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Email versus social media (comic)

What If you had to choose between email and social media? Both work pretty well together, but they are also quite different in nature. There has been a long debate (google it) among marketers about which one will have a brighter future. Well… I think I’ve got a rather clear favorite when it comes to selecting the right environment. What about you – do you want to communicate on a personal level or – with an evil twinkle in the eye – … Continue reading

Every marketing email must answer four questions instantly

… if any of these questions remains unanswered, or if the tought sequence is ansticipated wrongly, recipients could break off their silent dialog with the sender at once. It’s also important that they can find answers immdediately during the orientation phase. It usually lasts no longer than three to five seconds according to neuroscience. That’s just as much as a single breath of air, so there is little time to convince. A good friendly name, subject line, pre-header, and preview pane area can make the difference.

I suggest you to perform a quick FiveSecondTest.com. (I love this service.) You will see, how difficult it really is, to provide the answers:
>>Do the 5-second-test <<