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w✩EPiC - Weekly Email Picks #300

Happy New Year and welcome to #300 of the email marketing roundup. Please find selected news and inspiration below. I wish you a pleasant weekend!

Greetings from Berlin,
Rene Kulka/@lukeAnker
A New Email Decade - 6 Predictions on How Things Will Change [Webinar] [VID]
Email marketing is notorious for changing frequently—and changing fast. With so many things to keep up with, how do you know what affects your program the most? In this webinar, we took a look at the changes on the email marketing horizon and share our predictions on where email is heading in 2020 and beyond. [...]
 litmus.com        Design   
Revisiting the Unforgettable Emails of 2019 
Last week we teamed up with Really Good Emails‘ co-founder, Matt Helbig, to highlight the unforgettable emails of 2019. All in all, it truly has been a great year for email. We’re definitely seeing marketers unleash their creative talents creating all sorts of masterpieces on their email canvases. If we had to summarize this year in email, we’d characterize 2019 as a year that saw an aggressive raising of the bar—emails are not only visually stunning [...]
 iterable.com        Gallery     Design   
Customer Milestone Campaigns: Why Birthday Emails Are Not Enough [GFX]
One way brands can celebrate customer milestones is through a loyalty or rewards program. For instance, hotel chain Marriott already offers a loyalty program to frequent travelers. “Levels” are assigned based on an individual customer’s spending activity and the “milestone” is when a new level is reached. [...]
 iterable.com        Gallery     Customization   
Predictions: Digital Marketing in 2020 
The environmental impact of e-commerce, and reducing its carbon footprint, will be the hot topic of 2020. During the past year, the Nordic consumers have reacted strongly to environmental issues, and movements such as like the Swedish word “flygskam” (flight shame), illustrate that we are quick to adjust our consumption patterns. White Monday has challenged Black Friday, and new e-commerce business models are popping up here and there. This, as a clear result of heightened consumer awareness. [...]
 apsis.com        Trend   
Is 2020 the year of BIMI? 
You might notice that in my "2020: What's next?" post, I didn't mention BIMI. BIMI, aka Brand Indicators for Message Identification, is the new way to specify what logo or brand avatar a sender wants shown alongside their email messages. (Learn more about BIMI here.) Showing a logo, avatar or little graphic along side an email message isn't a new thing. Gmail, Yahoo Mail and others have supported some form of logo display for a long time now. But where that logo was sourced from, how it was [...]
 spamresource.com        From     Marketing     Spam   
The Power of Simplicity: 5 of the Best Password Reset Emails [GFX]
What’s something that half of all internet users do four times a year? Forget their password. Not everyone fares so well, though. A little over 25% of people forget their password at least ten times a year, and 7% have to reset one of their passwords more than 16 times a year. We’ve all been there, too. You don’t know if you’re on a website that requires a special character or if the company doesn’t allow them in their passwords. So you hit the “reset password” button. Then your hero, the password [...]
 litmus.com        Gallery   
xkcd: Unsubscribe Message 
A mix of the two is even worse: "Thanks for unsubscribing and helping us pare this list down to reliable supporters." [...]
 xkcd.com        Marketing   
Email Marketing Design Trends to Revamp Your Email Strategy in 2020 [GFX]
If you want your newsletters to stay ahead of the curve year after year, it’s important to keep up with new email design changes and trends. [...]
 getresponse.com        Gallery   
Aktuelle Urteile im E-Mail-Marketing 
Sämtliche neue Urteile aus Deutschland zum E-Mail-Marketing zusammengestellt von Dr. Martin Schirmbacher und Daniel Schätzle von HÄRTING Rechtsanwälte aus Berlin. NEU: VG Saarlouis: Double-Opt-in-Verfahren per E-Mail ist kein geeigneter Nachweis für Einwilligung in Werbeanrufe [...]
 absolit.de    (translate)     Law   
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