Monthly Archives: November 2017

Meet the #emailgeek women on Twitter 👩

This is a follow-up to last week’s “#emailgeeks on Twitter” post. One thing that I noticed when browsing through the community is that women seem to be significantly underrepresented. They also tend to have fewer followers. To encourage networking, here is another interactive map just with #emailgeek women. Continue reading

Meet the #Emailgeeks community on Twitter [Infographic]

It has been 123 weeks since I last surveyed the #emailgeeks on Twitter. This needs an update. Read on and check out your spot in todays geeks universe. Explore your neighbourhood and other expert communties using an interactive infographic. “Not an ego bait again” you say? Partly yes, but mostly no. I mean there are maaaany geeks around, and there’s a lot to discover if you click though a bit, I promise. Continue reading