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Time to combine email with Google+ – 4 tips you shouldn’t miss

90 million users (Larry Page), 100 million users (Paul Allen, Vic Gundotra via NYT), a decreasing 3.3 minutes share of social networking time in January (comScore via CNN) and so on. Those numbers fueled discussions about the status quo and the future of Google+. Wherever the truth lies – let’s assume that Google+ plays an important role in several sectors, like the tech scene. And let’s assume further that it will play a generally more important role in the near future. Especially email senders can benefit from the close integration with Gmail, regardless whether if it’s deliverability or social sharing. Below you find four tips on how to leverage this linkage to your advantage. Continue reading

Google+ sharing buttons for your newsletters

Until today it seems there’s still no perfect solution for sharing newsletters or single email articles on Google+ directly from within emails. Or at least none of which I know. This is because +1 sharing heavily relies on JavaScript code. And JavaScript will not work in most email environments. But “no perfect solution” also implies: it is possible. Here are three ways to incorporate Google Plus sharing buttons within your emails. Continue reading