 for detailed performance information. [...]
 sfdcstatic.com        Marketing     Study     Trend   
[Podcast #76] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]
(13:51) What is the best method for image compression? Use JPEGs for photos and PNGs for more vector type images. Saving JPEGs at 80% or using PNG-8 instead of PNG-24 are quick ways to reduce file size. Image compression services like ImageOptim, Kraken, TinyPNG, or JPEGMini can come in handy for optimizing your images, too. You can also use the srcset attribute to progressively enhance to more retina images for retina environments. Compressive images—scaling an image up to 4x the desired display and [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Mobile     Tool   
9 Inspiring Sign Up Form Ideas to Grow Your Email List [GFX]
Your sign up form is the first step to gaining new email subscribers, and it can make or break a visitor’s decision to receive your emails. So it’s important that the copy and design of your form is effective and converts. But often, it’s challenging to know what to write on your form and how to design it for conversion. To give you direction, we’ve collected some of our favorite sign up forms in this post and explained what makes them work. Take inspiration for your own form from these nine examples [...]
 aweber.com        Listbuilding     Gallery   
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