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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #266

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last two weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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Adaptive Cards: Conversations become actions in Outlook 
Adaptive Card is a new card design format that is supported across Outlook, Windows in the Timeline View, Teams and within Cortana. Every business process – and any service that sends a notification – can immediately benefit by adding adaptive cards directly into emails, bots, and Team chats. Adaptive Cards are now supported for Actionable Messages within web-based Outlook clients, and will soon be supported in Outlook 2016 for Windows. You can now design your Actionable Message card using the [...]
 office.com        Design   
Is the GDPR about Location or Citizenship? And Should You Care? 
The confusion about citizenship vs. location arises when we talk about non-EU citizens located in the EU or EU citizens located outside the EU, and whether the product or service is being delivered within the EU or beyond its borders. Sorting out all the permutations can get a bit tricky. Below are some examples that demonstrate the less-than-straightforward distinctions between citizenship and location. [...]
 sendwithus.com        Law   
How to Fix Image Padding and Spacing in HTML Emails 
Have you ever noticed the small spacing below images in Outlook.com and Gmail? Every browser renders this spacing except for IE 7 and lower. After lots of hair pulling, we realized that the culprit for this pesky space issue was the DOCTYPE. What we find even more interesting is that the latest DOCTYPE for HTML5 causes the same image spacing issues. Because of this we might see browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera come out with an update in the near future. Until then, there are a few work [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
10 Good GDPR Repermissioning Emails [GFX]
As the 25th May GDPR compliance deadline gets closer, we look at some of the best emails send out to contacts and customers to repermission people and notify them about changes to their privacy policies. [...]
 enchantagency.com        Gallery     Listhygiene     Law   
Take Control of Your Sending Frequency 
With so many messages going out each day, consumers are becoming even more selective about the emails they open. How can you ensure that yours make the cut? [...]
 bronto.com        Frequency   
15 Sites Full of Email Design Inspiration [GFX]
What I have also found with other Email Design Galleries is not just new techniques and features within Email Marketing but also many fantastic email newsletters to subscribe to and interesting new projects that I have found interest in. So below I have listed and linked to 14 Email Design Inspiration websites for you to check out, if I have missed any out that should be on the list, please comment below to share with other readers. [...]
 emaildesigninspiration.com        Gallery   
Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, 4/2018 
Gartner defines the multichannel marketing hub (MMH) as a technology that orchestrates a company's communications with and offers to customer segments across multiple channels. These include websites, mobile, social, direct mail call centers, paid media and email. MMH capabilities also may extend to integrating marketing offers/leads with sales for execution in both B2B and B2C environments. [...]
 gartner.com        ESP     Study   
Is Gmail Sabotaging Your Email Marketing? 
In the new update, Gmail is integrating a side panel that allows users to easily access their Google Calendar, Tasks, and Google Keep content (Keep is an easy way to capture notes and lists.) You can also add other apps, like Asana or Trello. By dragging and dropping an email into Google Tasks, you can easily create a to-do item from an email message. [...]
 aweber.com        Design   
Position der DSK zu Tracking offenbart zweifelhaftes Anwendungsverständnis zur DSGVO 
ie in der Datenschutzkonferenz (DSK) versammelten Aufsichtsbehörden des Bundes und der Länder haben am 26. April eine „Positionsbestimmung zur Anwendbarkeit des TMG für nicht öffentliche Stellen ab dem 25. Mai 2018“ veröffentlicht. Die hierin getroffenen Aussagen zum Einsatz von Tracking-Mechanismen im Internet und zur Erstellung von Nutzerprofilen sind aus der Sicht der Werbewirtschaft unvollständig und an vielen Stellen nicht belastbar. [...]
 zaw.de    (translate)     Law   
Do email marketers and designers still need to inline CSS? 
One of the biggest causes of broken emails is the varying levels of support for CSS across different email clients. That's why inlining CSS has been the status quo for email developers for years. But is inlining your CSS still necessary today? [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Unroll.me to close to EU users saying it can’t comply with GDPR 
Unroll.me is to stop serving users in Europe ahead of a new data protection enforcement regime incoming under GDPR, which applies from May 25. In a section on its website about the regional service shutdown, the company writes that “unfortunately we can no longer support users from the EU as of the 23rd of May”, before asking whether a visitor lives in the EU or not. [...]
 techcrunch.com        Law   
DSGVO: Newsletter-Anmeldung rechtssicher umsetzen 
In wenigen Wochen ist es soweit: Die DSGVO wird europaweit rechtsverbindlich. Ganz wesentlich nimmt die neue Gesetzgebung auch Versender von E-Mail-Newsletter in die Pflicht. Das ist nachvollziehbar, denn E-Mail-Adressen zählen zu personenbezogenen Daten. Faktisch wurde das bisher oft anders gesehen und daher eher fahrlässig mit Adresslisten umgegangen. Ein besonders sensibler Punkt ist die Newsletter-Anmeldung. Hier entscheidet sich, welche Daten ein User unter welcher Prämisse preisgibt. Der [...]
 convertus.io    (translate)     Law   
Profiling: steps for sending relevant, one-to-one emails [GFX]
A complete guide to developing an organic profiling cycle: from the collection of different data clusters (personal data relating to interests and behaviors) to segmentation, up to personalization and automation. In today’s world, simply reaching a recipient’s inbox is not enough. Relevance has become the main factor of a campaign’s success. In email marketing, relevance means delivering messages that meet the interests, habits, needs, and characteristics of the individual user. [...]
 mailup.com        Gallery     Customization     Intelligence   
Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices Illustrated with Examples 
It's frustrating when you watch the customer filling up their online shopping cart and hold your breath until they check out. But sometimes customers just disappear without finishing the purchase process. Leaving you with plenty of questions. What happened? What is cart abandonment? Cart abandonment is an e-commerce term describing the event that happens when a customer visits your website, start placing items into their online shopping baskets but eventually they don't buy anything, they leave [...]
 chamaileon.io        Automation     Conversionrate   
AOL: No More Whitelisting 
As AOL and Yahoo continue their transition into one platform, things were bound to change over time. As a result of this ongoing consolidation, AOL no longer offers whitelisting of sending IP addresses. Though the form still seems to be up at the moment, any submissions seem to get a reply from the AOL Postmaster robot saying, "Whitelisting is no longer offered or needed for mailing to AOL. If you see delivery issues please sign up for a Feed Back Loop at: https://postmaster.aol.com/fbl-request" [...]
 spamresource.com        Deliverability   
Einwilligung für E-Mail-Versandbestätigung durch Paketzusteller notwendig? 
Leider scheidet die Erfüllung des Vertrages nach wie vor aus, da sich nichts geändert hat. Daher wäre an das berechtige Interesse des Händlers zu denken, um einen reibungslosen und schneller Versand für sich und den Kunden sicherstellen zu können. Dies erscheint erst einmal auch logisch und nachvollziehbar, da sowohl Kunde als auch Händler die Bestellung erst durch Ablieferung endgültig beenden können. [...]
 onlinehaendler-news.de    (translate)     Law   
Die Krux mit dem Re-Opt-In für E-Mail-Werbung 
Unternehmen sind in letzter Zeit deshalb vermehrt dazu übergegangen, per Re-Opt-In-Kampagnen die Empfänger per E-Mail aufzufordern, erneut Werbe-Einwilligungen zu erteilen. Ein Anschreiben zur Einholung einer Einwilligung ist jedoch selbst als Werbung zu werten, für die ja gerade keine Grundlage besteht, wenn man davon ausgeht, dass der Empfänger nicht vorher wirksam in den E-Mail-Erhalt eingewilligt hat (was ja der Grund für das Re-Opt-In ist). Hier beißt sich die Katze in den Schwanz. [...]
 datenschutzbeauftragter-info.de    (translate)     Law   
DSK-Aussagen zur DSGVO: Tracking nur noch bei Einwilligung zulässig?! 
Was sind die Konsequenzen dieser DSK-Ansicht für das Tracking? Die Konsequenz aus dieser Auffassung der DSK wäre, dass Tracking-Maßnahmen wie z.B. von Google Analytics, Matomo, Retargeting, etc. nur noch dann angewendet werden könnten, wenn der betroffene Seitenbesucher hierzu eine Einwilligung erteilt. Hierbei dürfte es für den Seitenbetreiber (allen voran Online-Händler) allerdings schwer bis kaum möglich sein, für alle Trackingmaßnahmen eine informierte Einwilligung des betroffenen Seitenbesuchers [...]
 it-recht-kanzlei.de    (translate)     Law   
Alles neu macht der Mai? EU „bessert“ last minute bei der DSGVO nach! 
Im Ecommerce stellt sich nun die Frage: Dürfen neben den erforderlichen Daten überhaupt noch weitere (freiwillige) Daten des Nutzers der Internetdienste erhoben werden, wenn dies „formularmäßig“ geschieht? Am Beispiel einer Email-Newsletter-Anmeldung: Darf ich als Onlinehändler in der Anmeldemaske nun überhaupt noch nach (freiwilligen) Angaben wie Vorname, Nachname, Telefon fragen? Oder arbeite ich dann mit einer bösen, datenschutzunfreundlichen Voreinstellung? Nach bisheriger Rechtslage gilt bei der [...]
 it-recht-kanzlei.de    (translate)     Law   
[Podcast #98] Email Foundations for 2018 and Common Myths [MP3]
In the 98th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez discuss what you need to know for email design foundations in 2018, along with common myths and unnecessary practices that have persisted in the email community. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
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