Which list building tactics are effective and yet easy to implement?

There are numerous touchpoints, where one can ask for the email address. Some turn out to be more promising than others. Are the promising ones also harder to implement? Two recent surveys – one from Ascend2 [pdf], one from MarketingSherpa (web) – reveal that this is not necessarily the case:


Social has been a hot topic among influencers in the last years. No wonder that people often ask how they can build their lists on social networks, although there might be better options in terms of effectiveness and ease of implementation. But this of course isn’t cast in stone. For example, Facebook recently launched calls to action for Facebook Pages (help). One could easily misuse the “Sign Up” CTA to promote the newsletter subscription:


One has to keep his eyes open and think about what would make the most sense to open up next…

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One Response to Which list building tactics are effective and yet easy to implement?

  1. Thanks for this, though I would say that social media is easy but time-sapping.

    When I think of lists I have joined and not unsubscribed from they are all ones where I feel valued, where I continue to extract benefit from the community.

    The best way to increase subscriber sign ups is to emphasize the massive and continuing benefits to subscribers. These might include private webinars, ebooks, podcasts and even phone calls.

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