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Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last 4 weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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Guidelines For Ab Testing 
1) Have one key metric for your experiment. You can (and should!) monitor multiple metrics to make sure you don’t accidentally tank them, but you should have one as a goal. Revenue is probably the wrong metric to pick. It is likely a very skewed distribution which makes traditional statistics tests behave poorly. See my discussion in my A/B testing talk (around the 23-minute mark). I generally recommend proportion metrics. First, you often you care more about the number of people doing something than [...]
 hookedondata.org        Test   
Is RFM still king? A data science evaluation 
Predicting and preventing customer churn has a strong impact on the success of e-commerce businesses. Many businesses understand the importance of churn and engineer a predictive model to analyse and identify churning users. There are various flavours to define user churn in e-commerce. One commonly used definition is “the probability that a user will cease buying from an e-commerce business in the future.” However, not all businesses have the resources to build, tune, and run a churn prediction mode [...]
 retentionscience.com        Intelligence     Segmentation   
The ROI for Email Marketing: The Good News and the Bad News 
Marketers who described their email marketing programs as unsophisticated reported an email marketing ROI of 44:1 on average. Programs of average sophistication reported an ROI of 40:1. And sophisticated email marketing programs reported an ROI of 38:1. The more sophisticated programs show a clear shift in focus from maximizing return rates to maximizing overall returns, which is what you want from a business standpoint. Who cares if the next $500,000 investment you make in your email program [...]
 litmus.com        Marketing     Study   
How Direct Mail Automation Can Ease Your GDPR Transition 
To be in compliance with the GDPR, direct marketing must meet one of several standards, including consent and legitimate interest. But how can you use marketing automation and direct mail to do so? With direct mail opt-in from your customers and prospects, you can ensure you are aligning with the legitimate interest standard. [...]
 marketo.com        Multichannel   
12 Ideas to Include Image Rollover Effect in Emails [GFX]
I am glad to announce that the other day Stripo email editor released its new option “Image Rollover” to diversify and enliven your email templates. Implement this feature with our editor just in one click! The great news is that our image rollover effect works even in Gmail! [...]
 stripo.email        Design     Gallery   
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines [PDF]
Audiences demand brand interactions tailored to their unique needs. This is driving the rapid growth of personalization engines — and creating confusion about how to compare them. Marketing leaders can use this research to identify and evaluate personalization solutions suited to their goals. [...]
 monetate.com        ESP     Study   
Using -webkit no Longer Needed for CSS Animations in Email 
Its 2018 and email clients that support CSS animations no longer require the -webkit vendor prefix when using the animation CSS property or @keyframes rule. When kinetic email design started to gain interest around 2014, the primary email client that supported animations was the iPhone email client on iOS 8, which required the -webkit vendor prefix for animations. However later iOS versions (9 and above) no longer require the -webkit prefix. According to this report 99% of Apple devices are now on iO [...]
 freshinbox.com        Design   
8 Jahre nach Gmail: GMX & Web.de stellen sortierten Posteingang vor 
Acht Jahre nachdem Gmail die “Priority Inbox” eingeführt hat, ziehen nun GMX und Web.de nach: Bei den hiesigen Webmail-Anbietern lassen sich künftig E-Mails wie bei Gmail automatisch in bestimmte Kategorien, wie beispielsweise “Termine” oder “Verträge”, einsortieren. Auch E-Mails von Online-Snops sollen automatisch erkannt und Sendungsverläufe künftig in Echtzeit angezeigt werden: Das Testprogramm mit zunächst einer [...]
 emailmarketingblog.de    (translate)     Marketing     Trend   
Von den Folgen eines Fehlurteils: Feedback-Anfrage in der Signatur 
Nun kommt, was kommen musste: Erste Gerichte entscheiden, dass auch eine E-Mail-Signatur Werbung enthalten kann und so die gesamte E-Mail einwilligungsbedürftig ist. Das Amtsgericht Bonn meint, dass schon eine Feedback-Anfrage in der E-Mail-Signatur Werbung sei. Das alles ist nicht überraschend, weil der Bundesgerichtshof in einem ähnlichen Fall schon im Jahre 2015 Vergleichbares entschieden [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
19 Email Testing Tools to Ensure Success Before Sending 
There are a lot of options when it comes to email testing. You can use tools to: Improve the quality of your email list; Assess and improve email deliverability; Pre-test subject lines; Test and preview your email templates in various inboxes; Evaluate the impact of your email message. [...]
 hackernoon.com        Design     Tool   
The Bayesian Logic in A/B Testing 
Our new API feature for A/B testing transactional emails uses a statistical algorithm, Bayesian Logic, for picking the winning variant of the message. [...]
 sparkpost.com        Test   
Denmark Implements Email Encryption Requirement, What Countries Will Follow? 
On July 23, 2018, Denmark’s data protection agency announced that companies must encrypt all emails transmitting sensitive personal data. This new rule go [...]
 privacyandcybersecurityperspectives.com        Law   
Dialogmarketing-Monitor 2018, Studie 30 [PDF] 2.3mb
Deutscher Werbemarkt wächst um 2 % auf 41,6 Mrd. €. Dialogmarketing ist Wachstumsmotor mit 4 % Zuwachs, Klassikmedien wachsen nur moderat Budgetstärkste Medien sind Onlinemarketing, Anzeigen, Werbesendungen und TV Lediglich Anzeigenwerbung erleidet Verluste. Alle anderen Medien verzeichnen Zuwächse: am deutlichsten Onlinemarketing und Werbesendungen Beliebtestes Medium sind weiterhin Anzeigen Werbeaktivitäten sind branchenabhängig; Top Medien sind: Handel: volladressierte Werbesendungen, [...]
 deutschepost.de    (translate)     Study     Trend   
Kippt das Privacy Shield? Datenübermittlung in die USA bald illegal? 
Der Facebook-Skandal und den Datenmissbrauch durch Cambridge Analytica hat möglicherweise noch weiterreichende Konsequenzen als bislang gedacht. Das EU-Parlament will von der EU-Kommission verlangen, das Abkommen neu zu verhandeln oder ab dem 1. September 2018 auszusetzen. Dafür hat das Parlament am 5. Juli gestimmt. Die USA sollen danach Zeit bis zum 1. September haben, um die europäischen Anforderungen an den Datenschutz zu erfüllen. Was, wenn es dazu nicht kommt und das Privacy Shield ausgesetzt [...]
 wbs-law.de    (translate)     Law   
E-Mail-Marketing im Gesamtkontext der DSGVO 
Die DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) regelt seit dem 25. Mai 2018 die Anforderungen an eine Einwilligung in E-Mail-Marketing neu. Das wissen Sie bereits. Was Ihnen aber vielleicht noch nicht so bewusst ist: Die DSGVO hat vor allem neue Anforderungen an das E-Mail-Marketing geschaffen, die sich zwar nicht direkt auf die Zulässigkeit des E-Mail-Marketings auswirken, aber dennoch zu Bußgeldern führen können. [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Law   
Steal These 2018 Holiday Email Ideas [PDF] 8.5mb
If you’re like many email marketers, you’re reading this guide well before temperatures dip and halls are decked. Planning for Black Friday, Cyber Week, and the rest of the busy winter season typically begins during the summer months, and it often doesn’t end until after the new year. CHAPTER 1: Holiday Previews with Live Polls. Find Out Who Your Customers are Shopping For. Discover Which Products Your Customers are Shopping For. [...]
 amazonaws.com        Gallery   
Image Personalization - Why and How to Use it [GFX]
Image Personalization is rarely a topic of heated discussions. This changes today. Learn how personalized images can help your marketing perform exceedingly well.
 sirv.com        Gallery     Design     Customization   
The anatomy of a professional email marketing team 
As a business manager you may be wondering about the skills needed in an email marketing team. Or maybe you are looking to go deep into email marketing yourself and want to know what jobs to scout for. We made an overview including the typical email marketing job descriptions so you know you have the … [...]
 emailvendorselection.com        Marketing   
Multi-Industry DMAC Adoption 2018 Report [PDF]
This year, we made it a priority to analyze the adoption of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) in industries using email as a key means of communication and business growth. We looked at the domains of the SaaS 1000, top law firms, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), higher education institutions, top Chinese brands, and e-retailers to better understand how seriously they take email authentication. Unfortunately, not one industry reviewed had even a 50% adoption rate, [...]
 amazonaws.com        Spam     Study   
2018 State of Email Service Providers [PDF] 1.2mb
A marketer’s email service provider is the cornerstone of their email program. It’s their most critical tool and a major budget item. But frustrations run high. Marketers told Litmus that limitations with their ESP was third on their list of biggest challenges for 2018. And 16% of brands said that changing ESPs was on their list of email marketing priorities for 2018. Based on our State of Email Survey of 3,000 marketers, our first-ever State of Email Service Providers report takes a detailed look at [...]
 litmus.com        ESP     Study   
3 Ways To Use Interactive Email In E-Commerce [GFX]
Email doesn’t have to be static. Bringing interactivity to your emails can spice up your program and provide the lift of engagement you’ve been looking for. Last summer, I was caught in a sudden thunderstorm while walking to the train[...]
 cordial.com        Gallery     Design     Mobile     Trend   
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