How to add an email-sign-up-tab to your facebook page – revisited, once again

One thing that really amazes me about Facebook is: what worked yesterday is out of date in a few weeks. Take Static FBML or iFrame-Tabs for example. I wrote several guides in the past for email senders to explain how they put a signup form to their Facebook pages. And guess what, the last one seems again no longer up-to-date.

For marketers, including myself, it consumes more time and nerves than necessary to maintain basic functionalities at F. Also because many things are not documented very well. Do Zuckerberg and “friends” perhaps use lemures in their usability-labs? 😉 “Timeline”, which they soon want to impose on users against their will, seems to corroborate that impression. But ‘nough trash-talk – here’s a quick walkthrough that shows …

… how you add a newsletter-tab today:

  1. Install the for your user profile;
  2. Create a ;
  3. Choose
    1. an App Display Name like e.g. “[YOUR_DOMAIN] Newsletter”,
    2. a similiar Namespace, e.g. “[WEBSITE_TITLE]_newsletter”,
    3. to confirm `Facebook’s Policies and
    4. “continue”.
  4. Now, set
    1. the App Display Name to “Newsletter” for instance;
    2. the “way, how the app integrates with facebook” to Page Tab;
    3. the Page Tab Name to “Newsletter” (that’s the title of your tab within your fanpage);
    4. the Page Tab URL to the directory, which contains the index.htm with your signup-form on your server;
    5. same goes with the Secure Page Tab URL, which begins with https:// and is required since 1.10.11 according to facebook. (I left that blank since I don’t own a certificate; this will present visitors, who use SSL, with a “safe browsing not supported”-message);
    6. and save the settings.
  5. Now,
    1. call the following URL:[YOUR_APP_ID]&next=[REDIRECT_URL]

      where YOUR_APP_ID is the ID facebook assigned to your signup-app and REDIRECT_URL is to your Page Tab URL;

    2. and choose the facebook page where you want to add the signup form from the list of the pages you administrate.
  6. Test the results – it should look like this:

At least this worked for me yesterday. Might be out-of-date in a few days again … 😉

Note to German readers: You might want to check out my posting on to view a step-by-step guide in German language.
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