Monthly Archives: May 2013

Simplest scientific split test calculator for email senders [Tool]

splittestcalcImagine that before your next newsletter goes out, you want to know which one of your two call to action ideas attracts more clicks: “Buy now!” (a) or “See more!” (b). Therefore, you conduct a split a/b pretest. One hour later, the results are in. Within your control group (a), 100 of 1.000 recipients clicked a link. The test group (b) reveals a 15% unique click rate – i.e. even 150 recipients clicked…

Question: Can call to action (b) really attribute for +50 clickers, or was the difference in click rates between (a) and (b) due to chance?
And what, if we compared a 10% to a 11% unique click rate? Or if we’d check 200 versus 220 unique opens? Or 10 vs. 20 unsubscribes? Continue reading

Leaks in your email response mechanics? Better check.

Why is it that only 84% of marketing emails make it into the recipients’ inboxes? And why do only 20% hit an email open? Many leaks lurk on each stage of the response mechanics. Those stages are: 1. Delivery, 2. open, 3. click, and 4. conversion. Can we plug the holes, so that our customer relationships flourish? Continue reading