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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #281

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration from the last 3 weeks below. Have a nice weekend!

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* The Year in Email 2018 
The Black Friday emails are deleted, marketers’ email lists are checked twice, we pretty much know which senders have been naughty or nice. Another year in email is coming to a close, and boy, what a ride. While most thought leaders are busy making predictions about 2019, we like to learn from the past to [...]
 250ok.com        Trend   
* How to Utilize the Power of Gmail’s New Promotions Tab 
Gmail’s Promotion tab has gotten a major update, and we’ve teamed up with Gmail to give you the tools & knowledge you need to get your emails ready for it. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
How to Create Gmail Promotions Annotation 
Gmail announced last week that it’s adding a new, powerful tool for email marketers: annotations for the Gmail Promotions tab. The Gmail promotions annotation – which will be gradually rolling out across mobile inboxes – allows email marketers to include additional branding and offer information when an email lands in the Promotions tab. “You guys are the experts at creating value for our users, and we want to give you the keys of how emails…get previewed,” says Jordan Grossman, product manager for [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design     Marketing     Tool   
How to Add a Snow Effect to an Email Using CSS Animation 
The snow effect is essentially a snowflake or shape in a div that you animate using CSS. This technique moves the image from the top to the bottom of a container div you place around your email tables. CSS animations work on a range of email clients including iOS, Apple Mail, Android Native Mail and Outlook for Mac – check out the Email on Acid ultimate guide to CSS animation for more information. The snow animation won’t display on other email clients, so you don’t need to provide a fallback. [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
HTML Bulletproof Background images in email 
At Action Rocket we keep abreast of all the latest hacks and fixes to ensure our clients get the best emails. Background images can create some great effects in email design and really bring it to life. They do cause some headaches though – Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 all need vector markup language (VML) to display the image correctly as they use the Microsoft Word rendering engine. Windows 10 also has similar quirks, but needs even more information than earlier outlooks, mainly the width and height be [...]
 emaildesignreview.com        Design   
10 Nice Webinar Invitation Email Examples [GFX]
1. Bizzabo: Three choices – one action. The webinar invites from Bizzabo gave CTA in 3 ways. Fit and the primary option is within the header of the email, the next was in the body text, and the last option is finally the CTA button. Although using multiple options could look unnecessary as all the CTA will finally take to the same landing page. However, this repetition during can solely focus more on the aim of the email and create an additional option for the webinar registration. [...]
 chamaileon.io        Event     Gallery     Design   
The 5 People You’ll Need on Your Email Team 
Email marketing is increasingly becoming a team sport as email has shifted from plain text memos to HTML layouts, and now to dynamic content. There is more people involved in any single campaign than ever before, so it’s time to take stock of who’s on your team and what role they play. [...]
 mailjet.com        Marketing   
7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 
Marketing automation has swooned the world of digital marketing. But even though it might feel alluring to dive in head first to conquer the advanced flows; it’ll be your detriment. Because in all honesty: We need to get off the hype train. Even though the possibilities of marketing automation are endless, you need to learn how to walk before you leap. In reality, this means that you need to get back the basics and nail your welcome flows. That way, you’ll ensure that you get off to the right start [...]
 apsis.com        Automation     Trend   
You have been breached? Now what... 
Here’s some things not to do when you’re in a crisis and need to send breach notifications: Register a new domain name. New domains tend to have no brand recognition and no reputation; Move to a new IP. New IPs need to be warmed up before being used, and this can take 30 days or more to manage; [...]
 emailkarma.net        Marketing   
Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Tips 
When you send out the abandoned cart email is the first and most important aspect to consider. Sending out the first email to remind online shoppers of an abandoned cart within 60 minutes is believed to bring in the highest conversions. This can be followed by another email after 24 hours, and a last and final one 3-4 days later. [...]
 constantcontact.com        Automation     Conversionrate   
Zendesk Onboarding Email Breakdown [GFX]
Unsurprisingly, Zendesk focuses on customer support and chatting with the team during its free trial email series. Zendesk sent nine emails, including one authentication message, during the 14-day [...]
 medium.com        Automation     Gallery   
Newsletter-Kampagnen für das ganze Jahr 2019 [PDF] 9.3mb
Unser Kampagnen-Kalender zum Ausdrucken gibt Ihnen den perfekten Überblick über alle wichtigen Events und Anlässe des Jahres. Haben Sie stets im Blick, welche Messen oder wichtigen Sportevents und Feiertage anstehen und vergessen Sie ab sofort keinen Anlass mehr für eine kreative E-Mail-Kampagne. [...]
 newsletter2go.de    (translate)     Event   
Newsletter-Kampagnenplanung in 3 Schritten 
Auch 2019 stehen wieder einige spannende Ereignisse und Events an, die sich hervorragend für neue Newsletter-Kampagnen eignen. 21. Januar - Mondfinsternis. Die totale Mondfinsternis tritt 2019 am 21. Januar genau um 2.36 Uhr ein. Dieses einmalige Ereignis eignet sich für eine besondere Kampagne. Starten Sie beispielsweise eine Rabattaktion, die genau dann gilt, wenn der Schatten der Erde sich über den Mond legt. Den höchsten Rabatt bieten Sie dann - wenn es auch in der Nacht ist - genau um 2.36 Uhr [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Event     Marketing   
Apology Emails: Best Practices and Examples [GFX]
On average, customers’ satisfaction with ecommerce makes 82% (Statista’s data). It does seem like a good result, but, in fact, it means that 18 out of 100 customers are displeased with your service. And in most cases, a simple yet sincere Apology Email is capable of changing the situation for better. [...]
 stripo.email        Gallery   
The Truth About Panel Data 
There’s some noise in the email industry around Google’s new draft API policy framework, and the verbal comment from some people (though not all) at Oath/Verizon Media Group that they will follow suit. The noise is for good reason. This action would be a real and unnecessary blow to email marketers everywhere. I understand what [...]
 returnpath.com        Intelligence     Law   
Q3 2018 Email and Mobile Benchmark Report [PDF]
We’ve analyzed email and mobile trends, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs), by collecting third quarter data from North American clients. Our quarterly benchmark report lets you compare your email and mobile campaigns and programs to those of your peers. Email volume rose by 5% in the third quarter — and there was a 12.3% decline in unsubscribe rates to 0.08% [...]
 cheetahdigital.com        Mobile     Study   
Gutscheine an Bestandskunden können unzulässige Werbung sein 
n dem Fall hatte in Online-Händler im Zusammenhang mit dem Kauf eines Gaming-Stuhls die E-Mail-Adresse eines Kunden erhalten. Im Rahmen einer Werbeaktion verschickte der Online-Händler eine E-Mail mit einem Gutschein im Wert von 5 Euro für den Online-Shop an diesen Kunden. In der E-Mail wurde umfassend die Produktpalette des Online-Händlers von 150.000 Artikeln, das Outlet, Sonderartikel und Restposten beworben. Ein Kunde stufte dies als unzulässige Werbung ein und verklagte den Online-Händler auf [...]
 blog-it-recht.de    (translate)     Law   
Schreckgespenst DSGVO: Ist das E-Mail-Marketing nun tot? 
5. Braucht unsere Datenschutzerklärung nun eine Check-Box? Nein! Immer wieder hört man seit dem Frühjahr, die DSGVO verlange eine Checkbox für die Datenschutzerklärung. Die Newsletter-Abonnenten müssten neben der Einwilligung in den Newsletter-Versand die Datenschutzbestimmungen ausdrücklich akzeptieren. Das ist falsch. Eine Datenschutzerklärung bedarf auch weiterhin keiner ausdrücklichen Zustimmung des Nutzers. Die Datenschutzerklärung ist eine Erklärung des Unternehmens über den Umgang mit den [...]
 suchradar.de    (translate)     Law   
Five Mistakes in Designing Mobile Push Notifications 
Provide value to users before asking them to receive your app’s notifications; tell them what the notifications will be about. Don’t send notifications in bursts; make it easy to turn them off. [...]
 nngroup.com        Multichannel   
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