Ebook: Practical tips on doing digital dialogue marketing [PDF, German]

A must read for the German-speaking readers: the new „Praxistipps Digitaler Dialog“ (“practical tips for digital dialogue”) is out. It’s another free eBook from publisher Dr. Torsten Schwarz, also known as the “email marketing pope” here in Germany, which contains 25 inspiring case studies covering important aspects in modern email marketing & more.

Three examples:

  • Address dealer AdRom describes a method to identify unknown website visitors for sending them retargeting emails. In order to do this, the user first has to be marked with a cookie when giving his opt-in; adRom built up a database of more than 20 million profiles. Afterwards a special ad server links marked visitors to their email address and triggers retargeting or follow-up emails where necessary. For instance, the photo service snapfish bought about 400.000 visitors in six weeks during the holiday season via Google advertisements. The company was able to retarget 76,525 of them with the described method. By sending email follow ups – one coupon was sent 24h after the visit, another one after 72h, and a 3rd after 7 days – snapfish was able to push the conversion rate from 1.1% to 20% among the emailed prospects.
  • Address dealer McCrazy depicts an efficient way to clean and enrich business databases in Germany for proper targeting. The first stage deals with integrity check against reference databases from e.g. credit reference agencies and commercial registers. After cleansing, the corresponding operating sectors are added by using official data from the Office of Statistics. Knowing branches now makes it possible to tailor email communication to specific needs. Next comes a credit scoring – a low credit rating results in hold out plus prepayment.
  • Email Service Provider XQueue describes how the German health insurance company AOK uses email series to promote customer loyalty effectively. Therefore, the AOK implemented three different series: “AOK fit” is a daily format that provides harmonized workout information over a period of 30 days. Another format focuses on pregnant woman, a third one on newly delivered mothers.

Please find the optivo case study around one of the biggest distributors of contact lenses in Germany on PDF-page 30.


(pdf, 3.71mb, 34 pages)

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