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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #249

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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* Getting Email Marketing Credit Where Due: Attribution Ideas for Every Business 
A few months back, I wrote about using data to determine the timing, content, and impact of your email marketing campaigns (See: 6 Steps to Putting Data to Work in Email). In the last few months, the element I find myself discussing most with colleagues and clients is the latter: What data can we use to attribute the impact of our hard working email marketing campaigns? When it comes to challenges in attribution, I’ve heard it all: [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Intelligence     Marketing     Multichannel   
* Designing a Better Email Preference Center at Stack Overflow 
Hi. I’m Ted and I’m on the Product Design team at Stack Overflow, a place where developers can get answers to their programming questions, find a job, and build communities around similar interests. Like many other websites, Stack Overflow sends email. Earlier this year, we set out to explore how we could improve our email experience. We’d love to share what we learned in the process. This is the first in a two part series about how we’re overhauling Stack Overflow’s email subscription UX. [...]
 medium.com        Listbuilding     Customization   
Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2017 [PDF] 6.7mb
Despite 38% using abandonment emails for CRO and a further 38% having plans to use them, less than a third (32%) consider them to be highly valuable for improving conversion rates. A/B testing and usability testing increased in perceived value for brands this year. On the other hand, website personalization, which is typically difficult to implement with consistent success, has decreased in value. This could be a result of the challenges companies experience, with negative consumer perceptions of [...]
 redeye.com        Automation     Conversionrate     Study     Test   
Roadrunner FBLs shut down 
The Roadrunner (Time Warner Cable) FBL has been turned off as of today, meaning no more spam complaint data will be sent from Roadrunner’s servers to mail senders. Personally, I would consider this a good opportunity to check your list for rr.com addresses to gauge potential impact, as well as making sure your unsubscribe link is prominent and functioning properly. Since Roadrunner users who lodge spam complaints will now remain on your list, you want to be sure you make it as easy as possible for [...]
 deliverycounts.com        Unsubscribe     Deliverability   
The Root Cause of Poor Email Deliverability: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]
Being blocked and blacklisted should be far less common than they are today, when 34% of marketers have been blocked and nearly 15% have been blacklisted in the past 12 months, according to Litmus’ 2017 State of Email Deliverability report. After examining the subscriber acquisition, permission, inactivity management, and other practices of more than 3,500 marketers, we’ve identified the root causes of poor inbox placement. We’ve also identified the half-measures marketers take to avoid addressing [...]
 litmus.com        Deliverability     Study   
[Podcast #79] Microsoft Giving Up On Windows 10 Mobile [MP3]
In the 79th episode of the #EmailDesignPodcast, we discuss dynamic content via web fonts, Microsoft giving up on Windows 10 Mobile, and more. (0:31) Background images in the Samsung email app: Be sure to only use single quotes (‘image.jpg’) instead of double quotes (“image.jpg”) in your code for background image support in the Samsung app. (2:00) Inbox by Gmail starting to support HTML5 tags: Inbox by Gmail doesn’t support all of HTML5, but it looks like support for basic tags like main, nav, and [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
How to Fix Blue Links in Gmail 
In September 2017 Gmail rolled out an update for G Suite users in which addresses and phone numbers are automatically linked in emails. Clicking on addresses will automatically send the user to Google Maps across webmail and on mobile devices, and tapping a phone number opens the dialer app on mobile devices. This update is a fantastic improvement in terms of usability for the growing number of G Suite users. Users can tap an address in an email on their mobile device and instantly have that address [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Spam Krokodil-Kunden sind nicht rechtsmissbräuchlich - Kammergericht Urteil 5 U 150/16 
Am 05.09.2017 hat das höchste Zivilgericht in Berlin, das Kammergericht, entschieden, dass Abmahnungen und Klagen von Verbrauchern und Unternehmen gegen Spammer durch die Finanzierung des Spam Krokodils nicht rechtsmissbräuchlich werden. Damit hoben die Richter ein knapp ein Jahr altes Urteil des Landgerichts Berlin auf. [...]
 spam-krokodil.de    (translate)     Law     Spam   
4 Mistakes In Managing Email Images 
Still, to achieve optimal performance, having aesthetically beautiful images with good resolution is not enough. There have to be at least two additional steps: A precise brief to the graphic department, so that in creating images for emails they have to take into account the specifications and requirements of the email channel; Post-loading actions on the platform (such as the inclusion of alternative texts, which we will discuss shortly), to minimize the possibility of failure or incorrect image [...]
 mailup.com        Design   
A Guide to Predictive Analytics [PDF] 1.7mb
Of course, if you wish to deliver this to customers at scale, there simply aren’t enough bartenders or clerks for these personal interactions. Instead, we direct our inquiries at search bars or hunt web page categories. By its very nature, online shopping removes the human element we commonly associate with a personal customer experience. But that doesn’t mean it can’t. Through proper data management and relevant technologies, marketers can develop a system of predictive analytics to emulate the [...]
 hubspot.net        Intelligence   
Stunning Cart Abandonment Emails with Dynamic Content [GFX]
We collected the most creative cart abandonment emails right now on the web. With our latest feature release, your cart abandonment automations and your product recommendation emails have gotten an impressive upgrade. [...]
 moosend.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
15 Funny Email Subject Lines Begging to Be Opened 
Want to surprise and delight your prospects? Or maybe you just desperately need them to open your emails? These funny email subject lines can help. “Need a day at the beach?”, “Since we can’t all win the lottery …”, “3 bizarre steps to being better at your job”, “Pairs nicely with spreadsheets”, “Revised policy regarding jean shorts at work” [...]
 hubspot.com        Subjectline   
Send Time: When Should I Send My Email? 
Don’t send at the top of the hour or 15, 30, or 45 minutes past the hour. Why? Most marketers use these times to send their email campaigns because they are easy to set. This practice causes a backup at the ISPs which can cause your emails to be deferred. Some ISPs have told SendGrid directly that the ideal time for marketers to send their campaigns is during non-peak times like 7, 21, or 36 minutes past the hour. Sending at these non-peak times will increase how fast your messages are delivered. [...]
 sendgrid.com        Sendtime   
Without or with the newsletter sign-up overlay? 
Butlin’s, the popular UK-based family resorts site, teamed up with RedEye, a CRO and marketing automation firm, to conduct this enticing email capture test. The goal was to determine if an adding a signup overlay would increase newsletter sign-ups, without disrupting conversions [...]
 behave.org        Listbuilding     Test   
How to Use Drip Campaigns to Nurture Existing Customers 
Many marketers understand the power of implementing automated drip campaigns to turn leads into customers by moving them through the sales cycle. Truly successful marketers know the best bang for your marketing buck comes from using drip campaigns to nurture existing customers. Why? Smart marketers know that it’s easier and more cost effective to sell to existing customers than it is to cultivate new leads. How much easier and more effective? According to the authors of Marketing Metrics, the [...]
 marketo.com        Automation   
Halloween: Wickedly awesome email inspiration [GFX]
What should you be doing next in your email holiday planning? Follow this steps to differentiate your offering from other brands. New Look: Creep it real. I think this is an amazing example. It has an original subject line that instantly grabs my attention whilst also being informative. I’m not sure if this was deliberate, but the look and feel of the ‘Creep it real’ GIF reminds me of the TV program Stranger Things (excellent timing if so, as the 2nd season will be released just 4 days before [...]
 adestra.com        Event     Gallery   
Open Source Email HTML Modification Tools for Email Developers 
Grab these free & open-source HTML code modification tools created by EDMdesigner specifically for email coders. TextVersionJS strips out HTML markup and provide customizable markdown format. Bulletprooflist converts ul, ol and li elements in HTML to legacy email client compatible code. BulletproofLineLenght wraps long lines to separate multiple lines. [...]
 edmdesigner.com        Design     Tool   
The feds are deploying DMARC 
The US National Cybersecurity Assessments & Technical Services Team have issued a mandate on web and email security, including TLS+HSTS for web servers, and STARTTLS+SPF+DKIM+DMARC for email. It’s … pretty decent for a brief, public requirements doc. It’s compatible with a prudent rollout of email authentication. Set up a centralized reporting repository for DMARC failure and aggregate [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Deliverability   
Email Salaries Are Not The Highest [PDF] 1.6mb
Email specialists are not the best paid — or the most wanted—employees, judging by a study by the Creative Group, a Robert Half company. The salaries for email marketing specialists range from $44,000 in the 25th percentile — the area with the least complex jobs — to $84,750 in the 95th percentile, those with the most wide-ranging responsibilities. In contrast, a marketing analytics specialist starts at $49,000 and rises to $104,250 in the highest-earning group. Ecommerce marketing managers range [...]
 roberthalf.com        Marketing     Study   
GDPR Journal: Privacy Matters. Really. 
As our resident legal expert here at Mailjet, I set aside at least a full day each week to take care of our data privacy issues. I had put together a compliance roadmap of items to be handled before the year-end as part of the GDPR readiness plan. The next item on my to do list was to update our Privacy Policy. [...]
 mailjet.com        Law   
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