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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #268

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last two weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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GDPR Buffoonery: Email Addresses Widely Leaked In Privacy Notices 
Nutrition biz Vitl. The provider of diet and lifestyle plans sent “an email to multiple users rather than BCCing them,” Register adds. “Oh dear @VITLhealth cares about our privacy, yet doesn't seem to mind giving everyone's email address out to complete strangers- awkward,” one customer tweets, according to the Register. In its apology, the firm states that the mishap affected only a “small number” of users -- a claim that has further infuriated customers, one of whom calls it a “cop-out.” But [...]
 mediapost.com        Law   
Tag zwei nach DSGVO: Eine Kuriositätensammlung 
Am 25.05.2018 war es endlich soweit: Nach Jahren der Debatten, unzähligen Diskussionsrunden, Expertenanhörungen und harter, unerbitterlicher Überzeugungsarbeit jeder auch nur erdenklichen Lobby-Gruppe ist das größte Gesetzesprojekt der Europäischen Union – die Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) – am vergangenen Donnerstag in Kraft getreten. Vorausgegangen waren Monate und Wochen der Rechtsunsicherheit für Großkonzerne wie Einzelunternehmen, Gemeinden wie Bundesbehörden, Sportvereine wie [...]
 halle.law    (translate)     Law   
EmailOctopus - London Email Meetup [VID]
Every few months we bring the email community of London together to share insights, ideas and the latest news in our industry. We've featured talks from some of the most experienced people in the world of email marketing. [...]
 emailoctopus.com        Marketing   
A/B Testing Email Subject Lines: 4 Tests You Can Run (and Templates You Can Steal) 
Have you ever had an email with an open rate of 104 percent? Wait, is that even possible? How can you have an open rate higher than 100? I have yet to achieve the mythical, 100+ percent open rate (my best is a unique open rate of 82%), but it is possible to do. If you’re tracking total opens instead of unique opens, if a ton of people open your email multiple times and forward it to their friends…you can record an open rate above 100%. [...]
 activecampaign.com        Subjectline   
A Snapshot of an Email Team 
Email marketing is a team sport. And like a sports team, it’s not just the people who are on the field that count. An email team generally consists of three groups: Internal team members, which consist of the full- and part-time employees on a brand’s email marketing team. External email team members, which consist of freelancers and consultants, plus agencies and the services arms of email service providers. Business stakeholders, which consist of all of the people involved in strategic goal-setting [...]
 litmus.com        Marketing     Study   
DSGVO: Waren die ganzen Einwilligungs-E-Mails überhaupt notwendig? 
Seit gestern gilt sie: Die DSGVO. Viele haben von der neuen Verordnung erst erfahren, weil ihr Postfach seit einigen Tagen von E-Mails überflutet wird, in denen Organisationen und Unternehmen darum bitten, die datenschutzrechtliche Einwilligung zum [...]
 telemedicus.info    (translate)     Law   
Inspiring Activation Email Template Examples Worth Experimenting [GFX]
Signing up for services isn’t what it used to be. The internet economy has resulted in more and more new online services popping up daily. Users are constantly signing up for new tools, services, newsletters, content and other services online. What this means for you as a business owner is, even if the user has signed up for what you offer, it isn’t necessary that they’ll start using it now (or ever). This is where activation funnels and activation emails come in. [...]
 chamaileon.io        Gallery   
Top Email Marketing Software in 2018 
mail marketing is designed to help a company maintain communications with customers. This builds loyalty, increases brand recognition, and drives sales. The challenge with email marketing is to strike a balance between efficiency and personalization so that you can: Maximize a one-to-one sense of connection with individual customers. Reach out to hundreds or thousands of customers at once, at minimum cost. [...]
 trustradius.com        ESP     Study   
What is the email marketing industry worth? 
How much revenue does the email marketing industry generate across all industries in a given year? It seems like a relatively simple question to answer, and surely something that everyone in the email marketing business has wondered in passing, at least once or twice… Yet, there seems to be no definitive answer to be found [...]
 phrasee.co        Marketing   
A 3 Step Abandoned Cart Series to Improve Cart Recovery 
77% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That’s more than three-quarters. It’s 6 slices of an 8-slice pizza. When a website visitor puts an item into their cart, they announce their interest. They tell you that they’re just a single step away from buying—but there are a lot of things that can go wrong before that single step. [...]
 activecampaign.com        Automation     Conversionrate   
Umfrage: Nur jeder zweite E-Mail-Marketing-Manager ist zufrieden mit seinem E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]
Laut einer Umfrage des Bundesverbands Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. ist nur jeder zweite E-Mail-Marketing-Manager (49 Prozent) zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen seiner Arbeit. Die Umfrage, die ausschließlich unter E-Mail-Marketing-Experten durchgeführt wurde, ergab zudem, dass E-Mail-Marketing bei den Unternehmen im Durchschnitt 17 Prozent des Marketing-Budgets ausmacht. Die Untersuchung hält auch Ergebnisse zu den wichtigsten KPI und den größten Herausforderungen bereit. Demnach ist Automatisierung [...]
 bvdw.org    (translate)     Study   
Gmail, you can be better. You should be better! 
At the beginning of March, I started thinking about what UX/UI (user experience/user interface) changes the Gmail product team can do in order to improve Gmail, making it more efficient and designed better. What would I do if I got the mission to “Take Gmail and make it better!” ? I chose some of the key features that could be better for the users and started thinking of ways to improve them. [...]
 uxplanet.org        Marketing   
WTF Just Happened To Your Inbox? (Looking at you, GDPR) [GFX]
Mine looked the same, and I bet yours did too. Yesterday (May 24th) at Mailjet, we processed and sent over 100 million emails in one day for our clients. That’s the most emails we have EVER sent in [...]
 medium.com        Gallery     Law   
Update der Deliverability Policy von 1&1 
Anfang Mai hat die 1&1 Internet SE und die 1&1 Telecommunication SE eine deutliche Verschärfung der IP Rate Limits bei WEB.DE, GMX sowie mail.com angekündigt. In Zukunft wird es wesentlich schwieriger sein, über bislang ungenutzte IPs an Adressen der 1&1 zuzustellen, denn für IPs mit unbekannter Reputation werden nur wenige Mails pro Zeiteinheit entgegen genommen, während ein Großteil der Versendungen temporär geblockt wird (Softbounce). Diese Maßnahme ist vor allem gegen Spammer gerichtet, welche [...]
 xqueue.de    (translate)     Deliverability   
How a CSS comment got me accused of sending spam 
So it turns out Linode’s automated system has flagged this email as spam and tied it to me, because of the domain blog.jmwhite.co.uk being in the email and you guessed it, my domain blog.jmwhite.co.uk and indeed jmwhite.co.uk is hosted on the accused Linode server! What may have further pushed me into the crossfire here, is my DNS for the domain jmwhite.co.uk is also hosted at Linode and obviously tied to the same account the accused Linode server is on, so it looks like a bad case of mistaken [...]
 medium.com        Deliverability   
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