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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #278

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last four weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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Rene Kulka/@lukeAnker
* Understanding CSS Animations in Email: Transitions and Keyframe Animations 
CSS animations are animations that are built using code—specifically HTML and CSS. Using a handful of CSS properties, email marketers can manipulate the HTML of their campaigns and create a similar sense of motion as when using animated GIFs. Perhaps more importantly, they can create more interactive and engaging campaigns, too. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using CSS animations in email, as well as the code that powers CSS animations. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
* How Withings Uses Email to Engage Customers All Over the World 
The Withings email team (formerly Nokia) runs their operations from two continents?—?making the most of simple tools and the universal human desire to get healthier. They offered up some interesting insights on managing a global operation, encouraging customer engagement, and building excellent email flows. [...]
 reallygoodemails.com        Marketing     Customization   
Full Page Intro Animations in Email 
This is a simple technique to show a brief animation of an object or text against a blank page and having the rest of the email “fade in” after the animation ends. This is a follow on of a previous example with fade in text animation. I got the inspiration from Apple’s MacBook website featuring a Macbook appearing over a blank page. This technique is supported by the email clients that support CSS animation – namely the iOS email clients (iPhone, iPad), Apple Mail and Samsung Mail. For other clients, [...]
 freshinbox.com        Design   
Forget Batch & Blast, it’s Fire & Forget Damaging Your Campaign Performance - Here’s Why 
“It is not worth-while to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man's character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible” – Mark Twain Back in 2013 Alchemy Worx published a thought piece on the impact of send volume, [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Frequency     Study   
Cartoon: Customer Satisfaction Survey Fatigue 
I’m pretty sure if I sneeze near a bank today I’ll soon get a text message asking me to rate the bank for sneezeworthyness; or if I take money from an ATM, I’l soon receive an email asking me how my ATM experience was. We are near constantly being asked how the coffee was, what the checkout was like, how well the comb met our satisfaction… “Too many marketers are asking for data that’s easy to measure and KPIs that are simple to track, rather than really listening to customers and understanding their [...]
 marketoonist.com        Marketing   
Gmail Guide: How to Develop Flawless Emails for Gmail and Gmail Apps [PDF] 1.3mb
Many email developers know how tricky it is to develop HTML emails for Gmail – it’s one of the more temperamental clients out there (although it’s no Outlook). That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you to Gmail success. Remembering to test your email can help you catch some of these problem areas, and starting with the right code and some knowledge will help, too. It’s also important to look at your email analytics to find out how many of your subscribers use Gmail. Luckily, Email on Acid [...]
 cloudfront.net    (translate)     Design   
Kath Pay: To resend or not to resend? The data says yes! 
One of the recent topics on the Only Influencers email discussion group is whether to resend marketing emails to non-openers. ( To read this or any OI past discussion, consider becoming a member of Only Influencers. If you are a brand, you might even [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Marketing     Segmentation   
Studie: E-Mail Marketing im deutschen E-Commerce 2018 
Der Markt für E-Mail-Plattformen ist nach wie vor zersplittert, das Angebot unübersichtlich: 63 verschiedene E-Mail-Service Provider (ESP) konnten wir bei den analysierten Onlineshops *** identifizieren. 89 % dieser Shops nutzen eine der 20 meistverbreiteten Plattformen gemäß dieser Studie; bei drei Viertel aller Firmen (74,5 %) ist eine der 10 gängigsten Lösungen im Einsatz. Damit hat der Markt für E-Mail-Plattformen aus wirtschaftstheoretischer Sicht knapp die Schwelle von „niedriger“ zu „mittlerer [...]
 publicare.de    (translate)     ESP     Study   
FTC Moving Ahead on Federal Anti-Spam Rule Review 
The Federal Trade Commission is considering changing its rule enforcing a federal anti-spam law. FTC staff plans to send a recommendation to the commission on potential changes by December, the agency said Oct. 17 in the Trump administration’s fall regulatory agenda. The FTC sought public comment last year on the costs, benefits, and regulatory impact of the existing rule to carry out the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act, which regulates commercial [...]
 bna.com        Unsubscribe     Law   
Brands Are Getting Better At Using Web Data For Targeted Email 
Brands are sending targeted email, using data gathered on their sites. But not all of them are at the top of their game, according to Data & Targeting, a study by Gartner L2. Of the firms studied, 48% request email content preferences, an increase of 9% over last year. However, only 8% ask for email frequency preferences -- down from 14% in 2017. Travel brands -- which have the highest email open rates -- lead here, with over three-quarters allowing customers to specify their email content preference [...]
 mediapost.com        Customization     Study     Webanalytics   
Kein Spam bei E-Mail-Werbung für Produkt-Upgrade an registrierte Nutzer 
In wenigen Ausnahmefällen ist E-Mail-Werbung ohne Opt-In legal. Das OLG München hat nun entschieden, dass eine Partnerbörse bei einem kostenlos registrierten Mitglied mit der kostenpflichtigen Mitgliedschaft werben darf, auch wenn hierfür keine ausdrückliche Einwilligung vorliegt. Werbung für eine kostenpflichtige Variante der Mitgliedschaft gegenüber einem kostenlos registrierten Mitglied sei bei einem entsprechenden Hinweis zulässig (OLG München,[...]
 shopbetreiber-blog.de    (translate)     Law   
How to Use Templating Language to Send Truly Personalized Emails 
Wouldn’t it be cool to read an article that actually starts with your name? It would certainly grab your attention. Well, what still sounds like a distant fantasy for the Mailjet blog is definitely a possibility for your emails using a template language. [...]
 mailjet.com        Customization   
But what ARE the new Gmail features? 
Surprise! We split this Gmail redesign launch into two parts, for easy digestion (yum). Here we’ll look at the actual changes from a features perspective. If you want commentary on its potential impact, head over here for my thoughts. Now, on to the good stuff… Offline mode: Replaces the Gmail Offline Chrome app. Users will be able to search, compose, reply, delete, and archive up to 90 days worth of messages offline. It’s supported by the Chrome browser only. Simply type in “mail.google.com” in [...]
 250ok.com        Trend   
How to Use Gmail Actions in Your Email Program 
What are Gmail actions? We’ve all seen them in our inboxes–those little grey buttons on the right side of email subject lines that provide a direct route to that email’s call to action without having to open the actual email. We see call outs like, “View order” or “Track package.” Gmail actions enable recipients to interact with your product or service from right within the inbox and without opening the email if they don’t need to (fewer steps means less friction). Gmail actions are a small advanceme [...]
 sendgrid.com        Listbuilding     Subjectline     Clickrate   
Update zum Onlinemarketing, Cookies, Opt-Ins, Facebook-Pixel und Stand der ePrivacy-Verordnung 
Die Frage, ob Onlinemarketing eine Einwilligung voraussetzt, bleibt weiterhin unbeantwortet. Eine Klärung kann nur durch den Europäischen Gerichtshof erfolgen, was durchaus eine längere Zeit in Anspruch nehmen könnte. Da auch die e-Privacy-VO weiterhin in der Ferne bleibt, werden viele Unternehmen wohl weiterhin auf Grundlage einer wirtschaftlich orientierten Risikoabwägung auf ein Opt-In verzichten und sich dabei ggf. auch über vertragliche Pflichten hinwegsetzen. [...]
 drschwenke.de    (translate)     Law   
B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide, 6th edition [PDF] 2.8mb
What factors are driving B2B marketing automation platform use? What capabilities do B2B marketing automation platforms provide? Does my company need a marketing automation platform? Who are the leading players in B2B marketing automation? How do I evaluate which platform is best for my business [...]
 digitalmarketingdepot.com        Automation     B2B     ESP   
BGH: Unzulässigkeit von Feedbackumfragen eines Amazon-Händlers beim Rechnungsversand 
Mit der Entscheidung muss jede Transaktions-E-Mail mit werblichem Inhalt streng an den Anforderungen von § 7 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 und Abs. 3 UWG gemessen werden. Demnach bedarf es stets einer vorherigen Einwilligung des Adressaten, auch bei Transaktions-E-Mails mit Feedbackanfragen. Jede werbliche Äußerung in einer E-Mail, sei die Äußerung noch so geringfügig, ist zu unterlassen. Denn unabhängig vom restlichen Charakter der E-Mail, bleibt es bei der Einordung der E-Mail als Werbung. Streng genommen wird [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   

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