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Inbox overload? Increasing email volumes? Here’s the truth.

Users complain about inbox overload. Email marketing evangelists on the other hand pride themselves with new record heights every year. So advertisers are to “blame”, aren’t they? Well, not so fast. Continue reading

What’s your best email frequency? Here’s the math

Some weeks ago, I asked my subscribers: What does sending more emails mean to you – more revenue or less subscriber lifetime value? The answers have been 50/50. And surely, there is a lot of evangelism on both sides. Some literally praise to send more for years. Others raise their subscribers permission shields and warn that such attitude in the market might kill email in the long run. All in all, both don’t help marketers that much in finding their optimum email freq, do they?

Yesterday, I stumbled across an article from John Foreman, data scientist at MailChimp. He showed how to determine the best emailing frequency in an objective manner. I liked that. So here is what he found – plus a little add-on: Continue reading