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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #282

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

Greetings from Berlin,
Rene Kulka/@lukeAnker
* Outlook.com To Support Media Queries 
The webmail version of Outlook will now behave exactly like its mobile apps. The empty attribute selector hack [owa] will still work. Progressive enhancement should now use the supports query instead of WebKit targeting. [...]
 kevinmandeville.com        Design     Mobile   
* Our Favorite Talks from Litmus Live 2018 [VID]
Drew’s session was incredibly empowering. However, it wasn’t the innovation and scale of what Drew accomplished at Grammarly with Grammarly Insights that inspired me but how he positioned the email itself—as a product. During his session Drew spoke about how we as email marketers need to elevate what we do and think like founders when it comes to creating email campaigns. They’re more than just emails and it’s up to us to change that perception. [...]
 litmus.com        Event     Marketing   
* How Alexa Reads Your Emails 
Alexa can now read, reply, archive, or delete your emails. It only reads text in HTML emails (ignoring images and HTML attributes). Alexa is yet another strong reason to build semantic, accessible emails. [...]
 kevinmandeville.com        Trend   
Inspiration: Christmas Emails @ReallyGoodEmails.com [GFX]
What were Christmas emails like last year? Here's an interesting pick from the superb ReallyGoodEmails newsletter. [...]
 reallygoodemails.com        Event     Gallery   
Email Footer Design Best Practices 
First impressions matter, which is why we work hard on the email templates design and which is why most of us neglect the email footer — we treat it as something really unnecessary. Well, we shouldn’t. What is an email footer? It is the last block of all email newsletters. Typically, it contains contact information, such as the brand name, website address, postal address and the unsubscribe links. But a complex email footer is much more than that. [...]
 stripo.email        Design   
Upland Software Acquires Adestra 
Upland Software, a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software, acquired Adestra, a leading provider of enterprise-grade email marketing, transaction and automation software. Adestra’s cloud-based platform brings email, marketing automation, customer data and analytics into a powerful and easy-to-use cloud solution that enables enterprises to personalize customer communications, and design and automate multi-faceted campaigns in an intuitive visual environment. [...]
 uplandsoftware.com        Marketing     Trend   
Key Insights from a Year of State of Email Research: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]
f you didn’t have time to read all of the hundreds of pages worth of reports and research insights that came out of our 2018 State of Email Survey, you’re in luck: We’ve condensed the key stats, trends, and takeaways from all our research into a single webinar. In this webinar, I discuss four major themes from this year’s research: [...]
 litmus.com        Design     Study   
Email: Past, present and future 
Design for mobile as standard. We would like to see the term ‘mobile email’ used less frequently, all email designs should be fit for mobile as standard. An increase in personalised tactics within email. We expect to see a lot more brands creatively use data to retain customers, a great example is Spotify – ‘Your year in review’. This is a creative way to showcase the data that has been collected, using it to personalise email communication, making content more relevant and bringing email to the fore [...]
 emaildesignreview.com        Trend   
Emma's email resolutions for 2019 
While, for many, a new year brings resolutions, goals, and hopes for the next 12 months, our team has been knee-deep in results from 2018 and the email marketing forecast for 2019. As you refine your marketing strategy for the new year, keep these ideas from the Emma team in mind: [...]
 myemma.com        Trend   
Keine Bestandskundenwerbung an Interessenten 
Die Entscheidung gibt Anlass, auf die Anforderungen der Ausnahmevorschrift hinzuweisen. Wer Werbe-E-Mails an Bestandskunden versenden möchte, ohne eine Einwilligung abzufragen, muss alle vier Ziffern kennen und umsetzen. Erfasst sind nur wirkliche (eigene) Bestandskunden. Der Werbeinahlt ist auf ähnliche Produkte beschränkt. Das ein Widerspruch umgehend zu beachten ist, bedarf keiner näheren Erläuterung. Der Hinweis muss mit jeder Werbe-E-Mail erfolgen sowie ursprünglich bei Erhebung der E-Mail-Adres [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
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