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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #267

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How to Create an "Add to Calendar" Link for Your Emails 
There are countless different calendar applications available, from ones that are available by default through your computer’s operating system, as part of your webmail, or another calendar application you’ve downloaded. It’s virtually impossible to support all the calendar applications available. To help us understand what calendar tools to focus on, we took a look at our Email Analytics data. The most popular email clients our subscribers use are Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook 2016. Using this data [...]
 litmus.com        Event     Design   
Choosing a Responsive Email Framework: MJML vs. Foundation for Emails 
Implementing responsive email design can be a bit of a drag. Building responsive emails isn’t simple at all, it is like taking a time machine back to 2001 when we were all coding website layouts in tables using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. But there's hope! We have tools available that can make building email much easier and more like coding a modern site. Let’s take a look at a couple of different frameworks that set out to simplify things for us. [...]
 css-tricks.com        Design     Mobile     Tool   
The New Email Nurturing Strategy That Improved Our Engagement By Over 1,000% 
There’s been a ton of research about lead nurturing and its ability to affect a funnel. We know that, on average, we see more qualified leads, shorter sales cycles, and larger purchase amounts made by nurtured leads when compared with non-nurtured leads. Who doesn’t want that? And using automation, a single marketer can scale and own a global nurturing strategy. [...]
 hubspot.com        B2B   
Predictive Marketing: What’s the Hype & How Can Your Business Leverage It to Grow Your Email-Marketing ROI? [VID]
Learn more about how one of the top email-marketing trends in 2018, predictive marketing, will pave to way for marketers to do their job better and more efficiently. Listen as industry leaders from FulcrumTech, SmarterHQ, Loyalty Builders, and Fresh Relevance walk you through what you need to know about predictive marketing—and the secrets to effectively implementing it into your marketing programs. [...]
 youtu.be        Intelligence   
Email Marketing Design Trends For 2018 [GFX]
Email marketing is changing, and with support for interactive elements, the new email looks much more appealing. According to Litmus’s research, 85% of all email respondents have not experimented with interactive email yet. Here are some trending elements of interactive emails: [...]
 juvlon.com        Gallery     Design   
Hitting the Mark email benchmark report 2018 [PDF] 49.3mb
Some of our findings echo last year’s report. There are still several brands out there failing to adopt simple automation programs, most notably a welcome program. Similarly, 56 of the 100 brands still aren’t utilizing cart recovery emails – crazy when you think about the massive opportunity for ROI presented by triggered campaigns. These are quick and easy wins that many companies continue to miss. However, our wider scope offers marketers some new insights too. We’ve found that B2C businesses are [...]
 dotmailer.com        Study   
Measuring Gmail clipping limit 
When HTML emails are too large, Gmail clips them with a [Message clipped] notice and a View entire message link. It's been widely shared that this clipping occurs after 102Kb (example: Gmail is clippin my email on Mailchimp). But no one seems to know where this number comes from. And different people have experience different results around the 100Kb mark. So what is going on exactly? Can we figure out Gmail's clipping algorithm? [...]
 github.com        Design   
OLG München: E-Mail-Werbung gegenüber Bestandskunden einer Partnerbörse 
E-Mail-Werbung für Dating-Plattform – das Oberlandesgericht (OLG) München entschied mit Urteil vom 15.02.2018, Az. 29 U 2799/17: Bereits in der kostenlos gewährten Mitgliedschaft in einer Online-Dating-Börse liegt eine Dienstleistung des Plattformbetreibers. Der Plattformbetreiber kann deshalb unter den Voraussetzungen des § 7 Abs. 3 UWG mittels E-Mail gegenüber kostenfreien Bestandsmitgliedern für eine kostenpflichtige Mitgliedschaft werben. [...]
 loebisch.com    (translate)     Law   
New GDPR Tools Available From MailChimp: Updated Forms, Improved Subscriber Management, and More 
Here’s how we’re helping you manage your contacts and their information. Record consent: Our new GDPR-friendly forms will take a snapshot of the form version when each person signs up—along with the information they provided on the form, the date, the time, and the IP address used to submit it—so you’ll always know exactly what the contact saw and what data they provided. This will be available in the contact profile, and you’ll be able to export, share, and prove consent in a few simple steps. Modif [...]
 mailchimp.com        Law   
E-Mail-Marketing DSGVO-konform 
Neue Features. Tracking-Veto. Der EMM erfasst E-Mail-Öffnungen und Link-Klicks der Empfänger standardmäßig personenbezogen. Die DSGVO fordert allerdings, dass Betroffene dem personenbezogenen Tracking widersprechen können. Daher müssen Sie dem Empfänger die Wahl lassen, ob seine Daten erfasst werden sollen oder nicht. Im EMM wurde hierfür das Systemprofilfeld „Tracking-Widerspruch“ eingeführt. Dieses ermöglicht die Erfassung von statistischen, aber nicht von personenbezogenen Daten. Damit der [...]
 agnitas.de    (translate)     ESP     Law   
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