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Slides: „E-Mail von Tante Emma“ (M3 CAMPIXX 2013)

Am 15. und 16. Juni 2013 fand die erste M3 CAMPIXX Konferenz statt. „M3“ steht für „Marketing 3.0“. Erklärtes Ziel dieser nächsten Stufe soll sein, Menschen absolut in den Mittelpunkt zu rücken. Nicht nur auf Kundenseite, sondern auch auf Seiten der Werbetreibenden.

Wie diese Denke ins E-Mail-Marketing passen könnte, zeigte der Workshop „E-Mail von Tante Emma“. Die Vortragsfolien finden sich hier: Continue reading

Inbox overload? Increasing email volumes? Here’s the truth.

Users complain about inbox overload. Email marketing evangelists on the other hand pride themselves with new record heights every year. So advertisers are to “blame”, aren’t they? Well, not so fast. Continue reading

How PayPal (really) hit the email oops gallery

Digital direct marketing is fast-paced. Thus, things can easily go wrong. We have seen the New York Times sending emails to 8 million subscribers instead of 300. We have also seen Mini stuffing people’s inboxes with hundreds of newsletters by mistake.

And speaking of such severe failures – here is what PayPal sent to many (or even all?) of its 20 million German accounts lately… Continue reading

Gmail’s new inbox: Email marketing myth busting

Many email marketing bloggers commented on Gmail’s new inbox last week. I have been able to use it since day two after its announcement in both of my accounts. (In fact, I already used it before; the new inbox is a revamp of a labs feature called Smartlabels that I blogged about two years ago.) Since mailers speculate on what the Gmail future golds for them, here is some myth busting – with regards to what my Gmail-inboxes in Germany look like today: Continue reading