Trending: Emoji usage in email subject lines increased by more than 40% YOY

Emojis still gain popularity among email marketers. In November, nearly every 10th subject line in my email inbox – that’s 9.72% out of 8,804 newsletters – used unicode symbols to draw attention. Previous year’s figure was only 6.92%. All the signs are that the trend will continue in 2017… Continue reading

Meet the #emailgeek women on Twitter 👩

This is a follow-up to last week’s “#emailgeeks on Twitter” post. One thing that I noticed when browsing through the community is that women seem to be significantly underrepresented. They also tend to have fewer followers. To encourage networking, here is another interactive map just with #emailgeek women. Continue reading

Meet the #Emailgeeks community on Twitter [Infographic]

It has been 123 weeks since I last surveyed the #emailgeeks on Twitter. This needs an update. Read on and check out your spot in todays geeks universe. Explore your neighbourhood and other expert communties using an interactive infographic. “Not an ego bait again” you say? Partly yes, but mostly no. I mean there are maaaany geeks around, and there’s a lot to discover if you click though a bit, I promise. Continue reading

A word on SSL/TLS and on competitive intelligence using Google’s transparency report data

HTTPS encryption is hot in the news for some time, now. It not only affects online marketing on webpages, but also email marketing practices. Google shares open data that sheds light on the adoption of email encryption. I present you a view on the data set from a completely different perspective. Continue reading

MailChimp promotes single opt-in – and why I continue using double opt-in

MailChimp is one of the biggest email service providers in terms of email volume and number of customers. The company now announced that “[s]tarting October 31, single opt-in will become the default setting for all MailChimp hosted, embedded, and pop-up signup forms. This change will impact all MailChimp users“. And it is a huge change. Continue reading

Comparing Email Service Providers? 3 data points you might not know, yet

How many emails do Email Service Providers (ESPs) like MailChimp, Salesforce (ExactTarget), Oracle (Responsys) and others send? What are the biggest brands using their infrastructure? And do they only send solicited and legally compliant emails? Below you’ll find three data points, which shed some light on these questions. Continue reading

Top Tweets from the Email Insider Summit #MPEIS

mpeis_topweetsDid you miss the Email Insider Summit, which took place on December 6-9 2015? Check out the session recordings. In addtion, you’ll find an inspiring retrospective by looking at the most interesting tweets from that event below:
Continue reading

Hashing email lists for AdWords Customer Match

rapidminer_adwordsGoogle AdWords Customer Match lets you target email lists for remarketing purposes. Marketers upload their subscribers, and Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail, match them against signed in users to show them targeted ads. This makes it possible to e.g. reach out to inactive email subscribers on other channels easily.

To create such a list, one has to meet certain requirements. For privacy reasons, it’s always a good idea to hash addresses as a means of pseudonymization. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to accomplishing that using RapidMiner, an open source predictive analytics platform, which may be an alternative to using Excel. Continue reading

German email agencies and their email service provider relations [Infographic]

Absolit Consulting maintains a list of German email marketing agencies and their relationships to the most common email service providers (see also the ESP worldmap). Please find it in the two articles More Success with Specialized Email Agencies and Specialized Email Agencies Part 2. Both are in German.

The list would fit well into the agency-branch of the email marketing ecosystem. However, to make the visualization not more confusing than it already is, here’s a separate infographic, mapping the relationships between German email agencies and their supported ESPs: Continue reading

Top 1.000 Email Experts on Twitter – are you part of the movement? ;-)

Remember the top 250 email experts on Twitter from January 2013? Plus the gleanings? Although I did an update last year, it’s time to summarize the international email marketing community once again.

Several people changed their careers, others introduced themselves recently. Therefore, I took a fresh look at the friends-follower relationships of more than 2.200 folks on the social network, who seem to deal – or have dealt – with email marketing. The inner circle of this subnetwork looks like this: Continue reading