Top Tweets from the Email Insider Summit #MPEIS

mpeis_topweetsDid you miss the Email Insider Summit, which took place on December 6-9 2015? Check out the session recordings. In addtion, you’ll find an inspiring retrospective by looking at the most interesting tweets from that event below:

  1. Many ESPs could benefit from spending more on their product and less on their events…. #justsaying #controversial #mpeis Retweet
  2. I bet people who say “eblast” also pronounce “Gif” as “Jif” #mpeis Retweet
  3. First all women panel at #mpeis!!! #WhoRunTheWorld Retweet
  4. Seeing email = only revenue is the worst thing you can do. Like it or not, any marketing conveys more than just that #mpeis Retweet
  5. @ancestry has 2+ Million subscribers and 16 Billion global historical records. Now that’s cosmic sized #bigdata #mpeis Retweet
  6. Tech we invest 10m in today may be irrelevant in 3 yrs. The most important thing is setting up a team to be flexible. @BrawleyPDX #MPEIS Retweet
  7. #mpeis – not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email – they sign up for your brand. Retweet
  8. Cut your email copy in half. .. no one will miss it #mpeis Retweet
  9. Here is what a journey map actually looks like … #MPEIS Retweet
  10. RT @BCDarling: ‘Every customer has a different journey.’ Market to the individual, not the list. #mpeis @AdobeCampaign Retweet
  11. Overheard at #mpeis “The people at this conference are a lot older than other email events I’ve been to”. Yep, we’re aging like fine wine! Retweet
  12. We dont batch and blast, we target and deploy – IHG #mpeis #brilliant Retweet
  13. Don’t buy a Ferrari ESP and drive it like a Yugo. #mpeis Retweet
  14. For everyone who was trying to defend the word “blast” earlier at #mpeis: Retweet
  15. 98% of @adobe clients use email, 67% use offline channels. In order to integrate the two you need to break down marketing silos. #mpeis Retweet
  16. #mpeis – looking at email as purely a sales channel is the #1 factor in limiting the success of your email program Retweet
  17. Email exists without social; social does not exist without email #mpeis @HearstCorp Retweet
  18. RT @DelaQuist: Anyone without an email address is the digital equivalent of homeless #mpeis Retweet
  19. Great content = list growth #mpeis Retweet
  20. Evaluate your data by source: find the discrepancies and outliers within your own data to segment high quality vs. high risk ~ @swerd #mpeis Retweet
  21. Print newsletters at an email conference still #onfleek #mpeis Retweet
  22. I love that time of day and day of week were are the very bottom of the “What should we test” list! Agreed. #mpeis Retweet
  23. Omni Channel is real & here to stay. Email is a big chunk to the cross channel #custexp! #mpeis @AdobeCampaign Retweet
  24. First mention of “people-based marketing” at #MPEIS Thx @Newsclips @MerkleCRM #SwerdUp! @LiveIntent Retweet
  25. The subject line is the first entry point into every communication. #mpeis Retweet
  26. #mpeis Be careful when split testing design decisions. Some things can’t be measured by opens and clicks Retweet
  27. Gain alignment across execs to create common success metrics, but make sure your company culture is conducive to testing and learning #mpeis Retweet
  28. @EmailSnarketing @LenShneyder Journey Builder is a literal, actual nightmare #mpeis Retweet
  29. Automation requires infrastructure, resources, and time. Problem for email marketing teams of 1 #mpeis Retweet
  30. Biggest challenges to marketing automation: Tools, data, resources, and politics. Great answers #MPEIS @DelaQuist @Telecharge @mbkass Retweet
  31. I’d actually be thrilled with an ESP that did email (and no other channels) really, really well. #mpeis Retweet
  32. #mpeis – how about all the vendors here stop pitching about how awesome their tools are while people are talking…sheesh. Retweet
  33. I would argue that the existence of multiple vendors across multiple channels is a result of org silos. #mpeis Retweet
  34. You can have all the data in the world, but if you’re not going to use it, it’s useless. @SpencerKollas #mpeis Retweet
  35. Data that isn’t actionable is simply overhead. #mpeis Retweet
  36. It’s tough with ESP consolidation when there are few (if any) ESP’s that were invested in post acquisition. Most/all stagnated. #mpeis Retweet
  37. Ding ding ding. Nailed it. And since every ESP is consolidating, that’s a problem… #mpeis Retweet
  38. Oh wow, it’s true – can’t ask for email addresses during POS in California #mpeis Retweet
  39. li class=”mar”>Google Postmaster Tools in beta now, can give insights to domain reputation, etc. Available to anyone who signs up. #mpeis Retweet

  40. @swerd says the most important thing for email deliverability evaluation is looking at the #data by source. #mpeis @TraverseDLP Retweet
  41. It took 18 years for McDonald’s to sell 100 million hamburgers and it took Taco Bell 10 weeks to sell 100 mill Doritos tacos. Wow! #MPEIS Retweet
  42. Email drove 25% of #BlackFriday sales = most effective channel #mpeis Retweet
  43. “Programmatic personalization” – nice, catchy term describing machine-learned segmentation and personalization. #mpeis Retweet
  44. The future of email marketing lies in the marriage of data analyses and the traditional creative marketer. #MPEIS Retweet
  45. Orgs need to start looking internally or externally for technical marketers to help shed bad habits. #mpeis @KWieberNaragon @AdobeCampaign Retweet
  46. If email is only for revenue, then why are we talking about anything other than conversion? It’s not a singular channel use #mpeis Retweet
  47. #mpeis – unsubscribe are no big deal until they are bigger than your acquisitions. Just get better at acquisitions. Retweet
  48. People are conditioned to keep scrolling. Screens don’t fold, keep calm and scroll on! @EmailSnarketing #mpeis Retweet
  49. “Screens don’t fold” Quote of the day so far. I love it. #mpeis Retweet
  50. The wrong platform can turn a customer journey into a death march. Winning stars with the right platform! #mpeis Retweet
  51. @thebfce Pretty sure it’s commentary on how every ESP is changing its name to “Marketing Cloud” #mpeis Retweet
  52. Single view of the customer and cross-channel behavior is key. Predictive #analytics at work for @hickeykev #mpeis Retweet
  53. I need just 1 more #MPEIS Bingo square to be a winner! Come on SALT’N’PEPPER reference to “Push notifications! #PushIt #BINGO! Retweet
  54. Capping volume of push notifications to new users is smart. Carpet bombing new users’ inboxes breed disengagement. #mpeis Retweet
  55. Having an email address is not the issue, it’s having the right and primary email address – that’s the challenge #mpeis Retweet
  56. The challenge is not ESP technology – it’s the time, resources and money where teams use external agencies #mpeis Retweet
  57. “If you can’t do automation, you’re gonna die.” Well, that escalated quickly #MPEIS Retweet
  58. These 43 newsletters are automated. #mpeis Retweet
  59. Does send time optimization REALLY matter since everyone looks at their phones pretty much all day? I’ve done it, but not convinced #mpeis Retweet
  60. a new 12/15 @RelevancyGroup survey (n=402) found that marketers state just 20% of their email programs are automated #MPEIS #emailmarketing Retweet
  61. @DelaQuist because deliverability is perceived as a core competency for an ESP or marketing cloud. #mpeis Retweet
  62. RT @mannyju: Best automated emails are based on the “next logical step” depending upon your brand and product – via @thebfce #mpeis Retweet
  63. “If you don’t get your journey right in the beginning, you’re going to have a really hard time at the end.” @SpencerKollas #mpeis Retweet
  64. We put up with bad ESP experiences b/c switching is a pain & we don’t know if the new one will REALLY be better. And ESPs know that. #mpeis Retweet
  65. Why are we still discussing email deliverability? @comcastcares #MPEIS Retweet
  66. #mpeis New marketing technologies require more services initially, not less. Retweet
  67. Agree with @ktrivunovic : brands still need professional services. Should we really expect brands to also become channel experts? #mpeis Retweet
  68. Most small to mid sized brands need full service! We don’t all have giant teams to manage self service platforms. #mpeis Retweet
  69. @campari327 or just hire a badass email marketer to handle things like a boss @EmailSnarketing @jayf032 #emailmafia #emailteamof1 #mpeis Retweet
  70. #mpeis #emailinsidersummit Phil Davis @towerdata says @uber and @airbnb does a combination of Email, Push and SMS well. Retweet
  71. What should ESPs do for the future? Better, faster, more efficient data management. Need better decision-marking off data collected #MPEIS Retweet
  72. Will Messaging Swallow Email Whole? #MPEIS @mp_gavin Retweet
  73. RT @amymustoe: #mpeis @DelaQuist technology is still being driven by engineers who think they know marketers. Too much fragmentation in the… Retweet
  74. Context-driven, channel flexible, respectful of customer data – all imperative to #marketing today #mpeis Retweet
  75. When you test your #marketing programs, there are no failures if you learn from them – Karen Peterson @ancestry #mpeis Retweet
  76. #Marketing isn’t about campaigns – it’s right experience to right person at right time in right place. -Karen Peterson @ancestry #mpeis Retweet
  77. RT @SpencerKollas: Brands want their ESPs to help them look to the future and provide additional strategy #mpeis Retweet
  78. A bad email reputation is like a hangover–hard to get rid of and it makes everything else hurt. #mpeis Retweet
  79. There’s #spam and then there’s the true nature of #email abuse: criminal fraud. Spam is a major attack vector therein. #mpeis Retweet
  80. Always comply with the strictest set of privacy and anti-spam legislation, this will cover you in other geos ~ @Email_Privacy #mpeis Retweet
  81. According to @Email_Privacy the @gmail postmasters are interested in working with the ‘data owners,’ the people who send email. #mpeis Retweet
  82. YES! “If you ask yourself ‘Would my mail be missed? and the answer is no, you should make some changes.” ~@cyclingup #mpeis Retweet
  83. Personalized email is a long-term investment. Balance between push and triggered. #mpeis Retweet
  84. The keys to personalization at @ancestry: focus on the customer, invest smartly, always iterate & find metrics that matter #mpeis Retweet
  85. Keys to personalization: customer first, invest smartly, iterate, #metrics matter. #MPEIS -Karen Peterson Retweet
  86. It’s not so much about “real-time” email marketing as it is the “right” time. Think about what the right time is for your audience! #MPEIS Retweet
  87. Have we reached the end of the road of evolution in #emailmarketing? #MPEIS rockstar kickoff panel. Retweet
  88. @SpencerKollas if we’re not at the end of the internet, we’re not at the end of email #mpeis Retweet
  89. “Email is like the foundation of a house built in the 70’s. It’s not sexy, but it works and you can build on it.” via @BrawleyPDX #MPEIS Retweet
  90. Western Union is finding that combining email marketing & #FB targeted ads at the same time, increase email open rates #mpeis #cross-channel Retweet
  91. @WesternUnion used Facebook to retarget their existing customers after they received an email, driving significant engagement #mpeis Retweet
  92. #mpeis – marketing silos are the death of marketing integration…but it will change. Retweet
  93. The hashed email address is king to go beyond email as Bjorn @WesternUnion talks about Facebook and custom audiences at EIS #mpeis Retweet
  94. #MPEIS #email is about the address not the message go ask @google customer match and you cant go beyond the address Retweet
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