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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #274

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last two weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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Small text and accessibility in email 
While researching accessible emails I broke out all the WCAG 2.1 guidelines relating to typography. One priority was to track down any font size recommendations, in particular a minimum font size given that 11?px is standard for pre-header text. A reasonable minimum is important to ensure that fewer people need to zoom in to read content, or adjust their settings. Firstly though I wanted to get a feel for how much, and what type of email content falls into the category of small text. [...]
 stylecampaign.com        Design   
Doing an ESP RFP: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process 
How should your ESP RFP process go? Which ESP candidates should you include? What questions should you ask? To answer those questions and more, Litmus reached out to email experts at Marketing Democracy, BrightWave Marketing, DEG, Trendline Interactive, emailvendorselection.com, Laughlin Constable, and Red Pill Email. [...]
 litmus.com        ESP     Study   
ESP Marketing Stacks - Dead, Dying or Vibrant? 
One of the interesting developments in Martech has been the emergence of the ESP-centric marketing stack. Companies start off as email service providers then – because they have PII – start to say things like “wouldn’t it be great if we got customers to put ALL of their touchpoint efforts under one roof…let’s start gobbling up companies!” Companies then spend a lot of effort developing PowerPoints and videos that show a multi-touch, multi-channel customer marketing effort with customers so happy that [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        ESP   
Yahoo's Interested In You: Email Scanning Draws New Fire 
Oath’s practice of scanning emails to feed advertising received new attention on Tuesday with the publication of a story in The Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that Yahoo is now “actively pitching advertisers on its ability to plumb Yahoo Mail inboxes for valuable information,” despite the fact that Silicon Valley largely frowns on this activity. [...]
 mediapost.com        Marketing   
Adobe's 2018 Consumer Email Survey [PDF]
Adobe surveyed over 1,000 white-collar workers in the US: Our love for the inbox remains, but our preference for engagement on other channels has increased. Email still matters, a lot, for brands. Our survey also suggests that consumers are happy interacting with brands through email, with half of our respondents preferring to communicate with brands by email. And it makes sense that email is the most preferred channel, beating out channels like direct mail (20%) and social media (7%). Consumers are [...]
 adobe.com        Study   
5 subject line mistakes that are killing your open rates 
Even though you have the best intentions, you may be making mistakes with subject lines that negatively impact your engagement rates. Being overly formal, neglecting to personalize, and lack of testing can all cause subscribers to delete your emails before they get read. Thankfully, these mistakes are usually easy to fix. Today, we’re sharing 5 subject line mistakes that are killing your open rates, along with info on what you can do to improve. Mistake #1. Writing like a business [...]
 myemma.com        Subjectline   
3 Ways To Use Machine Learning To Become An Email All-Star 
Machine learning is one of the most talked about “new” strategies and technologies in the industry today, but we often find that it is highly misunderstood — and many times, that’s our fault on the vendor side. It’s our goal [...]
 cordial.com        Intelligence   
The Importance of Email File Size 
When talking about file sizes in email, we’re really talking about 3 topics: the size of the HTML file sent, the size of external assets, and the fully loaded size. We want to keep all of these file sizes as small as possible, but what are the maximum sizes and what should we aim for? [...]
 sparkpost.com        Design   
2018 Deliverability Benchmark [PDF] 4.5mb
Email marketers have had a busy time the last 12 months. With GDPR coming into effect and mailbox providers like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo making changes to their platforms and infrastructure, there has been no shortage of challenges. Despite this, overall deliverability is improving. Globally inbox placement has risen five percentages points compared to the previous 12 month period to a new average of 85 percent. [...]
 returnpath.com        Study     Trend     Deliverability   
Frage nach der Kundenzufriedenheit per E-Mail ist Spam 
Angesichts der sich zu festigenden Rechtsprechung, Feedback-Anfragen seien Werbung, ist jedem Unternehmen davon abzuraten, derartige E-Mails ohne vorliegende Einwilligung zu versenden. Die von dem Händler vorgebrachten Argumente, es gehe bloß um Service bzw. nur eine einzige, kaum belästigende E-Mail, kennen wir aus der Beratungspraxis. Sie haben jedoch wenig Aussicht auf Erfolg. Dies gilt jedenfalls solange der EuGH nicht irgendwann einmal eine möglicherweise anderslautende Einschätzung zum [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
What are the Differences Between US and UK Marketing Emails? 
While the US and UK share the same language, the way in which it is used in email marketing in the two countries is quite different! Because of this, when targeting both American and British customers it’s important to consider both the obvious and nuanced cultural differences between the countries exhibited in their varying email strategies. While sometimes it may be as easy as switching “soccer” to “football”, other times the necessary changes may be trickier to identify! Luckily, we’ve compiled [...]
 sparkpost.com        Copywriting   
8 Epic Email Newsletters with Killer Content to Inspire your Email Marketing Efforts [GFX]
The following is a guest post by Filza Naveed, Content Marketing Specialist at ContactMonkey. Having a compelling email newsletter that really grabs the attention of the reader, without them being forced to hit the delete button has become increasingly important. In an age where you’re now competing with Snapchat stories and Instagram videos for a viewer’s … Continue reading "8 Epic Email Newsletters with Killer Content to Inspire your Email Marketing Efforts" [...]
 stripo.email        Gallery   
Check your abuse addresses 
Even if you have excellent policies and an effective, empowered enforcement team you can still have technical problems that can cause you to drop abuse mail, and so lose the opportunity to get a [...]
 wordtothewise.com        Spam   
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