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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #290

Welcome to a new edition of the email marketing roundup. It has been a while since the last one - pardon me. MailChimp's API v1 has served this newsletter well for >7 years(!); due to its recent shutdown, plus my laziness on code documentation, plus a few other things, it took a while to catch up. ;) Anyway, please find selected news and inspiration from the past weeks below. I wish you a nice weekend.

Greetings from Berlin,
Rene Kulka/@lukeAnker
Time To Expand the Role of Email Marketing 
Is it time to rethink the role of email marketing? Beyond a few developments such as optimizing for mobile, the role of email marketers has changed surprisingly little in the last 20 years. Oh sure the tools have gotten better and more sophisticated, but what email marketers and teams do really hasn’t evolved much. So it had me thinking, is it time for email marketing to think bigger, to expand its scope and purview? To expand the thinking or perhaps repositioning of email marketing? [...]
 onlyinfluencers.com        Marketing     Multichannel   
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs 2019 
Marketers see personalization as key to multichannel marketing success. In response, MMH vendors are facilitating unified customer profiles, strengthening machine learning and delivering insights to drive relevant interactions in real time. Use this research to evaluate effective MMH solutions. [...]
 gartner.com        ESP     Multichannel     Study   
When to Use Retina Images in Email Marketing 
Because of the prevalence of high-DPI screens, marketers need to use retina images to ensure that their emails look crisp and not cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that every image in an email needs to be a retina image. Marketers should use retina images in their emails only when it creates a significantly better experience in terms of readability or impression. Otherwise, they should avoid them. [...]
 oracle.com        Design     Mobile   
Bug: Gmail currently messes up animated GIF compression 
I've seen several reports this week that Gmail messes up animated GIF compression. Consider the following code with an animated GIF (thanks to Thomas D. on Slack for providing a similar example) : [...]
 github.com        Design   
The 2019 Marketing Automation Statistics Report 
Three or more channels leads to better overall performance: we found that marketers using three or more channels in their marketing campaigns earned a 90% higher customer retention rate, and 250% higher engagement and purchase rates. Customers who engage with an omnichannel experience spend 13% more: in an omnichannel experience with three or more channels, customers are likely to spend 13% more than those who experienced just one channel. [...]
 omnisend.com        Automation     Study   
How Brands Utilize Gmail's Promotions Tab Annotations [GFX]
In December 2018, Gmail launched major updates to its Promotions tab, providing email marketers with more ways to make their emails visible and valuable to recipients. In addition to standard inbox text like subject lines or preview text, marketers can use annotations to include additional information like promotion codes, a featured image, and deal expiration dates—all visible to your subscribers before they open your email. [...]
 litmus.com        Gallery   
Mastering A/B Testing and Experimentation in Email [VID]
To build a best-in-class email program, you need to constantly improve—and there’s no better way to learn fast than through testing and experimentation. Brands that make A/B testing and email experiments a priority are proven to see better results. Our research shows that companies that A/B test every email see email marketing returns that are 37% higher than those of brands that never include A/B tests. [...]
 litmus.com        Test   
Top Designs for March [GFX]
Mmmmmmm burger… sorry distracted there. In between demolishing as many easter eggs as humanly possible and the continued obsession with finding the best burger we thought we’d share the round up of what March had to offer… Enjoy! 1. McDonalds SL: Still a Big Mac or not a Big Mac? The results are in! [...]
 emaildesignreview.com        Gallery   
How to Create Interactive Hotspots in Email 
Do you want to add detail to an image, share some information, or have another crazy idea that involves using an interactive hotspot in email? This guide should help you get the basics into your HTML and CSS, so only your imagination will hold you back! [...]
 emailonacid.com        Design   
Browse Abandonment Best Practices, Part 1 
Cart abandonment emails are some of the most profitable messages you can send because they are relevant, based on real-time data, and target those already far along the purchase path. However, many marketers fail to consider how consumers actually made it that far to begin with. Think of how many shoppers don’t make it all the way to the cart. What are you doing to reach them and nurture them along to a purchase? [...]
 bronto.com        Automation     Conversionrate   
DoiChain - “Double-Opt-In“ System on the Blockchain [PDF]
This primarily technical document is mainly intended to be understood by blockchain developers. Several chapters are also readable for a non-technical audience. E.g. 2) Summary 3) Background & Motivation and others. Also visit https://www.doichain.org/en/#about .
 github.com        Law     Spam   
Blockchain-based email system 
There are more than 3 billion email users and Blockchain offers them a new email platforms the ability to grow without a third party in the middle extracting all the value, or harvesting personal data. Despite the apparent value of a blockchain-based email platform, relatively few projects exist in this market. 1.John McAfee SwiftMail-: a private messaging service founded by John McAfee, according to the project’s website. But in this, you can only exchange messages with other SwiftMail accounts. [...]
 medium.com        Trend   
Newsletter-Öffnungsraten seit 2013 konstant 
Die Analyse ergab, dass die Netto-Öffnungsrate seit 2013 völlig konstant ist. Sie schwankt im Jahresdurchschnitt zwischen 28 Prozent und 29 Prozent. "Von einem Abwärtstrend also keine Spur." kommentiert Michael Kornfeld, Geschäftsfüh-rer von dialog-Mail, das Ergebnis. "Das Resultat mag manche überraschen, denn die Begründungen für die oft zitierte Senkung der Öffnungsrate klingen nachvollziehbar: Newsletter werden als zunehmend lästig empfunden, wir alle bekommen viel zu viele E-Mails und die [...]
 email-marketing-forum.de    (translate)     Openingrate     Study     Trend   
AMP for Email: Pros and Cons for Marketers 
Subscribers expect email content to cater to their individual needs and circumstances. They have the same expectations of email design, which is why we’ve spent the better part of the past decade making our emails mobile-friendly. Email interactivity and now AMP for Email are the next waves in this tidal trend of creating individually compelling email experiences based on each subscriber’s behavior and email reading environment. [...]
 oracle.com        Design   
Building the future of email with AMP 
The AMP Project’s mission is to enable more user-first experiences on the web, including web-based technology like email. For most of us, not much has changed in email functionality since the first time we were introduced to email. Because AMP is inherently fast and secure, we brought AMP technology to email in order to give users an interactive, real-time experience that also keeps inboxes safe. [...]
 amp.dev        Design     Trend   
800+ Million Emails Leaked Online by Email Verification Service 
On February 25th, 2019, I discovered a non-password protected 150GB-sized MongoDB instance. This is perhaps the biggest and most comprehensive email database I have ever reported. Upon verification I was shocked at the massive number of emails that were publicly accessible for anyone with an internet connection. Some of data was much more detailed than just the email address and included personally identifiable information (PII). [...]
 securitydiscovery.com        Spam   
Consumer Email Tracker 2019 [PDF] 1mb
The majority of consumers (75%) said they like to be sent discounts and offers, e-receipts (61%) and advanced notice of new products and sales (58%) from brands • On receiving an ‘interesting’ email, 40% said they would click on a link from the email, while 36% said they would save the email and 34% would bear the information in mind for later [...]
 dotdigital.com        Study   
WEB.DE startet Intelligentes Postfach 
Mit dem Service „Paketverfolgung“ fällt zugleich der Startschuss für das Projekt „Intelligentes Postfach“. Damit planen WEB.DE und GMX eine Erweiterung ihres Angebots um Funktionen, die die Organisation und Bedienung des Postfachs erleichtern. Dazu werden eingehende Mails nach Themen wie E-Commerce & Shopping, Allgemeine Benachrichtigungen, Verträge, Sport, Business und Termine kategorisiert. [...]
 web.de    (translate)     Trend   
AG Diez: Kein Schmerzensgeld bei unzulässigem Newsletter 
Die Beklagte hatte am 25.5.2018, dem Tag des Inkrafttretens der DSGVO, eine E-Mail versendet, um eine Einwilligung für den Versand eines Newsletters einzuholen, allerdings nicht nur an Bestandskunden. Der Kläger sah hierin einen Verstoß gegen die DSGVO. Zunächst einigten sich die Parteien auf eine Zahlung von 50 Euro, dann verlangte der Kläger jedoch Schmerzensgeld in Höhe von 500 Euro. [...]
 shopbetreiber-blog.de    (translate)     Law   
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