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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #257

Welcome to the first edition this year. Every beginning has a magic, so does this one. To the many long-term subscribers: I have decided to take on a new challenge, which may not go hand in hand with curating content anymore. Let's see where the journey of this newsletter leads. :) For the moment, enjoy this week's compilation of email marketing tips. I wish you a nice weekend and a healthy 2018.

Greetings from Berlin,
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* 2018 ESP Satisfaction Report [PDF] 3.4mb
40% of firms that send more than 100 million emails a month have been with their current primary ESP for more than five years. In contrast, only 10% of the firms that send 10 to 50 million emails a month say the same thing. High revenue also signals a low propensity for change: Only 6% of companies that pull in $1 billion expect to change their ESP in the next 12 months, compared to 26% of everyone else. Yet 18% of the $1 billion companies are unsatisfied — and none of these expect to make a move. [...]
 messagegears.com        ESP     Study   
* Email Marketing Trends 2018 [PDF] 6.8mb
ONE. Increased Regulations. TWO. Email Rendering. THREE. Device Friendly. FOUR Intelligent Personalization. FIVE Sophisticated Segmentation. SIX Subject Line Effectiveness. SEVEN Writing for Emails. [...]
 netdna-ssl.com        Marketing     Trend   
* 15 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You’ve Ever Seen [GFX]
5 Examples of Effective Email Marketing. 1) charity: water. When people talk about email marketing, lots of them forget to mention transactional emails. These are the automated emails you get in your inbox after taking a certain action on a website. This could be anything from filling out a form, to purchasing a product, to updating you on the progress of your order. Often, these are plain text emails that marketers set and forget. Well, charity: water took an alternate route. Once someone donates to [...]
 medium.com        Gallery   
Lessons Learned from AppSumo’s Email Specialist 
What’s the story of how y’all used email in the beginning till now? Our main goals when we started out were to 1) grow our email list and 2) make sure our emails were fun to read. We did this in a few ways… We created a personality behind the brand. At first, it was known as ‘AppSumo’, a 512 lb (Austin’s Area code!) Sumo wrestler who delivered these giant deals to your inbox. [Sidenote: AppSumo is based in Austin, btw. Which makes sense, since, ya know, they promoted Dropbox before it was Dropbox. An [...]
 reallygoodemails.com        Marketing   
Gilt das verlinkte Firmenlogo in der E-Mail Signatur als Werbung? 
Die bloße Verwendung eines Logos eines Unternehmens ist gerade nicht unmittelbar darauf gerichtet, die Förderung des Absatzes seiner Produkte oder Dienstleistungen zu erreichen. Hier enthält das Logo auch keinerlei Hinweise auf konkret angebotene Waren oder Dienstleistungen, die den E-Mailempfänger zu einer Inanspruchnahme des Absenders veranlassen sollten. Nichts anderes ergibt sich daraus, dass sich hinter dem Logo — unsichtbar — eine Verlinkung auf die Webseite der Verfügungsbeklagten befand. Jede [...]
 datenschutz-notizen.de    (translate)     Law   
Was kostet unerlaubte E-Mail-Werbung? 
Das Verschicken von E-Mail-Werbung ohne Einwilligung ist verboten. Verstößt man gegen das Verbot, kann der Empfänger den Absender abmahnen. Die Gerichte gegen dann von unterschiedlichen Streitwerten aus. Richtig teuer kann es aber werden, wenn die Aufsichtsbehörden Wind davon bekommen und plötzlich vor Ihrer Tür stehen. In einem Fall hatte das OLG München (Beschl. v. 22.12.2016, [...]
 shopbetreiber-blog.de    (translate)     Law   
Design of the times: email trends 2018 
Our inboxes are overloaded with emails on a daily basis?—?the ones we want, and the ones we don’t?—?promos, sales, reminders, articles and everything in between. In 2017, and heading into 2018, it’s all about minimalism and semi-flat design for inbox cut-through and renewed brand love. Design’s getting deep. [...]
 medium.com        Design     Trend   
Emarsys Revolution 2017 Videos [VID]
Get a Glimpse of Revolution 2017. The brightest minds in marketing met in Berlin to discuss the latest strategies and tools they are using to find success. Watch their sessions below and gain invaluable insights that you can't find anywhere else. [...]
 emarsys.com        Automation     Event     Intelligence     Marketing   
How to Optimize Your Algorithms & Automation for Personalized Marketing 
Having data is great, but what the machines really need is quality data. When you’re working in an automation center, you’re able to create campaigns without thinking about all of the heavy lifting and data processing that is happening in the background to make it successful. For example, our automation center offers a visual representation of how the dots of a customer journey are connected — bridging data points: events, subscribers, consumer actions, and your marketing activities. [...]
 emarsys.com        Customization     Intelligence     Sendtime   
Advancements on the Faux-Video Method. 
At CACI Email Studio, we created this email to promote the release of the Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams series on Channel 4 and All4. We used the basis of the original experiment I created for Faux-Video that I covered in a previous blog post. So in this post I’ll cover what are the main differences were in the build. No big write-up… just a quick explanation. [...]
 medium.com        Design   
Spam Resource: 3 Challenges in 2018? 
1. Continuing platform consolidation. Microsoft started merging their Outlook.com (Hotmail) and Office 365 Outlook email platforms in 2017. From the outside, things didn't always seem to go so smoothly, and indeed, are perhaps not today all that smooth in some cases. Some senders were seeing unexpected blocking with confusing (or no) error messages, for example, and the receiving systems appeared as though they were perhaps overwhelmed. That's potentially still ongoing for some folks today. [...]
 spamresource.com        Spam     Deliverability   
Tech Talk: How to design creative, interactive emails 
Let’s use an interactive tabs component we recently built as a reference here, although note that this approach can also be taken for other interactive components: “Input” elements Now, there’s going to be a fair bit of code coming up. Don’t panic; we’ll talk you through it… As designers, we can add interactivity by adding hidden “input” HTML tags to the code. In this case we have four inputs (that’s one for each tab) which are hidden by CSS, like this: [...]
 adestra.com        Design   
Why Microsoft Email Spam Reports are Increasing 
Microsoft has made some significant changes to their email service and infrastructure this year. A lot of these changes involve improving and modernizing their backend systems. These changes should be more or less seamless for senders. However, they have also made some changes that will impact senders and end-users alike. [...]
 sendgrid.com        Deliverability   
Top Email Design Trends for 2018 
This year you can expect to see more interactive and personalized emails in your inbox. Those two email design trends stood head and shoulders above all others, according to a Litmus poll of nearly 600 marketers. The next tier of email design trends included creating smaller, more bite-sized email content and using storytelling more effectively, whether within a single email or across a series of emails. The six other email design trends that we asked marketers about received a bit less enthusiasm [...]
 litmus.com        Study     Trend   
How to use Cross-Channel Marketing to Boost Lead Generation at Events 
The date is set. Now all you have to do is get people in the door and over to your booth. To start, write a press release on what the event is, who from your company is speaking, and what topics they will be covering. Then post the press release on your company blog, before promoting it on social media, in industry groups, and with industry insiders. You should also consider sending your press release to outlets that cover your industry. Finally, Include a CTA with a link to a landing page with a [...]
 maropost.com        Automation     Event     Segmentation   
10 Marketing Experts share the future transformations of MarTech 
Digital marketing is constantly evolving in technology, marketing strategies, and tactics. It is a challenge to keep up. To gain insight into the shifts and up-and-coming technologies we asked 10 marketing experts to share their thoughts on the transformation and future innovation in MarTech and marketing. Embrace the power of new behaviour and technology For [...]
 emailvendorselection.com        Automation     ESP     Trend   
Interactive email using SVG and SMIL 
SMIL is SVGs’ internal animation and interaction system. It is potentially very powerful as within the SVG viewport a different set of design rules apply. You can layout not just vector graphics but raster images and live text very freely and then apply interaction and motion. This was an experiment to see if we could create an SMIL-based interactive email, view the demo here. [...]
 stylecampaign.com        Design   

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