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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #286

Welcome to this week's edition of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. Have a nice weekend!

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10 Best Newsletter Examples to Inspire You in 2019 [GFX]
In our previous post, we showed how to make your first email campaign successful and how to improve current ones in 10 simple steps. Today, we’re going to show you the best email newsletter examples (in our opinion) for your inspiration. [...]
 stripo.email        Gallery   
The 10 Best Emails of 2018 [GFX]
There are no prizes other than bragging rights. The categories have been the same since we first started and reflect our thoughts on which types of emails are most strategic in nature and, when done right, can have the biggest impact on a marketer’s business. And now, with no further ado, we bring you 2018’s selection of emails. [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Gallery   
The Dangers of Overpersonalization 
In many ways, personalization is a good thing. Internet users are so inundated with content, that filtering through the noise and presenting only information of interest can reduce user effort and enrich online experiences. Many users know that every interaction online is tracked and analyzed. All of this data is tagged and segmented to create individualized customer profiles, which drive the delivery of personalized content (stories, products, ads, and information) to us online. But when does [...]
 nngroup.com        Customization   
GIFs in Outlook! 
Windows #OfficeInsiders, make your emails more animated with animated gif support in Outlook! Available now in the latest #InsiderSlow build! [...]
 twitter.com        Design   
Gmail v8.12 begins testing Dynamic Email (AMP) support [APK Teardown] 
At this stage, most readers have probably heard of AMP. It's short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and from a user perspective, it's basically just supposed to speed up load times for web pages; but in practical terms, it has some unintended consequences. About a year ago, Google also began talking about bringing AMP to Gmail. Testing on Gmail for the web began shortly after the announcement, but was only open to select companies and testers. This test is now expanding to the app itself. A new [...]
 androidpolice.com        Mobile     Trend   
Interview: How 250ok is Helping Marketers Optimize Email Performance 
Being responsible for email deliverability, authentication, and reputation management isn’t something I enjoy about running an email program. But it is one of the areas I’m most serious about. Whether you are running a mature email program or in the early stages of building one for a growing business, you should strongly consider a proactive strategy for monitoring your inboxing placement rates, sender reputation, and subscriber engagement analytics. [...]
 medium.com        Tool     Deliverability   
Capture sales this Valentine's Day with email marketing [GFX]
Did you know that in 2018, Valentine’s Day spending hit a record-breaking $19.6 billion? It’s no wonder that Valentine’s Day sends business owners’ hearts aflutter. According to a study by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the National Retail Federation, the average person planned to shell out more than $140 on traditional Valentine’s Day merchandise, with customers aged 25 to 34 being the biggest spenders. Consumers, on the whole, planned to spend a total of: [...]
 verticalresponse.com        Event     Gallery   
3 Bulletproof Ways to Structure Your Next Cart Abandonment Email Campaign [GFX]
MailCharts chips into the Drip blog with all the intel about the three best abandoned cart strategies you could set up today to start recovering more abandoners and revenue for your ecommerce store. [...]
 drip.com        Automation     Gallery     Conversionrate   
Email Unsubscribe Best Practices 
In most cases, scroll to the bottom and find the unsubscribe link. You’d think, right? It turns out finding the unsubscribe link is not always easy, as shown by usability tests on emails from Tesco, eBay, PayPal, RateSetter, Norwegian Airlines and eBuyer. The brands were picked because they shows different designs for unsubscribe. All designs that are commonly used by many brands. The tests were performed using the excellent UsabilityHub research platform. It’s a seriously good tool to improve user [...]
 zettasphere.com        Unsubscribe   
Experiment: We're wanting to find the average location of the email 'fold' 
Is above the fold a thing? We want to gather some information from our email recipients to find out the average 'fold' position... Click or Tap where your screen ends and to find out the latest email news. [...]
 twitter.com        Design     Study   
3 Email Marketing Trends to use in 2019 
If you are sticking to your same old playbook of years past, you are missing out on the opportunity to create lasting relationships with subscribers. Try these 3 new trends to stand out in that crowded inbox in 2019! [...]
 sendgrid.com        Trend   
Brexit & DSGVO - Tipps und Checkliste zur Vorbereitung auf den Ernstfall 
Der Brexit wird für Sie dann relevant, wenn Sie personenbezogene Daten nach Großbritannien übermitteln oder dort ansässigen Unternehmen Zugriff auf diese Daten gewähren. Dies kommt vor allem in folgenden Fällen in Frage: Sie verfügen über eine Niederlassung in Großbritannien. Sie setzen Dienstleister aus Großbritannien zur Ausführung Ihrer Leistungen ein (z.B., Warenlieferanten). Sie nutzen in Großbritannien basierte Cloud/SaaS-Dienste (z.B., Onlinemarketing-Tools). [...]
 drschwenke.de        Law   
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