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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #277

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The Trends Transforming the Email Service Provider Landscape: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]
ESPs are the technological foundation of the email industry—and the biggest line item in email marketing budgets. With so much on the line, it’s no surprise that frustrations with ESPs run high. In this webinar, Litmus Research Director Chad S. White and Community & Product Evangelist Jason Rodriguez share findings from our first-ever State of Email Service Providers report, along with insights from other research we’ve done. You’ll learn… [...]
 litmus.com        ESP     Study   
Vendors, you just suck at Demos and Web Meetings! 
Sometimes the best way to share ideas is through dark humor, I expect this will hit a nerve with different people in different ways. Some might say, “OMG- YES”, some may say “WTH? - what are you talking about”, yet the reality is with all the vendor choices and aggressive sales teams and fierce competition you can often get a degradation in quality of presentations, demo’s and meetings in general. Having just been involved in a few RFP processes, I find myself getting more and more agitated at how [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        ESP   
Browse Abandonment Email Examples (+ What Makes Them Great) 
The basis of a browse abandonment is that a subscriber has visited a product page for a specified amount of time on your website and not taken action on it. That product could be a tangible product, a subscription for monthly products, exclusive content, or even a membership. While it seems highly scientific, it’s actually more of an art. [...]
 cordial.com        Automation   
10 things I hate about your email subscription settings 
Fun fact: 30% of subscribers change email addresses annually. Not-so-fun fact: Those are the potential customers you risk losing if you don’t configure your email subscription settings the right way. I’m one of these subscribers, and the next paragraph is the TL; DR version of my story. [...]
 chanteusemarie.com        Unsubscribe     Customization   
Remember when they said GDPR would kill email? It didn’t. 
Four months into the post-GDPR reality, our evidence suggests that the majority of email marketers are not seeing the major list damage once predicted. Our research shows that 60% of brands who are complying in full or in part with GDPR saw either no effect on list size or a loss of less than 10%. Some marketers would consider even the loss of less than 10% of an email list to be a catastrophe. But remember that not all email addresses in your database are equally valuable. [...]
 litmus.com        Law     Study   
Case Study on Discount Subject Lines Similarity 
Gartner L2 processed 44,203 discount subject lines. Brands that send fewer, but more relevant discount emails achieve higher open rates than brands that send more frequent, broad-based discount campaigns. Brands that use differentiated language in their discount email subject lines achieve a 13.7% lift in open rate over those that use more generic language. Open rates [...]
 mediapost.com        Subjectline     Openingrate     Study   
The Cost of an Unsubscribe [PDF]
The study shows that 77% of those who opt out are non-buyers. Only 13% are one-time buyers, and 10% are multi-time buyers. Non-buyers "only make up 55% of email recipients for most retailers," the study states. In contrast, 26% of email volume goes to one-time buyers, and 19% to multi-buyers. We don’t understand the word “only.” That 55% sounds like a pretty hefty percentage to us. It takes non-buyers 47 days on average to opt out after getting the initial email. That increases to 70 days for one-tim [...]
 bluecore.com        Unsubscribe     Study   
The Current State of Email Clients [Slides] [PDF]
From Gmail's and Outlook.com's redesigns to amp4email, here's everything that happened in the last year or so in the world of email clients. Discover the latest possibilities, but also quirks and bugs, and reflect on how we can all help email move forward. [...]
 speakerdeck.com        Design   
How to Add a Countdown Timer in Your Email [GFX]
The big news! From now on, you can embed a countdown timer in emails right within our editor. It’s totally websafe and works correctly on all types of devices and in most email clients. You may set the color, the font, the background color. But before we show how to add countdown timer in emails … Continue reading "How to Add a Countdown Timer in Your Email" [...]
 stripo.email        Gallery   
And the animated GIFs just keep on coming .... [GFX]
Animated GIFs just keep getting better and better. More email clients support them, and email developers are becoming more inventive in the ways they use them to augment the email’s message and help it come alive in the inbox. We’ve been collecting emails with animated GIFs for a while and debuted our first collection of holiday-themed animations in this blog post: “Happy Animations to All and All a Good GIF.“ Now we’d like to share our latest collection that illustrates how to use animated GIFs to [...]
 freshaddress.com        Gallery   
Marktanteile: Jeder Zweite mailt mit WEB.DE und GMX 
Der E-Mail-Markt 2018: Mit gemeinsam rund 50 Prozent Marktanteil sind WEB.DE (24,8%) und GMX (25,4%) Deutschlands größte E-Mail-Anbieter. Auf dem dritten Platz folgt mit einigem Abstand der E-Mail-Dienst von Google (13,8%), auf Platz vier liegt mit T-Online (10,8%) ein weiteres deutsches Unternehmen. Die US-Anbieter Outlook.com von Microsoft (9,6%) und AOL (3,9%) landen auf den Plätzen [...]
 web.de    (translate)     Study   
How to Program Your Job 
In 2016, an anonymous confession appeared on Reddit: “From around six years ago up until now, I have done nothing at work.” As far as office confessions go, that might seem pretty tepid. But this coder, posting as FiletOFish1066, said he worked for a well-known tech company, and he really meant nothing. He wrote that within eight months of arriving on the quality-assurance job, he had fully automated his entire workload. “I am not joking. For 40 hours each week, I go to work, play League of Legends [...]
 theatlantic.com        Automation     Marketing   
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