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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #284

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. I wish you a nice weekend!

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Stand out with Gmail's new promotion tools 
The inbox is a competitive place. Marketers strive to craft compelling subject lines which shine that little bit brighter than the rest. But only so much can be done with clever wording and look-at-me emoticons. Fortunately, Google has made the playing field more interesting. The Gmail application on iPhone and Android now supports email annotations. That sounds pretty dull, so let me rephrase it: it’s now possible to serve up additional content – including imagery – before an email has even been [...]
 displayblock.com        Design   
Impact of Gmail Annotations 
After some EOY testing with Gmail Promo images, have some data (and some warnings) to share. More details in a longer post at some point, and much more testing to be done.1) If using your web logs to count number of image views, you may be overestimating. Looking at user-agent data, we discovered that 7.6% of image loads were not the Google Image Proxy. Mostly seems to be systems loading all images to scan for content issues (K-12 schools, universities, law firms, etc). List composition would cause [...]
 twitter.com        Marketing     Study   
Marketing Predictions [cartoon] 
This time of year, we marketers love to make bold predictions about the year ahead. We are perennially excited about the shiny new thing. That excitement can keep us informed but it can also distract us from what may actually be most important for our marketing strategy, our brand, and our business. It can also keep us tethered to the marketing herd, chasing the same tactics as everyone else. [...]
 marketoonist.com        Trend   
10 Tips for Designing and Developing Emails 
A well-designed email shows that you care about your brand and the communications you send to your customers. It helps foster trust among your recipients, making them more likely to engage with your content and continue to open your emails. We all want beautifully designed emails, right? The only thing standing in our way is how we code them… [...]
 sendgrid.com        Design   
Personalization and Hyper-personalization in Emails: Best Practices [GFX]
Personalization and hyper-personalization are one of the trends of 2019. Another reason to care about it is that on average personalized emails drive 18x higher revenue than non-personalized ones. There are many ways to use personalization and hyper-personalization in email marketing. We’ll show the most effective ones. [...]
 stripo.email        Gallery     Customization     Video   
How to add a newsletter sign-up to your Facebook page 
When it comes to email marketing and social media, these two mediums work better when you bring them together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. When they’re alone, they’re nice to have. But when you bring them together, they create a classic sandwich that everyone enjoys. Well, in this case, an unstoppable marketing strategy. There are many ways to integrate email marketing and social media to increase your reach and customer engagement. Adding a newsletters sign-up form to your Facebook page is a [...]
 myemma.com        Listbuilding     Social   
Zoom Onboarding Email Breakdown 
Sometimes I break down free trials, other times I just look at “free.” In the case of Zoom, I signed up for their free Basic Plan. Since this isn’t a trial with a set expiration date, I chose to [...]
 medium.com        Automation   
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at BrightWave’s 2018 Holiday Email 
Since 2012, we’ve been using our annual holiday email to showcase innovative design techniques and advanced inbox interactivity–with plenty of festive flourishes to boot. You may remember our 2017 card, which gave viewers the ability to trigger four different animated scenes featuring BrightWave’s Chief Client Officer as Santa Claus, or our 2016 card for its long-scrolling animation, done entirely with CSS. These cards were certainly
 brightwave.com        Design     Video   
Top 20 emails of 2018 and why they work [GFX]
We reveal our top 20 emails of 2018 and why we picked them. Take a read to learn from a variety of brands who will inspire your email marketing strategy. [...]
 pure360.com        Gallery   
Inbox Audit: Abandoned Cart Edition [GFX]
When shopping online, many consumers prefer to compare products from different online retailers simultaneously to find the best deals. Once they find something they like, they’ll exit a few of those comparison sites with products still in their cart. Rather than viewing this as a loss, email marketers should see it as a prime opportunity to deploy a highly relevant triggered email. One of the [...]
 brightwave.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
2018 Email Client Market Share Trends 
The results are in! I've analyzed over 11 billion email opens from 2018 to break down the latest email client market share trends you need to know. Here's how the top 10 for the year shook out: Apple and Gmail remain dominant. Combined, Apple and Gmail hold 4 of the top 5 email clients with 75% of the total market share. This is the most top heavy the email client market share has ever been. In fact, since recording email opens from 2013, this is the first time that *only* 2 email clients have [...]
 kevinmandeville.com        Study     Trend   
E-Mail-Marketing Benchmarks 2019 
Die aktuelle Benchmark-Studie analysiert und vergleicht das E-Mail-Marketing von über 5000 Unternehmen. Vorhandene Potenziale bleiben oft ungenutzt. Automatisierte Mailings, segmentierte Kampagnen und individuelle Kundenansprache – Themen, welche trotz großer Präsenz in den Fachmedien keinen Anklang in der Praxis zu finden. Während Händler, Markenhersteller und Touristiker sich wirklich mit dem Thema auseinandersetzen und sich mit personalisierten, sympathischen und außergewöhnlichen Begrüßungen für [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Study   
2019 Email Planning Calendar [PDF] 2.2mb
We recognize that being an email marketer is no easy task. You plan your email marketing campaigns with the best intentions, but then plans change with new privacy laws, a sales initiative, a last minute event, or, maybe, you forgot to plan something for the week (hey, we’re all human!). Regardless of the cause, at some point throughout the year, a wrench is chucked into your beautifully scheduled plan, and you’ve got to fix it. Fortunately, this calendar is here to provide inspiration for those [...]
 sendgrid.com        Event   
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