Hello Welt & hallo world (revisited)

Es wird Zeit, to reach out to another world

After round about 2 blank years I thought I’d welcome myself back to emailmarketingtipps.wordpress.com. Much energy and heart’s blood went into building this site back then. And, while looking at the visitors stats, still many people seem to appreciate this. It would be an absolute pity to let it lie fallow.

So back again. Only today with …

four major differences:

  1. you may have noticed in the sidebar that while moving the blog from wordpress.com to emailmarketingtipps.de last weekend I thought I’d also implement a weekly newsletter. This is not a recap of my postings but a collection of read-worthy articles I came across. It’s my job to scan alot and to seperate the wheat from the chaff and this is kinda the byproduct. Feel free to try it out so the work was not in vein;
  2. earning my living with blogging at emailmarketing.de, now, which belongs to optivo, one of the biggest email service providers in the German speaking Europe;
  3. switching from German to English language (at least partly – I don’t know, yet). Why? Because I already write in German at emailmarketing.de and it would’t be bad to invest a little bit in my rusty (grrr) english skills. Plus maybe connect to the international blogosphere? Let’s see. On the other hand there should also be no drawback for german visitors as most speak english well enough, I guess.
  4. plus … yes, it’s true … I’ve got even less hair on my head. But I guess I’m at an all-time low, now. 😉

Anyway. Glad you are here and I hope to see you again soon.

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2 Responses to Hello Welt & hallo world (revisited)

  1. Hallo Rene

    Schön dich hier wieder zu sehen!

    Beste Grüße aus Frankfurt am Main. -Ali-

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